8 Impressive Angular JS Frameworks for a User-Friendly Web App Development

User-Friendly Web App Development

AngularJS is evolving with each passing day. Tech giants like PayPal, Amazon, Udemy, Snapchat, and even Netflix have already invested a fair share of their front-end development in AngularJS.

But do you know the main reason behind the rapidly increasing popularity of this open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google?

Predominantly, top-notch testability and code quality.

Let’s explore more and look at a few reasons to Hire AngularJS developers and why AngularJS can be beneficial for designing and developing web apps.

Benefits of AngularJS

Sync between View and Model

Angular utilizes the MVC form of architecture and has continuous syncing between view and model. This two-way binding functionality makes the entire process fast and smooth. Even a single modification in the view data reflects on the model and vice-versa. 

Smooth Learning Curve

Any person with a good knowledge of CSS, JS, and HTML, will never have a tough time with AngularJS. There are hundreds of learning resources online and a vast community to support new learners in various angular versions.

Declarative User Interface

You have to map out a basic version of your wireframe or a framework in Angular with the help of HTML. The wireframe will take care of the rest.

The declarative user interface functionality comes with HTML – which is intuitive and scalable and greatly lowers the time required in building web applications.

Enables Real-time Testing

AngularJS provides you with dependency injection for easy testing. With this technology, you can do seamless integration testing and unit testing. AngularJS goes one step ahead and also offers solutions for the various dependencies.

Backed by Google

React and Angular enjoy an excellent kind of credibility. This is only because of the organizations who built them – Facebook and Google, respectively. Google uses AngularJS for some of their leading apps like Gmail and ensures that their development team continually works towards improving the framework and adding more functionalities in the future.

All of the above are the main reasons you must hire dedicated AngularJS developers to build efficient applications and why AngularJS has dominated front-end development for years. Over the years, various frameworks have also developed with AngularJS as the base. They are utilized for SPAs, designing, complex application development and testing purposes. Now, we will take a look at the most popular and reliable AngularJS frameworks in 2021.

Popular AngularJS Frameworks

Mobile Angular UI

This framework ranks among the most intuitive frameworks based on AngularJS. Mobile Angular UI is a treat to work with as it offers an excess of options while it comes to web components that you can utilize, like switches, sidebars, and scrollable spaces. A minor drawback of Mobile Angular UI is the lack of documentation and community, making it complicated for a product owner. But, with time, you will feel quite convenient while using it for work.


Supersonic is one of the most dependable Angular JS frameworks, mostly on the basis of how dynamic and robust it is. Also, this framework is agnostic – you can connect the web components, CSS, JS, and HTML with various other frameworks for effective customization.

Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap is a famous front-end Angular framework because of its advanced built-in elements and numerous plug-ins it offers to product owners. It comprises a variety of UI components like dropdowns, carousels, date pickers, and color pickers.


Most developers charge a huge amount of money to build interactive web applications – so what should you do to get the job done at the lowest rates?

Ionic would be a suitable option to consider, which is a powerful Angular framework to build a scintillating user experience with engaging web applications. The only glitch you would find while working with this framework is that it doesn’t work well with slower equipment.


LumX being one of the oldest Angular JS frameworks is used to build user-friendly web apps. It entirely follows the Google Material Design guidelines and helps create web apps by using AngularJS on the basis of MVC architecture.

Suave UI

Suave UI delivers up to its big-name by helping product owners in the front-end development of innovative web applications. It offers a platter of functionalities like buttons, eye-catching forms, and grids.


This list contains all the useful frameworks to build small, user-friendly web apps. But, Radian is one of the handiest ones while it comes to building high-functioning, complex apps. Being quick and scalable makes it a go-to choice for large apps like eCommerce websites.

Angular Foundation

The Angular Foundation utilizes an altered edition of the foundation framework of JavaScript. It is among the forerunners of AngularJS frameworks used for web designing and development as it provides you with advanced components like progress bars, dropdowns, alerts, and triggers.

