Google Review Widget Guide – Introduction, Best Tools & Benefits

Google Review Widget Guide - Introduction, Tools & Benefits

If you are a brand and your existing customers express their thoughts about your brand and products through Google reviews, then you need to begin embedding their valuable words on your website to enjoy tremendous benefits. 

Your potential customers visit your website to get deeper insights and to understand clearly about your brand. Your website is a point of interaction for your customers and your brand needs content that engages and converts seamlessly. Hence, when you embed Google reviews on your website, you do not just improve the content quality of your website, but open doors for many other benefits as well. 

In this insightful post, we will be telling you everything about the Google review widget, the best tools to embed Google reviews, and the importance of including Google reviews on your website. 

Google Review Widget – A Brief Introduction 

In simple terms, a Google review widget is a collection of Google reviews aggregated from the preferred source of the user. The Google review widget can easily be created, using a Google review aggregation tool. 

The Google review widget can be customized and moderated according to the preferences and choices of the users. The users can also use the other features of the tool depending on what they choose. Embedding a Google review widget on the website comes with various benefits, which we will discuss as you continue reading. However, have a look at the best tools for the creation and embedding of the widget first. 

Efficient Tools to Create & Embed A Google Review Widget 

1. Tagembed 

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Tagembed is an extremely famous and leading social media aggregation tool, designed to create highly engaging social media widgets. Alongside Google, Tagembed is also compatible with 20+ social media platforms, providing users with ample content to showcase on website. 

They can pick content either from Google location or from their Google my business page. Once the content is aggregated, the users can use the features of the tool to make the Google review widget more impactful and engaging. The users can choose their preferred choice from a wide range of customization options like themes, templates, fonts, etc. 

Tagembed provides a content moderation tool, so users can display top-quality content and maintain the status of their respective websites. The users can simply eliminate any abusive or inappropriate content from the widget. The tool automatically updates the content on the website without having to do it manually. The tool users can take assistance from the back support team of the tool if they face any issues while using the tool. 

2. Embed Social 


Another efficient tool that enables its users to embed Google reviews on the website easily, automatically, and in a few seconds is Embed social. The users can use the features of the tool to make the widget more visually appealing and attractive. 

The users can customize the widget using a wide range of options and advanced options like layouts, colors, etc. Other features are auto-sync, moderation, review badges, advanced analytics, etc. 

3. Elfsight 


The last tool on the list is Elfsight, another great social media aggregation tool that helps users to collect and embed content on their websites. Elfsight also offers a lot many features to the users to ensure premium quality and well-customized content on the website. 

The tool is super easy to use and the process can be completed easily without the need of having prior coding or special technical expertise. The competent and experienced team of Elfsight can be contacted to take guidance if the users come across any issue while using the platform. 

Advantages of Embedding Google Review Widget on the Website 

1. Build Brand Trust with User-Generated Content 

‘Customers believe what they see.’ Quite often the prospective customers of a brand are super apprehensive about a newly discovered brand or product. In fact, one customer always trusts the recommendation of another customer in comparison to a recommendation of the brand itself. 

When you embed Google reviews on the website, you give your potential customers a reason to trust your brand. A large majority of prospects go through reviews while making a purchase and when they read the recommendation of your existing customers, they would get the trust and confidence to try out your product. 

2. Amplify the Engagement of the Website Visitors 

Website engagement plays a major role in understanding how much your customers are liking your products. As mentioned above, since your website needs to have engaging content, embedding Google reviews can ensure that your visitors are thoroughly engaged. 

When they see the content created by your customers, they will feel the need to read more reviews, and the more dwell time your visitors would be, the more will be the engagement rate. 

3. Builds a Review Cycle

It is essential to have more reviews in this competitive market as it helps the brand stand out from the crowd and capture more sales. In simple words – More reviews mean your potential customers have a better chance to understand your product better, and also, it might also help increase your brand credibility.

Customers feel respected when a brand posts their feedback/review on the website, encouraging other customers to do the same. It eventually builds a review cycle, helping brands win consumers’ trust.

4. Improved Look of the Website 

Lastly, embedding a Google review widget on your website can tremendously improve the overall look of your website! 

Apart from content, your website visitors tend to pay more attention to the design aspect of the website as well. A well-put-together Google review widget with the right balance of colors when embedded on the website can instantly improve the overall look of your website. 

Calling It a Wrap! 

This has brought us to the end of this Google review widget guide and you are now aware of everything, right from its basic introduction, to the most efficient tools and the reason to embed the Google review widgets on your website. 

We are sure that after going through the benefits, you must be fully prepared and excited to use the Google review widget in your marketing game as well. Go on now, use this strategy in your business and you will see your brand thrive like never before!