Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse For Small Hands

If you are someone who plays computer games, you will need a good gaming mouse to be able to play the games you love the most. When choosing the best gaming mouse, however, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. One of these is to understand its function. Another is to buy one that fits your budget. Lastly, choose one that is comfortable to use.

Type of gaming mouse:

When choosing the right-handed or left-handed type of Gaming Mouse, there are some functions that only work for one hand. The ones that work for only one hand generally have three buttons on the right side and one on the left. These buttons switch between use and input. The thumb button switches between the scroll wheel and the mouse movements. There is also a release button that allows users to pop open the USB headlight of their mouse.

Razer Vicious mini gaming mouse:

For those with small hands, the Razer Vicious mini gaming mouse comes in a small but stylish package. This one has a smooth surface and a textured rubberized wrist pad. It has two buttons and a scrolling wheel, which provide a satisfying and fluid action. The weight of this mouse is just 3.5 grams, which is quite light for anyone who wants to have complete control over its movements.

Razer Blackwidow:

The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is another great choice for those who need a large enough gaming mouse, but would still like to be able to use it with a laptop. It has a comfortable trigger and offers a long battery life. On the bottom, there is a USB port that can be used for connecting the headset as well. The only downside to the Vicious is that it does not include a mouse pad.

Logitech Gazer Silver:

The Logitech Gazer Silver is another great mouse, you should look at when trying to find the best gaming mice. It is lightweight and comfortable. It features a laser sensor and has a nice weight to it, making it easy to handle. The laser sensor allows you to target your targets much more accurately than some of the cheaper mice.

Customizable buttons:

The Razer Avanti is the ultimate when it comes to all-around gaming mice. It has an accurate laser target and offers five customizable buttons. The mouse has a great grip and is made out of rubber, so it will not slip on any surfaces. The wrist pad is also extremely comfortable, which will allow you to reach over and give the laser a steady focus.

Features a rubberized grip:

One of the latest offerings from the gaming industry is the Madcatz R.A.T. This mouse comes in pink and features a rubberized grip that will protect your wrists. With the smooth material on the front of the mouse, this will make your movements feel more realistic. It also has a palm grip, making it more comfortable to use. This is one of the best gaming mice, you can get, hands down.

Avanti X Superlight:

For a lot of people who are looking for the best gaming mouse, the Razer Avanti X Superlight is the best option. With features such as a laser sensor and a five-button programmable control, it is capable of giving you an accurate image and a smooth response time. If you want to top off your gaming experience, make sure you look into the Madcatz R.A.T. Mouse as well. It is a high-quality gaming mouse with a sleek design that will complement any gaming ensemble.

Large mousepads:

If you have large hands, you know that having large mousepads is important. The Razer Deathadder V2 is equipped with a larger mouse wheel than the competition, which will give you a large range of motion. It is also equipped with two quality laser sensors for tracking where your mouse is, and there is a large mouse cushion to absorb the impact from extended play. These features make the Razer Deathadder V2 the best gaming mice for large hands.

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate :

If you have small hands, you are going to want a mouse that has a smaller frame and less weight. The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is a great investment for anyone looking for a great all-around mouse. This has a very lightweight design and offers two quality buttons and a scroll wheel for precision control. The surface is made of a classy black finish, and the buttons are very responsive. The two large buttons are easy to press and will never jam when playing on the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate.


Last but not least on our list of the best gaming mice for small hands are the Logitech G Pro. The G Pro is perfect for those who need a mouse with more sensitivity for the gaming world. For those with average or small hands, the lightweight G Pro will offer excellent maneuverability and accuracy while playing on the computer. The laser sensor included with the G Pro offers laser-like precision when tracking your movements. This is one of the few gaming mice on the market today that can be used with any computer, as it is an ideal plug-and-play solution.

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