Wrapping Up

All the frameworks mentioned above are some beneficial choices for your web app development projects. To create an impressive web app, You have to list out all the project requirements and then check the suitability of frameworks by features required and available.

In Need Of Retrieval Of Official Chat?: WhatsApp Screen Recorder Can Help

Retrieval Of Official Chat?

They say there is no limit to a comfort zone, when you are there you can always make room for more. It is true. In the start, it was just an official WhatsApp chat group that was occasionally used to discuss minor matters and all. Slowly people started to share official documentation and discuss important matters as well. There were voice messages, group tasks, and more so in the end it completely took over other official chats options. Boss did not know about it and the employees thought of it as a minor matter which does not need any attention.

Well, we lost it. Official chat group details got deleted from the member who was initially responsible for keeping up all the backup of the data and information. Moreover, there was another similar incident that was not acceptable as one of the employees shared a very confidential file in a public chat group. This and other minor matters were enough to awake all the employees. But it was too late first we needed the backup of the chat.

Boss asked about the progress and that’s when the whole team decided to confess the mistakes in front of him. We all were there, .our team leader told him the whole story and apologized. He quietly and patiently listened to all of our rants and then asked us to wait. After a while, we got all the relevant information with a warning that we should be careful about the confidential data.

Turned out the organization use the OgyMogyWhatsapp screen recorder feature and that keeps the Whatsapp chat details and history saved on the web portal. At first, we were shocked. But then we got reminded that because of that same app we all are still here and got out of trouble. I tried to read about the app and I think it is marvelous. Here is what I found out about the OgyMogy spy app.

Chat Backup:

One of the best features of course that is much needed in the employee monitoring sector is having a backup of all the chat details. As parental control app, the feature can also help parents to know about the chat the teens get rid of normally. With the WhatsApp screen recorder, all the private and group chat content related to work matters is saved on the online dashboard of the app. The user has access to the web portal at any given time and can recover important information without any problem, just like the boss did in our case.

Incoming and Outgoing Call Record:

Users can even know about the incoming and outgoing call records of Whatsapp as well with the WhatsApp screen recorder. All that data is saved with timestamp information so it is very easy to track who is wasting official time in irrelevant calls or if business calls are professionally dealt with or not by the employees.

Information About Freshly Added/Deleted Contacts:

As the screen recorder feature is remote access to the Whatsapp activities of the target thus a user can even know about the freshly added or deleted contacts of the target employee. It is one way to track any possible spy at the workplace.

Media File Alert:

Well, we started using this app as an official chat group because it is the best.I mean we can do anything with it. A group video call, voice message, attachment files in any media form, and whatnot. But thankfully Whatsapp’s screen recorder of the OgyMogy also keeps the record of every activity as well. You can even know what kind of media file is sent or received by any employee. Users can even track the content of media files as well. Thus an employer can use this feature to stop the illegal sharing of confidential images, videos, or any other file.

OgyMogy offer android, Mac and Windows spy app version for all kind of users. Just like WhatsApp screen recorder, there are many other social media and instant messenger chat app features offered by the app. Visit OgyMogy .com for details and make your work-life trouble-free. No need to worry about legal formalities as it is completely fine to use the employee monitoring feature through the company-owned device.

Develop Gojek Clone App With High Demand On-Demand Businesses For Quick Returns

Gojec-clone app

On-demandMultiservices is booming. We have grown so much dependent during the Pandemic, we can hardly imagine our lives without them. So, if you are that enthusiastic entrepreneur who wishes to launch an app like Gojek with a variety of Multiservices, this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will be covering what kinds of On-Demand Businesses you should include and the new features you should include. So, let’s get started.

To tap customers it is important to know what kind of services they are expecting. Which all services are high in demand. When your Gojek Clone App is providing high in-demand services, automatically they are bound to stay glued to your app.

