Key Trends In Full Stack Software Development In 2021

Key Trends In Full Stack Software Development In 2021

With the world moving gradually towards the ‘New Normal’, it’s time for companies to reconvene customers’ growing expectations and mark their online presence through their websites or apps. But to be able to do this, business owners must be up to date with the latest full-stack development trends. 

So, what is full-stack development? 

Full-stack development is the unification of frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) sections of the web applications. Experts who can develop complete websites and web applications, including the frontend, backend, database, and debugging are the Full-stack Developers. 

Since the last couple of years, full-stack development has rapidly gained popularity due to its versatility and single army traits. Time and again, entrepreneurs have shown their inclination towards hiring full-stack developers partly due to value for money and partly due to their skillset. 

Apart from the fact that these experts specialize in both client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend), they play an essential role in reducing cost, providing feasible and quick solutions, and increasing productivity as well. 

Now, let’s uncover some amazing trends in full-stack software development that will benefit your business in many ways.

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  1. Blockchain 

Although Blockchain technology was initially adopted by banking sectors for safer transactions, security, and transparency; many other industries, like real estate, trade, travel, and IoT are emerging as the prime users of this technology. 

If you own any block-chain oriented application or have not yet embraced a blockchain solution for your business, it’s high time you hire full-stack developers as their expertise in Ethereum, cryptography, and BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) will help you to leg up your business.

  1. IoT (Internet of things) 

From smartphones to watches to lights and TVs, IoT is spreading like wildfire, thanks to the continuous increase in connected devices. Anyone planning or managing an IoT project is aware that an expert with comprehensive knowledge in communication technologies, networking protocol, sensor technology, and custom-build software, including frontend, and backend proves worthy and offers leveraging benefits. No doubt, hiring a full stack developer is the best choice for you as consolidating IoT into your business application requires a thorough understanding of hardware and software, which a full stack developer already possesses.

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

During the time of advanced technology, one of the best full-stack development trends of 2021 that’s gaining momentum is Artificial Intelligence (AI). From Siri to Alexa to Hey Google, AI implementations in our day-to-day life have exploded. 

Entrepreneurs can receive extensive benefits from the full-stack developers as they have a comprehensive understanding of building and integrating AI systems.  

  1. Language Trends 

A full-stack developer must possess a strong command of JavaScript to stay in demand and assure the best outcomes now and in years to come. As JavaScript seamlessly works across browsers and has great adaptability, it is ranked as one of the most popular languages. Some other popular trending languages are React, .NET core, Spring, etc., the proficiency over these gives a lot of leverage to developers. 

Hiring full-stack developers with these skillsets help entrepreneurs to amp up their web/app projects and deliver the best outcomes. 

  1. IT Outsourcing 

Many IT industries prefer outsourcing projects to full-stack developers, instead of hiring in-house professionals, primarily due to cost-saving, better productivity, and saving time. Entrepreneurs receive the benefits of both frontend and backend developers in full stack developers, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

Wrapping Up 

Keeping a close eye on these full-stack development trends will help entrepreneurs to bring immediate changes to their projects. Additionally, if you have observed the varieties that a full stack developer can offer, including quality assurance, quality control, and fast-track delivery, you can hire dedicated programmers in India to meet all your web/app project requirements. 

So, without wasting any time, get ready to hire dedicated programmers in India and take your business to great heights. 

Summary: Ready to amp up your projects and mark an online presence through your websites or apps? You must learn the latest full-stack development trends of 2021

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