Top 7 Treks in India

Valley of Flowers Trek

Hampta Pass Trek

One of the top 7 treks in India with adventures, Hampta Pass Trek is your destination. Apart from that, it is a moderate trekking spot as well. The snow-capped mountain peaks, the lush greenery with the panoramic beauty of landscapes and the dense forest draws in a large number of trekkers. The freshness present in the mountain breeze, the wide routes makes Hampta Pass be the best trekking ground. You can let out your emotions while trekking at Hampta Pass. The steep and loose rocky mountain trails, the breathtaking gratifying beauty of Hampta Pass make you wonder about trekking. Whereas, the beautiful meadows and gushing streams will awestruck you. Nature’s charm bewitches one in no time.

Kedarkantha Trek

If you are looking into adventuring by the snowy trails then Kedarkantha Trek is your destination. You will have a mesmerizing journey as you step into snowy terrains settled on mountain ranges with the peaceful air. Considered to be an interesting trek and one of the top 7 treks in India, Kedarkantha Trek is an amazing one as you pass through the frozen water bodies, green but thick and dense dark forests with a lot of oak trees, fir trees, pine trees that emit out an ambience of you in a mysterious zone with the presence of exotic flora that elongates up and down the rocky mountain paths is a sight to fascinate you. The snow covers the entire region with rare species of flora and fauna residing in harmony.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Considered to be one of the top 7 treks in India, the Bhrigu Lake Trek stands out the most. The glorifying mountain ranges with sanctity residing at each step will be sensed by you while you are trekking at Bhrigu Lake Trek. Bhrigu Lake Trek is a moderate trekking spot as it is also a centre of pilgrimage in Himachal Pradesh. Bhrigu Lake Trek is frequently trekked during the monsoons by many. It is preferable to trek at Bhrigu Lake from June till October as the monsoons cover up the entire location with lush green and dense vegetation. You can observe the beautiful Alpine mountains on your three days trek at Bhrigu Lake. The Bhrigu lake is said to be constructed by Maharishi Bhrigu who is thought to descend every year on an auspicious day with his disciples near the lake. The lingering divinity and the magical power of nature create the trekking at Bhrigu Lake to be a memorable one. 


Valley of Flowers Trek

The divine bliss and the colourful blooming flowers especially in August draw in a large number of trekkers towards the Valley of Flowers. The rare and exotic Brahma kamal flower grows at the Valley of Flowers. You will sense the existence of the paradise present on earth while you consume the freshness of the Valley of Flowers. Though it is a moderate trekking destination, yet make sure you are fit enough to trek in the higher altitudes. It is said to be one of the most popular and loved National Parks; the Valley of Flowers is one of the loved spots for a lot of trekkers and also the coexisting bond between the various types of flora and fauna in the Valley of Flowers. It is one of the top 7 treks in India.

Har ki Dun Trek

The snow-covered snowy terrains of Har ki Dun bring in a sense of adventure within you. Considered to be one of the top 7 treks in India, the Har ki Dun trek is one of the best treks for experiencing mystical nature. It is all about discerning the sanctity of trekking. The existence of rare species of flora and fauna at Har ki Dun Trek will take you on an exciting tour through the wilderness.

Gaumukh and Gangotri Trek

Willing for divine and holy trekking then  Gomukh and Gangotri Trek is your destination. It is a centre for pilgrimage. It has certain charms like; the wonderful grasslands of the Tapovan at Gomukh. The introduction point of river Ganga gushes down with all its might from the cave cow mouth shaped structure flowing down at Gangotri before it reaches the plane lands. Trekking at Gomukh and Gangotri sanctifies one with purity. You can trek at the Shivling peak, the Bhagirathi peak, and visit the Nandanvan. You will get a glimpse of the Yamunotri Dham, Badrinath Dham and the Kedarnath Dham from the summit. It is one of the top 7 treks in India.

Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is also known as the Frozen River Trek because of the Zanskar River which gets covered in a sheet of ice during the winters. It is a challenging one with the temperature falling from -30°C to -35°C. You will find adventure and a notion of survival in the wild at Chadar Trek. The frozen waterfalls, the steep and slippery mountain regions are all going to release in you the sensation of adrenaline rush inside your body. Chadar Trek is located at a height of 11123 feet with immense adventures. You will be facing the harshness of weather with each passing day at Chadar Trek. It is one of the top 7 treks in India.

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  2. The Chadar Trek or Zanskar frozen river trek is a winter trek in Zanskar Valley, Ladakh. The trek starts from Leh going through Shingra Koma, Tibb Cave, Naerak Camp concluding back in Leh. The 105 Km trek provides trekkers and hikers an amazing opportunity to trek on a frozen sheet of ice in subzero temperatures. The trek is operational during the months of January and February when the Zanskar river freezes into a solid sheet of ice
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