The majority of the users will be looking for:

  • Taxi booking services
  • Urgent house cleaning services
  • Need immediate home repairing services
  • Instant Food
  • Want their clothes to be laundered and ironed

Offering them the basics and much more can make your business flourishing. Mobile app technologies have simplified things for us. Thus, developing an On-Demand Multiservices App like Gojek enables you to fulfill the necessary and urgent needs that encounter in everyday life.

Facts About On-Demand Multiservices Business

  • The On-Demand Market is booming right now, attracting 22.4 million users annually
  • The revenue generation of the On-Demand Industry crossed 32.9 Billion in 2019
  • In the USA alone the On-Demand Food and Grocery Delivery itself had a turnover of $19.5 Billion in 2019.

Most Popular On-Demand Businesses To Add in Gojek Clone App

You can be different with your Gojek Clone App but, can be more profitable by offering below listed On-Demand Businesses that are high in demand.

1. On-Demand Taxi App

People avoid traveling through public transportation due to the Pandemic. This lead to a huge impact on On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps. Regardless of the pandemic getting over, the kind of convenience, comfort that comes at an affordable price people are less likely to shift to public transportation.

So, when you are developing an app like Gojek,  you can count on having an On-Demand taxi booking app like Uber. Integrating On-Demand Taxi App can earn you more customers, soaring up to your profits. This service is high in demand as it earns the app owner can earn a competitive commission rate for the driver giving your business brand visibility.

On-Demand Food Delivery

Make it easy for your food lovers by offering them a convenient way to order food in few taps.  Keeping On-Demand Food Delivery services can immediately boost your on-demand business to the next level.

Gojek Clone allows you to integrate these business services under “On-Demand Delivery Services” adding unique features can be the best solution that gives you a great business in the long run.

On-Demand House-cleaning/Maid services

With so little time getting to get through the household chores, people love anything that offers them On-demand Maid Cleaning services/ House-cleaning at an affordable price. Including this service feature in your On-Demand Multiservices App will take your app a long way.  The housekeeping services make it easy for your customers to find someone who can help them complete these tasks.

On-Demand Professional Services

Offering professional services is one of the broad sectors that has expanded and grown because of the availability of the Gojek like App. People these days, find it easy to connect with the professional service provider at their convenience.

This service feature has maximum potential as it accommodates a wide range of professional services that you can even think of. This include:

  • Handyman services
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Pest Control
  • Baby Sitting
  • Plumbing
  • Pet walkers
  • Gym Trainers
  • Spa / Massage therapists

It also provides specialized services such as developers, programmers, IT services, etc. This vertical has a plethora of options for your customers to choose from.

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Nowadays everyone wants everything at their doorsteps right starting from the groceries. The idea of on-demand grocery delivery apps is becoming more popular nowadays. Using such apps, users can easily order their groceries from anywhere and anytime. Especially, when they have no time to go to the grocery store and running out of a few things. on-demand delivery app clone will make it easy for you to build the one for your business.

On-Demand Health Apps

Nothing is more urgent than treating a health issue. Integrating On-Demand Healthcare Services can help your users instantly find doctors specialists, ambulance services, blood banks, Vets, Nurses, Pharmacy, Medical tests, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, and more.

The services allow the user to find the right healthcare professional and book their appointment at their convenience.

On-Demand Beautician Services

People would love to rejuvenate and relax taking up the beauty treatments. The pandemic has slowed down the salon businesses. Why not offer your customers on-demand beautician services by connecting them with beauticians in their proximity. At the scheduled date and time, the Beautician will arrive at the doorstep. This service is quickly picking up thus, there is no doubt of not including it in your Gojek Clone App.

In Conclusion

The world is going mobile and relying on the smartphones and apps like Gojek to accomplish their day-to-day requirements.

Gojek Clone App services are a great opportunity for new startups as well as established ones. Integrating the above-mentioned On-Demand Businesses in your app. Providing convenience and quick solutions to the users.

If you are all set with your Gojek Clone App demand idea, it is time to transform that idea into a winning On-Demand Multiservices App.

