The Sidemen Strategy – Youtube Success Story

sidemen success stories.

Sidemen are a group of friends from the UK, united to create series of youtube channels. The group has seven members and four youtube channels.

The group started its first youtube channel in 2013 and started a few more channels in the next few years. After their big success, they have also started their own clothing brand called Sidemen Clothing.

Members of Sidemen Group

  1. Vikram “Vik” Barn – Vikram is knwn as as Vikkstar123

2.Olajide “JJ” Olatunji – He is known as KSI (2013–present)

3. Harry Lewis – Harry is known as  Wroetoshaw or simply W2S (2014–present)

4. Joshua “Josh” Bradley – Joshua is known as Zerkaa (2013–present)

5. Simon Minter – Simon is known as Miniminter (2013–present)

6. Ethan Payne – Payne is known as Behzinga (2013–present)

7. Tobit “Tobi” Brown – Tobi ias is known as Tobjizzle or simply TBJZL (2013–present)

The group originates from Rockstar Games Social Club group from October 2013. They formed the group to create a youtube channel to post interesting content and earn some revenue.

The group has four youtube channels namely Sidemen, SidemenShorts, SidemenReacts, and MoreSidemen.

Across these four youtube channels, the group publishes content that includes various challenges, video game commentaries, fun activities, and sketches.

Sidemen youtube channel has 13.1 million subscribers and 3,037,216,172 views

More Sidemen has 5.63 million subscribers and 1,857,345,674 views

SidemenReacts has 3.5 million subscribers and 750,887,580 views

Sidemen shorts has 1.26 million subscribers and 281,600,420 views

Sidemen have a net worth of $15 million. The group now collectively accounts for a net worth of $15 million.

sidemen YouTubers

On average the group gets more than 1 million video views across their four youtube channels.

They also release a video every Sunday on the channel sidemen named Sidemen Sunday.

Apart from earning youtube revenue they also earn money from sidemen clothing.

Sidemen clothing is their own brand, where they sell merchandise clothing materials to their subscribers and fans. They did get a good reception to their clothing brand and it is growing at a good pace as their subscribers and video views.

Apart from these two models they also earn their revenue from sponsored content, where they get money from their sponsors and post information about their brand in the videos.

In March 2020, they released a video called Stay home along with hundred more celebrities to create an awareness to stay home. Sources they the group has a unique revenue-sharing model among their members.

This means some members will receive more percentage and share while others will receive less percentage and share of the revenue. Sources also reveal that the members have an almost equal amount of share from their clothing brand Sidemen Clothing.

One of the biggest lessons from Sidemen is its clothing brand. When you grow big as a social media and youtube influencer, it is best to create your own brand to cash in on the opportunities. When you grow big you think about how to capitalize on your followers and earn money.

You could also build this as a strategy, You could learn the basics of social media or youtube and build followers on the particular niche. When you have a decent amount of followers on a particular niche, it is easy to monetize and create a new revenue stream. 

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