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10 Brilliant App Ideas for Your Startup in 2022


The world around us is evolving at an unprecedented rate with the Fourth Industrial revolution well underway. And in this digital ecosystem, apps stand out as the building blocks of the product and service industries. Today’s customer demands instant gratification, and apps are the perfect solution. All you need is the right mobile app development company, and you are ready to go. 

The market is currently inundated with over 8.93 million applications, according to a new report from RiskIQ. From apps that help you find your car keys to apps that help you find your soulmate, it is safe to say that the relevance of the adage- ‘There’s an App for that’ continues to grow.  

So if you have your own app development dreams to make it big in the flourishing digital economy, then this article is perfect for you. Read on as we discuss the top Ten mobile app development Ideas for your startup-  

  1. Live Video Streaming App 

Live streams are not a new concept, and both Facebook and Youtube offer live streaming functionalities. However, if you wish to build an online presence that supersedes these behemoths, building a live-streaming app could be your ticket to the big leagues.   

With a live video streaming app, you/ content creators at your startup can record and publish videos in real-time. Adding in a chat functionality would further enhance the interactive nature of your streams. Pro-tip: To build a niche for your live streaming app, you can choose to focus on a specific audience. E.g., The global pro-gaming community, ethnic-equality activists, and so on.   

  1. Originality Checker 

Knock-off products fill the market. Even the most trusted retailers sometimes end up with stocks not originally manufactured by the company whose branding these items carry. Most prevalent in the clothing industry, knock-offs extend to FMCG and healthcare products. Building an app that can use your smartphone’s camera to scan a product and immediately identify whether it is a knock-off or not has great potential for success in the coming years. 

  1. Handyman App 

Urban Company has surfaced as the handyman service provider of choice. However, given the large spread of the at-home services they provide, sometimes the quality of service can struggle to match the customer’s standards. Building an app targeted to a specific service, e.g., landscaping, plumbing, electricians, etc., with rating and review features built-in can shale up the market significantly.   

  1. AI-Based Vision App 

According to a WHO Report, 2.2 billion people have vision impairments. While not all are completely visionless, an AI-based vision app can greatly boost their quality of life. Google Vision is already a vanguard of this movement, but there is still great scope for apps that can offer greater details of what lies in front of the app user. Details like emotional condition, presence of hazards, terrain details, etc., can be added to the app to enhance its value proposition for its users. 

  1. Investment Advisor App 

Everyone is looking to invest, and stock trading apps now enjoy immense popularity. There are many mobile app development trends ready to rule in 2022. However, not every app offers consultations, and it is left to the user to make purchase decisions. Adding a user-specific consultation feature to a generic trading app can draw in a whole new base of customers who until now were wary of investment because of a lack of guidance and aligned information.   

  1. Gig App 

The past couple of years has seen the gig economy expand to unprecedented levels with a large workforce working from home. This has resulted in individuals having more time on their hands, boosting the possibility of beginning a side hustle. Odesk and are market leaders; however, many capable resources lose out on opportunities given their bidding system. Building a Gig App may not be a ground-breaking idea. However, the app owner can rest assured that both businesses and Giggers will come in droves, given the saturation levels of current players. 

  1. Automotive Repair App 

Almost every family in the world today owns at least one vehicle. While the more affluent classes use their vehicles for joy rides and road trips, the everyday man possesses commuter class vehicles to get to work and back. Herein lies the opportunity. Vehicles need maintenance, and sometimes they may even break down. People are then forced to either call a towing service to take their vehicle to a repair shop or wheel it to the establishment themselves. These situations are very common, and an app that can comprehend the vehicle’s location and direct an automative repair professional can result in a winning app idea. 

  1. Beauty Salon App 

As mentioned earlier, there are many players in the at-home services arena. While major players offer beauty and personal care services delivered at the customer’s space of choice, an app dedicated specifically to beauty treatments is yet to be seen. This app idea would make the most sense to established brands with brick-and-mortar salons. Building an app that can bring the salon to your home along with the brand value these companies carry can result in an additional revenue stream significant in value.  If you would like to know more about how to go about building a high-utility yet appealing mobile app, check out this step-by-step guide to develop an app

  1. Childcare App 

Parenthood can prove difficult, especially so for new parents. While traditionally, new parents relied on older relatives for directions on properly caring for their baby, an app that offers all the information a new parent needs for proper childcare is a brilliant idea for a startup. Adding a shopping feature from where users can order items and supplies like toys or baby food right from the comfort of their homes is a feature that is sure to strike gold. 