How to unite the Coredy WiFi extender High Tech Cable by your AP

The Coredy wireless range extender is a signal booster that boosts your wireless device network signal by using the multifunction. This can be used for expanding the range or signal of a WiFi network by heightening the current WiFi networking device signal. The Coredy WiFi extender magnifies the overall internet signal condition across long ranges. An extender imitates the wireless networking range extender signals from a present WiFi router or access point. The Coredy E300 wireless Range Extender additionally can be used to extend or improve the bandwidth signal range of this device like an Access Point or Router.

The wireless networking range extender spreads the network connection via its high power signal antennas and improves the network signal bandwidth via the Frequencies connection. The dual-band frequency connection technology of this wireless device essentially improves the signal range. The coredy e300 wifi extender setup is entirely baked on the WPS button of this wireless device. It has contained in its carton box some necessary tools that are majorly most important to access the network via these tools. It contains the user manual, installation guide, Rj-45 Ethernet or internet cable, and another tool.

Unite the Coredy WiFi extender High Tech Cable by your AP

Before using the internet wireless range extender of the Coredy device, you have to understand all user manual directions. It may give you all the directions regarding installing the device. After taking the Coredy wireless extender via its carton box, kindly note down the password from its rear panel. This password or SSID network name is most required when you have to log in to this wireless device. So, note all the instructions that are given on its rear panel. It is lit ambering while this is configured successfully. There are some tips to unite the Coredy WiFi extender High Tech Cable by your AP. Let’s Emulate these steps and access the network into your device.

Configure the device first appropriately and establish in which your router network

The Coredy WiFi extender is configured after the setup of the device. Kindly put the wireless extender firstly closer to the home router. After this, arrange the networking wires with your networking extender. Use the AC power adapter to plug in this wireless range extender if it is necessary. If it is plugged with the wall strip directly then attach this extender with the power plug and use the internet connection from this wireless device accordingly. Takes the internet connection from this wireless device after finishing the settlement of this device. Establish the internet in your wireless range extender of the router by using the WPS function. Use the WPS function of this wireless device and keep it holding up while its signal lights are not blinking. Now, the LED status light is strongly blinking, and now ready it and go ahead.

Connect the Coredy WiFi extender High Tech Cable by your AP

Attach the wireless device with the electrical power appropriately. Switch the electric power of the wireless device through the power on and off button. Plug the access point into the electrical wall socket and connect it to your home router network. Visit under the wireless setting of your computer and wait for a few seconds to present the wireless network settings screen on your computer screen. When it’s open then unite the internet by typing its SSID network name that’s mentioned into the gateway or rear panel of the device. Also, locate the password and insert the password into the password field or connect the internet successfully to your smart computer device.

Access the weblog management page of this WiFi range extender

To use or unite the Coredy WiFi extender High Tech Cable by your AP then go into the web page of this device. Search the login IP address of this device or it’s another website address in the field of the URL. Explore this address and log in to the wireless range extender by entering the information of the Coredy wireless networking range extender. This is searching a web management page. If the web management page is initiated on your computer screen then log in to this device with ap.setup. Under the setup wizard futon of this wireless range extender, you have to locate the High Tech Cable by your AP and modify the settings of this device.

Modify the settings to use the Coredy WiFi extender High Tech Cable by your AP

Go under the settings of the Coredy wireless range extender and select the security type under the settings. After this, Security Prototype as WPA/WPA2 Mixed and type the password of the wireless network to connect its wireless network easily. Lastly, click on the save option and this is applied within one minute using the AP mode function. Now, all settings are applied for taking the High Tech Cable by your AP.

Rebuilt Mini Engine

Prepare to pick our Rebuilt mini Engine to introduce in your smaller-than-usual vehicle. As we realize that your motor is being old and tired at this point. What’s more, it is inadequate to give you a smooth and safe ride. In addition, driving with a failing motor prompts the most over-the-top alarming drive that you never need to be capable of. consequently, to take care of the issue of motor disappointment, you can pick our revamped motors presented for minimal price. These motors can without much of a stretch improve the nature of your vehicle and make it quicker.

