Google Chrome added feature taking Screenshot and editing

Google Chrome added feature taking Screenshot and editing

Screenshots are very helpful when some kind of details need to be Shared with people immediately.

But most of The Times screenshots need to be edited before sharing with someone, which is a waste of time.

That’s why Google is adding a useful tool to the Chrome browser.

Screenshots feature in the chrome app

Screenshots feature in the chrome app
Google Chrome andriod App

This tool will enable you to take a screenshot and edit within the browser.

Tools in the chrome app on android have been available for several months to help take screenshots and edit.

Screenshots feature in the Desktop Version

Now, this feature is also being introduced to the desktop version of chrome which is currently part of the browser testing version.

According to the report, this tool will add drawing, cropping, and text to screenshots while screenshots can also be saved in PNG images.

According to Google, this new feature will be available in Windows, macOS, and Linux as well as in Chrome OS.

 On the other hand, Google has also announced to end support for the old versions of chrome by the end of November.

After the release of Chrome 96, support for chrome 48 will be eliminated, and gradually its scope will be extended to other old versions.


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10 useful Google chrome programs that are often not familiar with:

Google’s browser ‘chrome’ was introduced in 2008 and it soon became the most used program for surfing the Internet in the world, which also left firefox and Internet explorer behind.

But many people are still not aware of some important features hidden in it.

In fact, there are several extensions and programs that make chrome use much better and frightening.

With them, you can save subjects for reading anywhere, learn a new language and do more than that.

  1. Save articles
  2. Learn new language
  3. Pank button
  4. Look at gmail emails
  5. Block ads
  6. Too much tabs pain Sir
  7. Chrome remote desktop
  8. Identify the pictures
  9. Mobile chrome
  10. Avoid grammar mistakes

And yes, the real thing is that you don’t even need extra time or money for that. Let discuss 10 amazing features of Google Chrome:

  • Save articles:

 Pocket saving any article is the easiest way to read later, which can be read anywhere on the phone, tablet or computer, for example, you open a website or article but if you don’t have time to read, click on pocket access, it will go to the list which will be accessible from any device.

  • Learn new language

 Language margin is one of the best extensions that keep translating English words and sentences into your chosen language, with the help of this you can practice learning the new language without any difficulty, even if there is no important office work at this time.

  • Pank button

 If you have someone around you who you don’t want to show your open pages, instead of turning off chrome, hit the pink button, it’s a useful action that not only protects your work from other people’s eyes but also saves the sites in a separate folder that you open, which you can open at any time later.

  • Look at gmail emails

 Google mail checker is useful for people who are used to making a lot of emails daily, this access is very simple and easy to use without opening Gmail to tell you how many emails you have received.

  • Block ads

 Adblocker is one of the most popular extensions to block ads, it blocks banner ads and popup Windows and it is the user’s will to what extent they can afford this kind of experience.

  • Too much tabs pain Sir

 One TAB is useful for every person who opens many tabs at the same time, in which finding their desired page becomes a problem.

  • Chrome remote desktop

 Chrome remote desktop can be described as a magic extension that gives you access to other computers inside your computer, such as a file office that has forgotten, connect to the remote desk and get it.

  • Identify the pictures

 With search by the image you can easily identify images online, basically, this is an extension like Google images that help you search for any images, it is useful to know about places to identify or anonymous places.

  • Mobile chrome

 Chrome to mobile helps you do office work anywhere, this extension transfers your desktop browser experience to a smartphone thanks to live webpages and work, it works offline even if it is useful without the Internet.

  • Avoid grammar mistakes

 If you think there is a lot of grammatical mistakes while writing something, then the action called Grammarly is for you, it improves the quality of spelling and writing, it works not only on Gmail but also on social media.


Everyone wants to use the best internet browser to do multiple tasks in a very easy way. There are lots of internet marketing companies which provide internet browsers for such purposes but Google chrome is the best of all due to its easy use and have such useful extensions which make our work much easier.