  1. Book Summary App 

Today is the age of online courses and self-improvement. Yet nothing comes close to the information and guidance the masters of yore offer. Reading is becoming more and more difficult for the populace because it takes time and concentration. An App that tells the user all about the views expressed in a book in digestible byte-sized snippets can prove to be of exceptional utility to those who wish to read but do not have the time to do so. 

Wrapping up 

So there you have it, a rundown of the top ten app ideas that carry the most relevance and viability today. Now it’s time to begin searching for the ideal mobile app development service partner and plan how your relationship with the outsourcing partner should proceed while learning how to create an app. It is essential to maintain standards and set aside an effort to understand your service provider’s work ethic so that your startup can harvest maximum benefit from its mobile app development outsourcing initiative. We trust that this article has proven informative. Stay tuned. There’s a lot more on its way. Until then, happy developing. 

Everything You Need To Run Your Food Business Through A Delivery App

, Everything You Need To Run Your Food Business Through A Delivery App

After a long weekend, you finally thought of ordering a pizza long with a large smoothie. The first instinct of the Z gen is to pick up their phone and surf through the millions of applications listing high-rated restaurants and pocket-friendly as well. In the period of 20 minutes, a guy would be arriving at your doorstep with your order. 

This scenario is only happening in one part of a household; imagine more than a million people taking advantage of this service. This shows the tremendous growth of the food industry. The food delivery service has become an integral part of the market, and the people’s lives after the pandemic scared us to death. 

At the very beginning, the idea of food delivery was only popular for people inclined towards technology, yet after the pandemic hit all of us, many people of all ages started doing the same. 

One-third of the world suggests that they are in the habit of ordering food twice a week. By the year 2023, the market for online food delivery can project to hit up to $ 317 million. 

In this blog, we will be helping you out with the ins and outs of your food delivery platform and get insights into the pros and cons, the measures to be taken, and we will try to clear up all your doubts to build a food delivery app like Ubereats. Let us begin-

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Statistics Of Food Delivery App 

We have already depicted a number on the worldwide turnover of food delivery apps by the year 2023; if still not satisfied, we have mentioned below the Statista reports for you to look at the growth climbing upwards every year. 

Reports suggested that the global revenue of the online food delivery app development company contributes no less than they are still achieving the $ 180 million in revenue.

Even though we all can look at the considerable revenue generation, we can still see that some giants of the food industry rule several regions.  Huge platforms like UberEats and GrubHub poise most parts of the US. 

Similarly, in Europe, there are food giants like Glovo and Deliveroo, and on the other hand, in Asia, Swiggy, Zomato, and Foodpanda are prevailing in the market. 

Numbers Of UberEats 

  • These numbers were overall, but making it more precise, we will also mention UberEats in numbers. This way, you can get an inner insight into the UberEats delivery app. If you are someone looking to launch a delivery app, these numbers might come in handy. 
  • The UberEats delivery gross booking keeps going on up to 130%, having an adjusted EBITDA improvement.  
  • UberEats is one of the most prevailing food delivery services, currently having more than 66 million active users. 
  • The platform itself holds availability in 6,000 cities across more than 45 countries, supporting 6000,000 restaurants and food places. 
  • The company also holds 29 percent of the worldwide food delivery marketplace. 

Strategies To Develop A Food Delivery App 

Further, we will discuss some of the essential strategies that proved helpful for the UberEats clone app after it got hit by the pandemic.

  • The company made a smart move and launched awareness campaigns for their respective users and merchants. 
  • UberEats also introduced the Opt-In programs.
  • Following the six-foot rule, they also began the “Leave at Door” delivery for safety precaution.
  • The company itself Waived delivery fees for the restaurants. 
  • The company also delivered free meals to healthcare workers. 

Aspiring Business Model Of Food Delivery App 

Now we will be moving towards the business model of delivery app inspired by UberEats. UberEats adopted this technology-driven business model and inspired emerging food delivery entrepreneurs to begin their own food delivery businesses. The delivery app also acts well for both the restaurant aggregator and the delivery agent. 

The company operates on an aggregator model listing all the restaurants to be partnered in the app within. This model makes it easy for the users to pick between the different listed restaurants and complete them seamlessly. 

UberEats also made sure to introduce the partnering programs for restaurants and small street vendors with complete logistics support. 

The logistics aid the food ordering giants and help them enhance the network to deliver the orders from restaurants without having any certain resource and bandwidth to offer uncomparable delivery to the users. 

Key Players Of Delivery App Solution 

Let us have a look at the key players of UberEats.If you are someone looking to consult a mobile app development company, you need to consider the deliverables of a delivery app solution. Before any ado, go for it. 