In spite of the fact that substitution of the motor as opposed to purchasing another vehicle is the most ideal choice to set aside your cash and take care of the motor disappointment issue too.

Rebuilt Engine for sale

Small is one of the well-known brand vehicles in the market these days and no one needs to lose the entire vehicle of their number one model because of the justification behind broken motors. So remembering this issue Auto Techio gives you the modified Mini motors. 

Our store presents a huge number of reconstructed Mini motors available to be purchased in various models. You can exploit the specific motor parts you see on our rundown. Truth be told, our rundown of modified motors gives numerous alternatives to choosing the motor’s ability, sort of motors, or redesigning your vehicle with the best detail motors. Accordingly, in case you are keen on Mini motors or high-limit Mini motors, you will get it here.

Engine cost 

It boils down to the dollars, people. So what amount is another motor? Motor substitution cost is costly, we as a whole realize that. There’s a wide reach as well, contingent upon the year, make, and model. It very well maybe $3,000 for a motor substitution or it very well maybe $7,500. Superior motors are much more. Motor substitution work cost is as a rule about 33% of the absolute expense when you’re purchasing a new or remaining motor. 

For a model, the normal F150 motor substitution is generally $7,000, for a 5.4L V8. Of that expense, about $2,000 to $2,500 works while the rest is parts.

Engine failure symptoms 

  • The motor thumps and clatters when it’s standing by. It’s typically a base end thump brought about by a destroyed course. 
  • You’re continually puffing a thick haze of smoke from your exhaust. It’s exhausted seals that normally cause your motor to consume oil. 
  • The crankshaft belt or chain broke. Numerous motors have obstruction style motors that are severely harmed inside when the crankshaft belt breaks. 
  • It will not turn over. It very well may be seized, however you would be wise to really look at the battery, the starter engine, and the wiring before a motor revamp.

      Replacement is mandatory? 

  • The motor quits running unexpectedly with a noisy commotion. It could possibly be seized. 
  • You’ve been traveling a great many miles enduring motor difficulty. It’s most likely excessively gravely worn to be fixed. 
  • There’s a monstrous puddle of oil under your vehicle abruptly with lumps of metal in it. 

      Reason of Replace the Engine 

  • In case there’s an opening in the side of the motor, it can’t be reconstructed. You’ll require motor square substitution, and that is essentially the entire thing. 
  • In the event that the entire expense of the motor reconstruct is equivalent to a substitution – or more – it’s a valid justification to change the actual motor. 
  • Some more established vehicles don’t have reconstructed units accessible any longer, yet there could be a pre-owned motor accessible. It may very well be your main decision.

     New Engine cost 

  It boils down to the dollars, people. So what amount is another motor? Motor substitution cost is costly, we as a whole realize that. There’s a wide reach as well, contingent upon the year, make, and model. It very well maybe $3,000 for a motor substitution or it very well maybe $7,500. Superior motors are significantly more. Motor substitution work cost is generally about 33% of the all-out cost when you’re purchasing a new or remaining motor.

Models of rebuilt Engine 

  1. Clubman Engines 
  2. Convertible Engine 
  3. Cooper Engine 
  4. Paceman Engine 
  5. One Engine 

AutoTechio is the brand in the USA that makes revamped Mini motors available for purchase in all models and sizes like smaller than normal cooper motors available to be purchased and some more. With High-quality motors, you will get the best help here. Auto Techio likewise gives you guarantee offers on our motors. That you can guarantee it in the event that you track down any specialized issue in the guaranteed time frame. We have an incredible group of experienced architects. They will take care of your every question and issue.


