Top 7 Reasons to Avoid Pre-Built Website Themes

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On the way out to creating a compelling website, you might look for pre-built themes for your convenience. These sound tempting as they are cheaper and look quite appealing from the outside. Still, once you go through the disadvantages, there is a possibility that you might change your mind.

These themes often do not offer what they look like from the outside. Once you get hands-on with them, you become clear of the thing. Below are discussed some of the top issues that you might face when you opt for a pre-built website theme.

1. No Code Integration

For covering numerous functionality elements and the design elements as well, these themes come with a lot of features and plug-in integrations. There might be many features that you might not require, thus leaving your website over-stuffed with that code. It is a better option to go for custom themes that contain only the chunks of functionality that you require for your business website, with no unnecessary stuffing.

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2. Effect on Website’s Responsiveness

Due to the unnecessary stuffing of undesired elements, pre-built themes are not a good option. These directly cast an effect on the entire website’s speed and page-load time, thus it is difficult for any resource to optimize the website. Also, there might be many plug-ins in the pre-built website theme that are of no use for your business, and can thus slow down the website speed.

3. No Design Flexibility

Normally, such website themes look quite similar to one another, and thus offer no particular variation. Customization might be available on the pre-built theme, still it is limited to the existing theme only. You might face difficulty in making your website appear different and appealing to the visitors. Whereas, a custom theme offers a completely free hand to the designers, and lets them work on it according to their ideas, helping your website standout according to the intended design and theme. Only such themes better fit your business need and offer you the flexibility to make changes throughout the website, whenever required.

4. Update Issues

Another issue that comes with a pre-built theme is, the future updates for fixing out the bugs and security issues might require it to be updated to the latest CMS version. For this purpose, you might be dependent on the theme developer to carry out the changes within the specified time limit. Also, the plug-in integrations might sometimes require additional licenses if they are not included in the theme update.

What is even more worrying is the fact that some of the major changes in the theme might break out the entire functionality and design, resulting in a lot of issues and you might need to acquire manual help for fixing out such issues. Whenever your website developers leave working on updating the theme, the website becomes completely vulnerable to hacks and gets outdated if the CMS is not updated at the right time.

5. No Idea of Code Quality

Using a pre-built theme, you can never have an idea of the quality of code. Normally, you just view the theme and look out for its design, without considering the coding part. Code quality, when neglected, makes out a lot of issues that you might encounter later on. It is not always possible to view the quality of code, of a pre-built website theme. Also, any bugs in the theme might not be apparently visible, and once you buy the theme you are going to realize it.

6. Limitations from the SEO Perspective

Same like the code quality, you cannot judge the theme optimization for SEO, from the outer look. If the theme is not suitable for SEO practices, you might be left in a lot of trouble, along with the wastage of money on purchasing that particular theme.

7. Varied Support

With a pre-built website theme, additional support can vary and might come with a time limit for the support request, after making the real purchase. If the deadline exceeds, you might need to spend some extra dollars on sending the support request.

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