The Best Uses of Cat6a Cable

Cat6a Plenum Cable

There are numerous different types of Ethernet cables are available in the market. Choosing the best cable out of them is the main task of a network engineer. Some of the most demanding ones are the Cat6 solid copper cable and Cat6a Plenum 1000ft cable.

These cables are the different variants of category 6 Ethernet cables. The word “Cat” stands for Category and the number “6 & 6a” shows its different versions. The Cat6a version is the most advanced version of this category. It comes with extended features and qualities that make its performance better than all previous variants of the Ethernet cables.

The data transfer speed and bandwidth operation of the Cat6a cable are better than the Cat6 cable. It depends on the needs and requirements of the individuals. According to them, they can select the right cable variant from them.

The Cat6a is the most appropriate one in most situations as they are more efficient and effective in most cases. The only back draw of choosing Cat6a cable is its high price. It is much more expensive in comparison to Cat6 and older variants of Ethernet cables. If efficiency and performance is the main concern then it is the best option.

The top 5 reasons for choosing Cat6a Ethernet cable are explained below.

Built for Commercial Usage: –

It is highly recommended to use it for commercial applications as it is the main purpose behind its making. It fulfills the needs of connectivity needs of commercial places like hospitals, schools, and offices perfectly. The high data transfer speed of the Cat6a cable keeps the professional work going smoothly at these places without any connectivity issues.

It does not mean that you cannot install it at home. The cable is also utilized in home networks where data transfer speed demands are high. Especially, home gamers like to install this cable as it delivers them high internet speed which is required for their gaming.

The plenum-rated pure copper Cat6a cable can deliver a data transfer speed of 10Gbps up to a distance of 100meters efficiently. It depends on the internet service provider as well. The extended bandwidth of up to 750MHz is also a plus point of using this cable. This amazing speed and bandwidth capacities allow the cable to run commercial systems and applications efficiently. Therefore, there is no reason not to opt for commercial usage.

Runs High-Performance Applications Smoothly: –

This Ethernet cable supports modern-day applications efficiently. It fulfills their fast data transfer needs effectively. Especially, Cat6a cable with shielded pure copper conductor cables is highly efficient and effective with these applications.

It is a certified cable from regulatory bodies such as EIA/TIA and meets their quality standards appropriately. The cable is best for 10 G Ethernet, 100BASETX, 100BASEVG ANY LAN, 155ATM, and other advanced applications.

Cat6a with Bare Copper Conductor: –

Different types of conductor wires are used in different cables. You will also find different variants of Cat6a with different types of conductor wires. Some come with copper-clad aluminum conductor wires while some come with pure copper conductor wires.

The variants with pure copper conductor cables are highly efficient and effective in working. The pure copper conductor material is regarded as one of the best conductor materials. It transfers the energy from one end to the other end of the network without losing it to the environment.

It comes with low DC resistance property that enhances its performance to a great extent. It delivers more energy into the networks rather than wasting it on the environment. With that, pure copper conductor wires are extremely corrosion resistant that increasing the life of the cable. The cable lasts for a longer period and saves a lot of money for the users.

The pure conductor material is flexible and supple by nature. It makes the Ethernet cable flexible as well. This reduces the chances of breaking Ethernet cable to very low. The cable can be twisted and folded easily. It also makes its installation easier at difficult locations and bends.

Efficient Against Interference Factors: –

The use of Cat6a Ethernet cable makes the networks more reliable and trustworthy. This cable performs very well against the interference factors. Especially, the cables designed with pure copper conductor wires are highly efficient against crosstalk and EMI properties.

Normally, it is designed with 23AWG pure copper conductor wires. These wires can transfer data at a faster speed without getting much disturbed by the interference factors. The shielded versions of the Cat6a cable are perfect to install at locations where interference factors are high. The locations nearby generators, high-voltage power lines or cellular networks of mobile phones are highly affected by these interference factors.

Cost-effectiveness: –

Network designers prefer the performance and stability of the networks more than the cost. They go for Cat6a Ethernet cables without any doubt. It is more costly in comparison to older variants of Ethernet cable but gives better performance as well. This cable ensures the smooth running of business operations by providing stable internet connections.

The networks where priority is the price then they can think about other available options in Ethernet cables as well. They can go for Cat6 cable or lower variant as they are cheaper than Cat6a cable but they have to compromise on its performance and efficiency in this case.

On the other hand, if we compare the manufacturing quality of the cables then it will clear our concept that investing one time in Cat6a is more suitable rather than keep investing in low-quality Ethernet cables. The Cat6a pure copper Ethernet cable lasts longer than the normal cables. This makes your investment safe for a long time.

If you install a low-quality cable then you need to invest again in them after some time to upgrade them or to replace the damaged ones. This brings your investment equivalent to the investment you need to make one time on the installation of Cat6a cable. Therefore, it is better to invest once on Cat6a cables and get top-quality results without any hassle and problem.

Conclusion: –

Cat6 pure copper Ethernet cable is the best available option for commercial and home users. It is economical in a way that it is a one-time investment and cheaper than its higher variants. The cable performs extremely well in all conditions and locations depending on the installation of the right variant at the right place.

The Cat6a plenum can be installed at any location and place whether it is inside the building structure or outside. The Cat6a Riser variant is specifically designed to be installed at vertical places or outdoors. Therefore, it is important to choose the right variant of the cable to be installed at the specific location.

The cable performs efficiently against interference factors like crosstalk and EMI as well. In networks where Ethernet cables are needed to be installed at longer distances of up to 100 meters. This cable is the perfect option for it as its performance remains the same up to the 100-meter distance. Neither its speed reduces nor is its bandwidth impacted from it.

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