Best 10 Features to Consider While Developing a Massage App Like Uber

Features of Massage App Like Uber

Have you faced a very exhaustive day at work? And all you need right now is a good relaxing massage. But you are too tired to go to a parlor and get it done. Then you are not the only one. There are hundreds of people who face the same problem every day. And to solve this issue, many businesses have come up with in-home massage applications.

These On-Demand Massage App Like Uber have revolutionized the way people book appointments for different massage services. These apps allow the customer to take appointments with top massage therapists in their town and access their massage services sitting in the comfort of their homes or offices.

You might be surprised to know that the wellness and massage services in the United States generated more than 16.5 billion dollars last year. 

If you have decided to dive into the in-home massage service business and develop a massage app but do not know what are the best features to consider, then this article will help you out. Here, we will be discussing the best features you should consider including in your application to provide your customers with the best possible in-home massage experience.

Top 10 Features for Massage Application Development

  1. Booking massages with just a few clicks:

    Remember the target audience is looking for a quick and easy way to book massage service appointments. Your message service application should make their process of booking appointments easier, not cumbersome.

Your customers should be able to book their preferred massage services with just a few taps on their phone screen. You should take help from a Massage App Development Company and develop a massage application that allows your users to easily book professional massage therapists depending on their requirements. Make the booking process so easy that no one faces any difficulties while booking appointments.

  1. Allow booking of qualified and licensed massage therapists:

You consumers always prefer to get the best service. You should include a feature in your application that only allows a qualified and certified massage therapist to register. This way you can promise to provide the best service to your customers. 

You should develop lists of certified therapists for different massage categories so that your users can easily find the best massage therapist according to their requirements.

  1. Multiple payment gateway options:

    Your customers should always get to choose the payment option they are most comfortable with. That is why you have to include multiple payment gateway options on your Massage App Like Uber.

You can provide options to save credit/debit card details, use mobile wallets or internet banking for quick and hassle-free payments.

Customers are usually very conservative when it comes to sharing their bank account details so make sure you keep the whole transaction process transparent and secure.

  1. Information about the massage therapists:

    A customer has every right to see information about the therapist before he/she books an appointment. Information such as name, image, years of experience, ratings, and feedback should be attached to the professional’s profile. So that the customer gets to choose a massage therapist according to his/her wish.

Also, enable options to let your customers save lists of their favorite massage therapists so that they can easily reach out to them whenever needed.

  1. Manage Bookings:

    This feature is beneficial for both the customer and massage therapists. On-Demand Massage App should enable the users to reschedule or cancel their appointments in case they need to. It should also provide accept or deny options to the massage therapists so that they can select appointments according to their availability.

You need to take care of both the necessities of your customers and therapists. You can ask the Top Massage App Development Agency to develop a massage application where users can manage their bookings and appointments.

  1. Same-day appointments or advance booking option:

    This is a very essential; feature to include in your in-home massage application. This option is most beneficial for those customers who are stressed today and can not wait for the weekend for appointments.

You can add a list of available therapists to your application where you will show all the names of therapists that are available on the current day so that they can get their desired massage service quickly.

Also, let your customers book appointments in advance. Add a section where customers put their desired date and time, and your application will show a list of available therapists on that day. 

  1. Reminders and push notifications:

    These are very useful features to have in your  On-Demand Massage App Like Uber. Many people have busy schedules so they might forget about their appointments. Your application should send them reminders of their appointments. Also, include push notifications to let your loyal customers know about special offers and discounts.
  1. Book massage therapists wherever they want: 

    This is a must-have service that you should allow to your customers. This feature will allow your users to book appointments with massage therapists who are ready to visit homes, hotels, or offices wherever the customer feels most comfortable.
  1. Advanced search features:

    Include advanced search features with the help of a  Massage App Development Service to your application. This will allow your users to easily search the massage service they are looking for such as Hot stone massage, Swedish massage, etc.

Include filters to let the users easily search the type of massage they want, the prices, or even the gender of the therapist.

  1. In-app chat section:

    This feature will let the customer communicate with the therapist in case they need to. Here customers can specify certain requirements about the massage such as oils or aromatic candles. 

The in-app chat section enables the customers to clarify everything related to therapy with the therapists before the session begins. So that no confusion remains.


These are some of the best features that you can not miss to include in your On-Demand Massage App. And to build the best massage app, you need to get in touch with Uber Clone App which will help you to create a successful massage service app for your business.

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