The Top 14 Reasons to Study Arabic

The Top 14 Reasons to Study Arabic

Why learn Arabic when there are so many other languages to learn Online Quran Class? It is a difficult language to learn. As a result, a native English speaker will have a difficult time learning it. On the plus side, there are numerous advantages to learning Arabic. The advantages of learning Arabic make the effort and time invested worthwhile.

Arabic is a language

Arabic is a language Online Quran Class of the S-C Semitic family. It is widely spoken throughout the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, and North Africa. Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, and Hebrew are the most widely spoken languages in these areas. These languages are from various families. Turkish is classify as a Turkic language. Persian and Kurdish are Indo-European languages. Hebrew and Arabic are both Afro-Asian languages. Around 20 minority languages are also spoken by people in the Middle East. 

There are 30 modern dialects or varieties of Arabic. Literary Arabic (MSA) is used in the Arab world today for formal speech and writing, whereas Classical Arabic was used in Islamic literature from the 7th to the 9th centuries. It is the language of the Qur’an.

The Modern Standard Arabic on the classical version, though there are differences in writing and speaking styles.

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Why should you learn Arabic?

Arabic is the mother tongue of 315 million people in 58 countries, according to Ethnologue.

Learning Arabic will set you apart because few Westerners speak the language. It will give you the appearance of being intelligent and sophisticated.

Learning a language teaches you about the culture of the country. Arab culture is enthralling. Learning the language will broaden your literary horizons. Consider reading the many stories in The Thousand and One Nights (Alf laylah wa laylah) or the original versions of fe and Ahmad Shawqi’s poems.

You will benefit financially. If you speak Arabic

There are numerous job opportunities in the Middle East. A taste of authentic Arab hospitality. Arabs are proud of their language. Arabs, unlike Germans, are imprecise when foreigners speak their language. After hearing a few words in Arabic, native Arabic speakers are eager to assist foreigners in learning their language.

Learning Arabic will help you appreciate the region’s distinct culture and arts. You’ll have access to a rich culture that few Westerners have seen. You’ll learn about their customs and products, as well as the values they cherish, such as hospitality, dignity, and honor.

Reading and comprehending the Qur’an will help you gain a better understanding of Islam

You will have an advantage even if you live in the West. Although there is a high demand for Arabic speakers, few Westerners attempt to learn it. Arabic speakers are required by the United States’ secret services. Many professions, such as translation and interpreting, necessitate the use of Arabic speakers. Arabic speakers are also needed in consulting, banking and finance, education, and journalism.

Learning Arabic will assist you in learning other regional languages such as Farsi, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and even Hebrew. Because the majority of the vocabularies in these languages are derived from Arabic words, you can quickly grasp their semantic and grammatical concepts.

It would be easier to travel to the Middle East. Many Arabs can communicate in English, but Arabic is their first language. Even if you only know a few words, learning the local language is preferable. Take advantage of the traditional villages and other attractions.

If you are a citizen of the United States

you may be eligible for financial assistance from the federal government. The National Strategic Language Initiative encourages the study of a number of languages that are important to the government’s foreign policies and relationships. It provides opportunities for critical language learning as well as scholarships. Beginner to advanced courses, professional development, teacher exchanges, intensive instruction, and study abroad programs are all available. Scholarships are available through the Critical Language Scholarship Program, the Boren Awards for National Security Education, and the Arabic Overseas Language Flagship Program.

There are numerous opportunities in Arab countries to join a trading firm, import-export company, or start your own business. It has a large GDP as well as a rapidly growing population. Arabic-speaking countries have shaped global civilization

They have extensive libraries containing Byzantine, Roman, and Greek learnings. Architecture, astrology, navigation, mathematics, and literature can all be studies.

Learning Arabic can help you become a more effective ambassador. Many Americans despise Arabic speakers because they have only seen them in the media and on film. The same holds true in the Arab world. If you live or study in the Middle East, you can help dispel Arab stereotypes of Americans and the United States.

Arabic language learning improves Learning Quran online UK language skills. Learning French or Spanish is less difficult and allows you to travel or work in many countries, particularly in Europe. However, as more people learn and speak these languages, your competition will become more intense. Because the supply is limit, learning Arabic will put you in high demand. Furthermore, learning Mandarin Chinese limits your career options to a few countries, whereas learning Arabic expands your options to 58 countries.

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