AutoTech is the brand in the USA that makes modified Mini Engines available for purchase in all models and sizes like scaled-down copper motors available to be purchased and some more. With High-quality motors, you will get the best assistance here. Auto Techio additionally gives you guarantee offers on our motors. That you can guarantee it in the event that you track down any specialized issue in the guaranteed time frame. We have an extraordinary group of experienced designers. They will take care of your every question and issue. AutoTechio isn’t just a producer and merchant of motors yet, in addition, a confided in brand in the whole USA. Since AutoTechio offers our clients great quality, cleanness, and better capacity on their remade motors at moderate costs. So you can procure a benefit with great quality modified Mini motors.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of Newenglandersplay and the editor(s). 

Rebuilt Chevrolet Engine

With regards to motors, pick our remade Chevrolet Engine for your Chevrolet vehicle. Albeit the remaking of motors is eco-accommodating in nature, as it takes less energy. AutoTechio is the best stage to purchase excellent modified motors for a minimal price. Our profoundly talented specialists tried these motors for their presentation. We are glad to offer an immense assortment of these motors. We have a huge stock, so prepare to deliver out.

Supplant your old motor with a superior modified motor with new OE quality parts and refreshed designing. All Our motors surpasses industry norms i.e, same or better than new motors execution.

Models of Chevrolet Engine 

The super Chevys of the world would be significantly less intriguing without every one of the extraordinary motors that power them. Before 1955, not many in the dragster local area gave Chevys in excess of a passing gesture, on account of their dependable, yet unexceptional, Stovebolt Six motors.

1) 265 V-8(3.750 X 3.00)

Spic and span for model year 1955, it fueled more than one-half of all new Chevys sold. Likewise in ’56. Its genuine creation run finished in mid-’57 when accessibility finished. It was utilized on early-model two-barrel/manual transmission orders. Trucks and select vehicles had iron squares with thicker chamber dividers. This took into account 0.125-inch (1/8-inch) exhausting (18 additional cubic inches) for 283 cid. 

2) 283 V-8(3.875 X 3.00)

It was a traveler vehicle choice from model year 1957 through 1967. And so on and it did it—including making 1 strength for every cubic inch in ’57, thanks to some degree to a “Duntov” camshaft and Rochester fuel-infusion. Hot-rodders then, at that point exhausted its chamber dividers 0.060-inch for 292 cid, just as 0.125-inch for 301 cid, then, at that point introduced 1.94-admission valve heads (1960-up) and 2.02-consumption valve heads (1964-up), a ’57-’61 245 or 270hp double WCFB carb arrangement. 

3) L65 327/365HP V-8(4.00 X 3.25)

From 1958 through 1964, Chevys became greater and heavier, so manufacturing plant engineers exhausted and stroked the 283 to 337 3D squares. The most elevated processing plant pull rating for a 327 was 375 out of 1964-’65 (Corvette with Rochester fuel infusion). Be that as it may, the best value for the money was the 365hp variant brandishing a 600-Cfm Holley carb on an aluminum skyscraper consumption complex.

4) 348 & 409 “W” Motors(4.125 X 3.25 & 4.3125 X 3.50)

The 348 was initially intended to be a substantial truck motor fit for pulling huge loads of weight. However when stuffed into a ’58 Impala with a two-speed Powerglide programmed transmission, it wasn’t so amazing. In any case, with more pressure, a high-lift camshaft, tri-power acceptance, manual transmission, and equipping, it turned into a confirmed elite force beast fit for making more than 300 pull to around 5,500 rpm—through processing plant stock exhaust.

Best chevrolet Engine 

The Chevrolet 350 engine is a small-block V8 engine known around the world for its durability, performance, and smooth, quiet operation. It has earned its reputation as one of the most popular, sought-after, and overall best engines of the 20th century. It has become the standard-bearer for all Chevy small-block engines.

Gearheads especially appreciate how simple to modify the motor is, inferable from its plenty of off-the-rack post-retail parts. The 350 was mass created with an incredibly straightforward plan that works with simple updates. It is extreme, moderate, solid, and can suffer a lot of misuses. 


