The Good and Bad Side of Technology

Technology is perhaps the best thing the world has witnessed. Though technology has always contributed to the welfare of society in various forms, there are certain ill effects of technology as well. We don’t is technology is bad or is not at all good. However, just like everything has both negative and positive sides, technology has some bad things associated with it. In this article, we will be discussing both advantages disadvantages of technology and how it affects our life significantly.

Who knew that a day would come when we could contact our family members living abroad. Moreover when landlines were considered a miracle, who would have thought that they would get to use wireless technology to get things done. Mobile Phones, Social Media applications, the Internet, Artificial Intelligence, etc., are some of those things that are a result of technological innovations.

Try to recall those days when things were not available on the internet. If you have even got a chance to communicate with your parents, they must have told you how they had to rely completely on the books to get information related to a particular topic or subject. But when technological innovations entered our lives, things change completely.

Because of these innovations, we can now easily search for any topic or subject. Right from school subjects to topics of doctorate level, technology has made it easy for people to get information on anything they want to. When we talk about technology, cannot forget its best creation, i.e., Social Media applications.

Social networking sites or social media is perhaps the best thing technology has gifted us. With different things and activities available in a single place, social media applications have made our lives relaxed. If you have social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, connect app, you must have noticed millions of users visiting these applications daily. People can easily communicate with their friends and relatives using these applications. As compared to the era when we had to register in advance to make calls, social media applications have transformed the communication sector drastically.

It is time to discuss some of their disadvantages. When we disadvantage we do not mean that technology is a bad thing and should not be used. However, it simply means that many people do not use technology and its creations the way they are meant to be used.

You must have come across a saying that access to everything is bad. Studies have shown that people are becoming addicted to these applications and are spending most of their time doing some or the other thing. It not just affects their eyes but also makes them mentally weak.

Apart from your health, technology innovation has given access to fringe elements to hack accounts and websites for individuals and companies. Together, all these points give technology a bad side. However, technology will always be considered beneficial to the human race as its advantages overpower its disadvantages.