Roadmap to Develop your own Tutoring App Like Uber for your Business in 2022


We all are aware of how covid has affected multiple sectors and businesses from all over the world. And things are not different for students as well. Many federal agencies have thought about the partial reopening of schools. But the number of active cases is surging so rapidly that the implementation of the idea seemed a far-fetching reality.

Classroom education is experiencing an existential crisis due to several lockdowns. And, schools and colleges are looking to find the alternative to face-to-face education in home education and online tutoring.

The education sector can benefit a lot from online tutoring. And for the last few months, the demand for an online tutoring application has been rising. This platform will let the students experience face-to-face education again from the safety and comfort of their homes. As a tutor, you can hire a Tutor App Development Company and develop a Tutoring App Like Uber for your students.

These apps will help your students continue their studies so that their future does not get affected by the school shutdowns and indefinite lockdowns.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss everything from how you can develop your own tutor app like uber, how it will function, and what features you must include for the optimum teaching experience.

How will an On-Demand Tutoring Application Function?

The App Like Uber For Tutors will follow a systematic approach to provide the best teaching and learning experience to the teachers and students.

First, the tutors and students will need to register themselves with valid documents. After the verification of the authentication of the documents provided by the teachers and the students, they are eligible to join the class. The student needs to pay the fees before he gets the green light from the management panel.

Students should be able to rate the performance of the teacher after the compilation of the class.

How to Develop an On-Demand Tutoring Application?

You need to follow the following steps to develop a successful App Like Uber For Tutors.

  1. Do thorough research:

    Proper research is a very important first step to developing an online tutoring app. You need to know what are your requirements, and what needs to be done to fulfill those requirements.
  1. Wireframe the application:

    This step lets you add the user interface to your application. Here you need to define the entry and exit points, the user flows, and everything that your user will find in your application. You should take help from an On-Demand Tutor App Development Company that will design an amazing user interface for your application.
  1. Check the Technical Stability:

    Check the technical stability of your application. Make sure you have access to the right tools for app wireframing. Then focus on back-end app development and scale infrastructure.
  1. Design UX and UI:

    By this time your application has already started to take a shape and size. Now you need to properly design your User Interface that provides the best User experience to the teachers as well as the students.
  1. The Actual Development:

    In the actual development phase, the developers use SDLC or Software development Life Cycle model to develop mobile applications.
  1. Testing:

    Testing is a very important phase where the development team checks if the functions are working properly or not. This phase removes all the bugs present in the application. Everything related to its performance such as compatibility, loading speed, data usage, is checked in the testing phase.
  1. Deployment:

    When you are certain about your Tutoring App Like Uber fitness, you can deploy it to app stores. After deployment, maintenance, and updating of an application is also very important.

Features of your On-Demand Tutor Application: 

You must include these features in your on-demand tutor application. These features will provide the best teaching and learning experience to the users.

  1. Easy Signup Option:

    Keep the signup option as minimal as possible. You can include options to add mobile no, email id, and name. But, nothing more than that. One thing that satisfies the user is the sign-up option through Google or Facebook.
  1. Smart Search Option:

    Include a smart search option for students where they can easily find the teacher or the study material they are looking for. Ask an On-Demand Tutor App Development Company to implement an intelligent search option in your tutor application.
  1. Available top courses:

    Add a section on the homepage where you showcase the top courses your application has to offer. It will provide the students with a broad idea about what the application specializes in. Try to add diversity to the course list.
  1. Personalized Dashboard:

    You should develop a tool with the help of an On-Demand Tutoring App to provide a personalized dashboard to the students and teachers. This dashboard will show all the teachers or the courses the student has enrolled in. 
  1. Offline Access:

    Don’t let poor internet connection disrupt the learning process of a student. Include offline access in your application where the students can download lectures and attend them at their convenience.
  1. Pickup where they leave:

    The students must be able to start the classes or lectures from where they left. Add some indicators that let the students quickly figure out the exact timing of the lecture when they left. It will save some of their valuable time.
  1. Question answer board:

Add a question-answer board inside the application where students can write down their queries. Or, you can add a poll system like Unacademy where teachers can ask questions and provide possible solutions through polls. Then students can select the best possible answer to the question by clicking on the poll. You must include this feature in your Tutoring App Like Uber.


It will cost around 25,000 to 40,000 USD to develop an App Like Uber For Tutors depending on its complexities. This application will let the students continue effective studying even though schools are shut down. Take help from an On-Demand Tutor App Development Company and provide a seamless learning experience to your students.

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