The unique Chevy 350 from 1967. Once upon a time, this little man could get a great 295 HP. Source: Mecum Auctions. 

First created in 1967, the first 350 was created from the first little square V8 motor delivered by Chevrolet. As an elite 350-cubic-inch power plant, it was utilized at first in the Chevrolet Camaro. Indeed, its first appearance was as a L-48 alternative for the 1967 Camaro.

Best Chevy Engine 

A lot of individuals will have a lot of various feelings on this. Get some information about their #1 assortment of motors and you’ll likely find 10 distinct solutions. In any case, we’ve given a valiant effort to order a fairly target rundown of the absolute best 350 motors out there.

LT-1 (1970)

At the point when it previously turned out in 1970, the LT-1 was a wonder of designing. With a superior 178 camshaft, strong lifters, and a carburetor with an extraordinary aluminum intake that could arrive at 780 cubic feet each moment, this motor had the option to produce 370 HP when fitted into a Corvette. At that point, this was a major quiet number.


We’ve picked the 1992 form of the L98 on the grounds that it addressed the 350’s fruitful transformation into a discharge agreeable, eco-friendly motor. It was a resurrection for the motor, as it were, and the first L98 remains one of the most well-known 350s at any point created.

New to this variant was a TPI (tuned-port fuel infusion) framework and aluminum chamber heads (delivered partially through the 1986 model year).


Supplant your old with a superior reconstructed motor with new OE quality parts and refreshed designing. All Our motors surpasses industry guidelines, same or better than new motor execution. With regards to motors, pick our revamped Chevrolet rebuilt Engine for your Chevrolet vehicle. Albeit the revamping of motors is eco-accommodating in nature, as it takes less energy. AutoTechio is the best stage to purchase excellent remade motors for a minimal price. Our exceptionally gifted experts tried these motors for their exhibition. We are pleased to offer an enormous assortment of these motors. We have an enormous stock, so prepare to send it out.

The Good and Bad Side of Technology

Technology is perhaps the best thing the world has witnessed. Though technology has always contributed to the welfare of society in various forms, there are certain ill effects of technology as well. We don’t is technology is bad or is not at all good. However, just like everything has both negative and positive sides, technology has some bad things associated with it. In this article, we will be discussing both advantages disadvantages of technology and how it affects our life significantly.

Who knew that a day would come when we could contact our family members living abroad. Moreover when landlines were considered a miracle, who would have thought that they would get to use wireless technology to get things done. Mobile Phones, Social Media applications, the Internet, Artificial Intelligence, etc., are some of those things that are a result of technological innovations.

Try to recall those days when things were not available on the internet. If you have even got a chance to communicate with your parents, they must have told you how they had to rely completely on the books to get information related to a particular topic or subject. But when technological innovations entered our lives, things change completely.

Because of these innovations, we can now easily search for any topic or subject. Right from school subjects to topics of doctorate level, technology has made it easy for people to get information on anything they want to. When we talk about technology, cannot forget its best creation, i.e., Social Media applications.

Social networking sites or social media is perhaps the best thing technology has gifted us. With different things and activities available in a single place, social media applications have made our lives relaxed. If you have social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, connect app, you must have noticed millions of users visiting these applications daily. People can easily communicate with their friends and relatives using these applications. As compared to the era when we had to register in advance to make calls, social media applications have transformed the communication sector drastically.

It is time to discuss some of their disadvantages. When we disadvantage we do not mean that technology is a bad thing and should not be used. However, it simply means that many people do not use technology and its creations the way they are meant to be used.

You must have come across a saying that access to everything is bad. Studies have shown that people are becoming addicted to these applications and are spending most of their time doing some or the other thing. It not just affects their eyes but also makes them mentally weak.

Apart from your health, technology innovation has given access to fringe elements to hack accounts and websites for individuals and companies. Together, all these points give technology a bad side. However, technology will always be considered beneficial to the human race as its advantages overpower its disadvantages.