10 Brilliant App Ideas for Your Startup in 2022


The world around us is evolving at an unprecedented rate with the Fourth Industrial revolution well underway. And in this digital ecosystem, apps stand out as the building blocks of the product and service industries. Today’s customer demands instant gratification, and apps are the perfect solution. All you need is the right mobile app development company, and you are ready to go. 

The market is currently inundated with over 8.93 million applications, according to a new report from RiskIQ. From apps that help you find your car keys to apps that help you find your soulmate, it is safe to say that the relevance of the adage- ‘There’s an App for that’ continues to grow.  

So if you have your own app development dreams to make it big in the flourishing digital economy, then this article is perfect for you. Read on as we discuss the top Ten mobile app development Ideas for your startup-  

  1. Live Video Streaming App 

Live streams are not a new concept, and both Facebook and Youtube offer live streaming functionalities. However, if you wish to build an online presence that supersedes these behemoths, building a live-streaming app could be your ticket to the big leagues.   

With a live video streaming app, you/ content creators at your startup can record and publish videos in real-time. Adding in a chat functionality would further enhance the interactive nature of your streams. Pro-tip: To build a niche for your live streaming app, you can choose to focus on a specific audience. E.g., The global pro-gaming community, ethnic-equality activists, and so on.   

  1. Originality Checker 

Knock-off products fill the market. Even the most trusted retailers sometimes end up with stocks not originally manufactured by the company whose branding these items carry. Most prevalent in the clothing industry, knock-offs extend to FMCG and healthcare products. Building an app that can use your smartphone’s camera to scan a product and immediately identify whether it is a knock-off or not has great potential for success in the coming years. 

  1. Handyman App 

Urban Company has surfaced as the handyman service provider of choice. However, given the large spread of the at-home services they provide, sometimes the quality of service can struggle to match the customer’s standards. Building an app targeted to a specific service, e.g., landscaping, plumbing, electricians, etc., with rating and review features built-in can shale up the market significantly.   

  1. AI-Based Vision App 

According to a WHO Report, 2.2 billion people have vision impairments. While not all are completely visionless, an AI-based vision app can greatly boost their quality of life. Google Vision is already a vanguard of this movement, but there is still great scope for apps that can offer greater details of what lies in front of the app user. Details like emotional condition, presence of hazards, terrain details, etc., can be added to the app to enhance its value proposition for its users. 

  1. Investment Advisor App 

Everyone is looking to invest, and stock trading apps now enjoy immense popularity. There are many mobile app development trends ready to rule in 2022. However, not every app offers consultations, and it is left to the user to make purchase decisions. Adding a user-specific consultation feature to a generic trading app can draw in a whole new base of customers who until now were wary of investment because of a lack of guidance and aligned information.   

  1. Gig App 

The past couple of years has seen the gig economy expand to unprecedented levels with a large workforce working from home. This has resulted in individuals having more time on their hands, boosting the possibility of beginning a side hustle. Odesk and Freelancer.com are market leaders; however, many capable resources lose out on opportunities given their bidding system. Building a Gig App may not be a ground-breaking idea. However, the app owner can rest assured that both businesses and Giggers will come in droves, given the saturation levels of current players. 

  1. Automotive Repair App 

Almost every family in the world today owns at least one vehicle. While the more affluent classes use their vehicles for joy rides and road trips, the everyday man possesses commuter class vehicles to get to work and back. Herein lies the opportunity. Vehicles need maintenance, and sometimes they may even break down. People are then forced to either call a towing service to take their vehicle to a repair shop or wheel it to the establishment themselves. These situations are very common, and an app that can comprehend the vehicle’s location and direct an automative repair professional can result in a winning app idea. 

  1. Beauty Salon App 

As mentioned earlier, there are many players in the at-home services arena. While major players offer beauty and personal care services delivered at the customer’s space of choice, an app dedicated specifically to beauty treatments is yet to be seen. This app idea would make the most sense to established brands with brick-and-mortar salons. Building an app that can bring the salon to your home along with the brand value these companies carry can result in an additional revenue stream significant in value.  If you would like to know more about how to go about building a high-utility yet appealing mobile app, check out this step-by-step guide to develop an app

  1. Childcare App 

Parenthood can prove difficult, especially so for new parents. While traditionally, new parents relied on older relatives for directions on properly caring for their baby, an app that offers all the information a new parent needs for proper childcare is a brilliant idea for a startup. Adding a shopping feature from where users can order items and supplies like toys or baby food right from the comfort of their homes is a feature that is sure to strike gold. 

  1. Book Summary App 

Today is the age of online courses and self-improvement. Yet nothing comes close to the information and guidance the masters of yore offer. Reading is becoming more and more difficult for the populace because it takes time and concentration. An App that tells the user all about the views expressed in a book in digestible byte-sized snippets can prove to be of exceptional utility to those who wish to read but do not have the time to do so. 

Wrapping up 

So there you have it, a rundown of the top ten app ideas that carry the most relevance and viability today. Now it’s time to begin searching for the ideal mobile app development service partner and plan how your relationship with the outsourcing partner should proceed while learning how to create an app. It is essential to maintain standards and set aside an effort to understand your service provider’s work ethic so that your startup can harvest maximum benefit from its mobile app development outsourcing initiative. We trust that this article has proven informative. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more on its way. Until then, happy developing.