The restaurant vendor can seamlessly manage the orders and the updates on the app and toggle between the availability of the specific food product. 

One can also change or edit the restaurant name, banner, image, and contact information, plus the opening and closing availability of the restaurant itself. 

Customer App- 

This section or interface of the delivery app solution gives users various ordering options such as 

Real-Time Tracking-

The user can easily place an order with the pickup and delivery app based on their choice from a respective list of available restaurants in the area. It has been proven to be a useful and practical feature for those who want early delivery.

Custom Ordering-

The users can opt for scheduled delivery and can set it up in advance as per their convenience. One can also customize it with respect to the delivery date, destination address, and time too. 

Delivery Drivers- 

Via the delivery app, the driver can access the whole process seamlessly, from picking up the food to delivering it to the user’s address. One can also accept and reject the order request and manage multiple deliveries at one time. The deliveries are assigned to them as per the proximity of the location. 

RoadMap To Build A Food Delivery App 

It takes more than one component when building a food delivery app; it involves a challenging task to put together everything. By taking an example of UberEat roadmap, there are some explained vital steps such as – 

  • Conduct Market Research 
  • Pick Up Your Food Delivery Model 
  • Narrow Down The Must-Have Features Of Food Delivery App 
  • Get The Right Tech Stack 
  • Pick A Secure & Trustworthy App Development Option 

Rest, if you are someone looking to launch an online food delivery app in a really short time, then make sure to find a trustworthy and reliable mobile app development company.

The Top Mobile App Development Trends to Rule In 2022

The Top Mobile App Development Trends to Rule In 2022

Keeping up with the trends is significant because trends depend on customer inclinations. At the point when you foster android applications dependent on the trends, you’ll definitely succeed. So today, you’ll get to know the top android development trends for 2022, and furthermore, you’ll get to have a deep understanding of android development. 

Top Mobile App Development Trends

  • Dream cricket app development 

The cricket season is going live, and the exciting cricket fans are going insane. Dream sports have become a billion-dollar industry because of the frenzy of those passionate games fans across the globe. You might have the option to make a fortune in your business by swiftly getting into dream cricket app development. You can learn more about the Best fantasy cricket app development in this article which will assist you with building it. 

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How Uber App Development Helpful to Your Taxi Business

  • Features of a fantasy cricket app

The highlights of the app determine the maintenance of the clients. Subsequently, add every one of the key highlights that can assist you with standing out from the existing apps. In this article, we should examine the essential elements to include in your Dream11 clone app. 

  • Client profile 

Upon fruitful login, every client gets an individual client profile. The clients can transfer their profiles with different information about them, and the clients can see and alter their profiles whenever. The client profile comprises the record subtleties, exchanges done through the app, rankings, and so on. 

  • Tournaments 

The dream sports tournaments page comprises the multitude of live tournaments occurring continuously. The clients can look and choose a tournament by looking into the different boundaries, for example, the passage expense cost, tournament type, number of winners, number of groups. In light of this multitude of boundaries, the clients can join a tournament. 

  • Landing page 

The dream sports stage, for example, Dream11, offers gaming choices for an assortment of sports. Therefore the clients can look and find their beloved game using the channel and search include. The landing page of the app shows information about the match listings, for example, match timings and so forth, 

  • Login: 

After installing the app from different app store stages, the clients can enlist to the app and sign in using the numerous sign-in strategies accessible, for example, using email, contact number. Enabling a simple and speedy login cycle will eliminate the need to occupy long, tedious structures. Accordingly, it permits you to gain an initial positive feeling about your app from the clients. 

  • Make a dream group 

After selecting the right tournament, dream players can assemble their own fantasy group made out of genuine players. In the wake of analyzing the capability of every player, the clients can construct their own fantasy group. 

  • Make a tournament 

Participating in a tournament, however, the clients can likewise make a tournament by furnishing subtleties, such as tournament name, section charges, permitted number of groups, winning sum, etc. The tournament subtleties are shown on the landing page for other players to view and join the tournament. 

  • Numerous Payment modes to add and withdraw money.

The crash course through a dream cricket app is predictable. To make the exchange cycle more straightforward and advantageous, integrate your app with different installment doors, and this can assist the clients with making secure installments instantly. 

  • My tournaments 

The stage shows the subtleties of the multitude of tournaments partook by each dream sports player on my tournaments page. This permits the clients to take a gander at the number of tournaments they have taken part in and the amount they have won in their dream sports venture. 

