Social media promotion

Millions of your potential customers visit social media every day. According to VTsIOM, every second Internet user visits social networks (52%). And this figure is constantly growing.

Benefits of social media promotion

  • The rapid development of social networks in Russia opens up dizzying development prospects for modern companies. VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google+, MySpace, etc. are visited daily by a multi-million audience, which is interested not only in communication, but also in the widest range of various goods and services.
  • Social media promotion is a unique chance to educate people about your company and form a community of potential customers. Through live dialogue with the community, you will receive active feedback and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the product. And using hidden marketing, you can manage the opinion of people about your company yourself.
  • From the outside, it may seem that promotion on social networks is not much different from SEO, but this is wrong. Unlike SEO, which is aimed at increasing search traffic only, SMM or promotion on social networks is ultimately aimed at people and attracts traffic from communities formed within social resources. Thus, when implementing SMM, the attention of the optimizer switches from optimizing for UK search engines to optimizing for people.
  • The secret of the success of any project is not only in achieving top positions in search results, but also in maintaining constant interest in the brand. It is much easier to achieve this by resorting to the promotion service on social networks. SMO-specialists promoting sites in blogs and social services act on the principle of word of mouth, thanks to which it is much easier to gain the trust of the widest audience on the Runet. By ordering the service of promotion in social networks from us, you will see this from your own experience.
  • SEOCalling offer promotion in the largest social networks VKontakte and Facebook, as well as promotion in the popular microblogging service Twitter and keeping an online diary in LiveJournal.

SEOCallingoffer the following range of services for promotion in social networks:

Promotion in the social network VKontakte.

Creation, design, maintenance, and promotion of the VKontakte group.

Promotion in the international social network Facebook.

Creating and administering a brand page on Facebook.

Promotion in the microblogging service Twitter.

Creation, maintenance, and promotion of microblogging on Twitter.

Hidden marketing on forums.

Conducting guided discussions with the aim of building a positive attitude towards the brand.

Monitoring of mentions and response.

Analysis of mentions on the Internet and leveling of negative reviews about the brand and product.

SEO copywriting, rewriting

It has long been known that successful texts are the key to successful website promotion. After all, they not only allow you to saturate the page with the necessary keywords but also create a high-quality product description that visitors need to make a decision. Copywriting is the art of creating selling texts that can interest the user in purchasing a product or service from you.

Also, the copywriter is able to neatly and logically weave key queries into the general description of the product, ensuring the absolute literacy of the text. Rewriting (rewriting), in turn, is the competent processing of ready-made information and its presentation in a different way, without changing the semantic load of the text.

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Agree that when you come to a store for purchase, most often you expect to receive detailed and confident advice from a qualified seller who will tell you about all the features of this product. On the Internet, the role of such a consultation is performed by texts written by copywriters.

A professional who creates a description for a product or service first thoroughly immerses himself in the study of the specifics of the market, your target audience, and the characteristics of the product. Then he highlights the unique advantages over the competitors and places the emphasis correctly. The result of this work is a text that is interesting for the buyer and can replace a qualified seller in the workplace.

Unfortunately, unauthorized copying of texts is widespread on the Internet, when competitors post a description, they like on their website. Sometimes the efforts made make them remove the text from their resource, however, a universal method of combating plagiarism on the Internet has not yet been invented. It’s a shame that often-United Kingdom search engines put such plagiarists in the search results above the original sites. In this case, the proceedings can take weeks, or even months, during which the resource loses visitors, and the customer loses his profit.

It is in such cases that the copywriting service will help to quickly solve the problem, when the editors, as soon as possible, will collect all the information on your product and write a description that is most suitable for this page. It is likely that it will turn out to be even better than the old text so brazenly stolen by competitors. Constant expansion and renewal of the assortment is also a good reason to contact copywriters. This service is becoming simply irreplaceable in the age of digital technologies and everyone’s attention to saving time and high-quality content on promoted resources.

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