  • Share and procure 

This is perhaps the most advantageous highlight for entrepreneurs, allowing them to easily magnify their client base. The existing clients of the stage can allude to their loved ones to join the app. At the point when they join, they enter the reference code of the client. This way, the client who alluded gains points and other advantages. 

The time of AR/VR has recently begun! 

AR and VR both are cool! There is no question regarding that. In any case, in 2022, their utilization cases won’t be restricted to simply gaming applications any longer. 

Tech monsters are now innovating tons of new use cases for both. For instance, Google and Apple are releasing new AR demos on their most recent gadgets, confirming that AR/VR will be a distinct advantage soon. 

Truth be told, these advancements are additionally anticipated to be seen on friendly stages for branding just as targeting expected customers through ‘Past The Screens’ AR/VR apps. 

For instance, Snapchat and Instagram have as of now delivered their AR channels that can transform a human face into different computerized amusing characters. 

Simplifying B2B sector 

There is no question that B2B sectors are ruling the market with their immense volume and exchanges. These industries work with other players in the field with their market commitment, customer commitment, accounting, and finance, essentially everything. 

As the industry is rising dramatically, it needs a simplified approach rather than a chaotic one. It needs to deal with the weighty interest easily and coordinate this information to make better inferences. Mobile app development organizations are providing better answers for the B2B industry to streamline their activities. 


5G innovation has been around for quite a while. Furthermore, numerous tech organizations currently bring this innovation to the table for upgraded insight to their customers. In any case, in 2022, the innovation will turn into a new industry standard. 

Better than ever, innovation trends will urge engineers to use this innovation to offer multiple times more data transfer capacity than 4G. Another advantage of this innovation is its lower dormancy than the preceding advancements, and this will convert into minimal interruptions and a smoother network. 


One of the many recent fads in mobile app development is the utilization of blockchain innovation. Security and abuse of information have consistently been a major worry among app clients, and blockchain settles these issues through its arrangement of decentralized information bases. 

The apps upheld by this innovation are starting to finish encoded so nobody organization or an individual store’s freedoms over the information or can modify the information. For safer computerized exchanges and trade of delicate client information, blockchain is what’s to come. 

Touchless UI 

Touch-based interfaces of mobile apps have become depleted. Presently, both the engineers and buyers need something innovative from the mobile apps that require minimal exertion by the client. So presently, engineers are focusing on coming up with voice or signal-based interfaces in 2022. Such interfaces can possibly change the game for the old or differently-abled individuals altogether. 

Prescient Models 

Finally, an ever-increasing number of engineers in 2022 will incorporate prescient investigation models in their apps. These models utilize the existing customer-related information and offer insights into their preferences/abhorrences and buying designs. 

Low Code App Development 

Already, even somewhat less complex apps required the engineers to compose long codes. In any case, because of present-day mobile app development administrations, designers at this point don’t need to go through days and months writing app codes. 2022 will see a blast in the utilization of low code app development systems, which give easy-to-understand and intuitive interfaces to make an app. Since their utilization will be on the ascent, buyers can expect an immense increase in the number of apps too in 2022. 

Wrapping this up 

To determine a mobile app development pattern 100% ahead of time is unimaginable, and if somebody professes to do so, you should distrust them! One can identify the example movement from client criticisms and market requests; however, it would, in any case, be a carefully thought out plan of action. Nevertheless, if you have an item with a dream that tackles a specific issue of the crowd, then you ought to pick the right mobile app development organization and guarantee that it shares your vision for a positive change. All things considered, there is no utilization in collaborating with individuals who don’t share your vision!

About The Author :-

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.




5 Easiest ways to send big files on the web

5 Easiest ways to send big files on the web

Looking for ways to send big files that you cannot send it using your regular email services?
Here are the 5 Easiest ways to send big files on the web.
Top Email Service Provider doesn’t allow you to send files more than 25MB in size. That is why you need to use other services that can fulfill your needs.


Dropbox is the easiest way you can send big files, edit it on the go with its free mobile app and you can also collaborate with your friends to make changes to the files or any document without sending the files back and forth. To send a file you just need to upload it and send the link to that person. Whenever you send a file they can simply preview the file and then download it without signing or any other authentication.
Will it work for the non-dropbox user?  Yes. After you create a link of the files that you wanna send you can send that link using any social site and they can download it anywhere.
One problem with dropbox is that you don’t get the option for adding an expiration date or adding the password to your link unless you upgrade your account to Dropbox Pro.
By Default Dropbox gives 2GB of Free Storage space which you can extend it up to 16GB just by inviting your friends. For each invitation accepted you get 512MB of space added to your account.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free storage space, unlike dropbox which gives you only 2GB. It has many options and it gives you 100% uptime i.e. you can access the files anytime anywhere without any interruption.
With Google Services such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Photos, Forms, etc. These services allow you to get a preview of your file. It allows you to set Permission to your file ( Public, Read-Only, Editable) for other users.
Though Gmail doesn’t allow you to send files of more than 25MB. The drive covers the absence of sending big files through the web. You can extend the Drive space to 1TB see also How to Extend Google Drive space to 1 TB.

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Infinit is a better way to send a file no matter how small or large it is. It gives you 10GB of Transfer limit and 1GB of Storage. Although the plan starts from $6/month. It also gives you an option to send referrals to 2 Friends and extend your account to a 50GB Transfer Limit and 3GB of storage space otherwise will cost you $6/month.
Infinit app is available in windows, apple, mobile, android, iOS platforms for free. The Transfer speed is around 30 times more than the other services because of its point-to-point technology as shown in their site. It provides a Bank Level Encryption algorithm that gives maximum security.
Infinit can send big files within no time. I think it’s easier to upload a file using its app as it is available on multiple platforms.

One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive
OneDrive is a Storage Cloud app by Microsoft that can send big files. Getting Started with 5GB of free storage space you can scale it up to 50GB (Basic Plan) for $1.99/Month.
One Drive lets you sync your files in your desktops, laptops, and mobiles automatically. One Drive is Built-in Windows 10. Sharing is quite simple like the other services mentioned above.


Wetransfer is an online transferring platform from which you can transfer up to 2GB of file to your friend’s email account. Wetransfer also offers an upgrade using which you can send up to 20GB of files at a time. It doesn’t have an app so it’s kinda hard to sync in your data. One of its main drawbacks is the lag time.

Key Trends In Full Stack Software Development In 2021

Key Trends In Full Stack Software Development In 2021

With the world moving gradually towards the ‘New Normal’, it’s time for companies to reconvene customers’ growing expectations and mark their online presence through their websites or apps. But to be able to do this, business owners must be up to date with the latest full-stack development trends. 

So, what is full-stack development? 

Full-stack development is the unification of frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) sections of the web applications. Experts who can develop complete websites and web applications, including the frontend, backend, database, and debugging are the Full-stack Developers. 

Since the last couple of years, full-stack development has rapidly gained popularity due to its versatility and single army traits. Time and again, entrepreneurs have shown their inclination towards hiring full-stack developers partly due to value for money and partly due to their skillset. 

Apart from the fact that these experts specialize in both client-side (frontend) and server-side (backend), they play an essential role in reducing cost, providing feasible and quick solutions, and increasing productivity as well. 

Now, let’s uncover some amazing trends in full-stack software development that will benefit your business in many ways.

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  1. Blockchain 

Although Blockchain technology was initially adopted by banking sectors for safer transactions, security, and transparency; many other industries, like real estate, trade, travel, and IoT are emerging as the prime users of this technology. 

If you own any block-chain oriented application or have not yet embraced a blockchain solution for your business, it’s high time you hire full-stack developers as their expertise in Ethereum, cryptography, and BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) will help you to leg up your business.

  1. IoT (Internet of things) 

From smartphones to watches to lights and TVs, IoT is spreading like wildfire, thanks to the continuous increase in connected devices. Anyone planning or managing an IoT project is aware that an expert with comprehensive knowledge in communication technologies, networking protocol, sensor technology, and custom-build software, including frontend, and backend proves worthy and offers leveraging benefits. No doubt, hiring a full stack developer is the best choice for you as consolidating IoT into your business application requires a thorough understanding of hardware and software, which a full stack developer already possesses.

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

During the time of advanced technology, one of the best full-stack development trends of 2021 that’s gaining momentum is Artificial Intelligence (AI). From Siri to Alexa to Hey Google, AI implementations in our day-to-day life have exploded. 

Entrepreneurs can receive extensive benefits from the full-stack developers as they have a comprehensive understanding of building and integrating AI systems.  

  1. Language Trends 

A full-stack developer must possess a strong command of JavaScript to stay in demand and assure the best outcomes now and in years to come. As JavaScript seamlessly works across browsers and has great adaptability, it is ranked as one of the most popular languages. Some other popular trending languages are React, .NET core, Spring, etc., the proficiency over these gives a lot of leverage to developers. 

Hiring full-stack developers with these skillsets help entrepreneurs to amp up their web/app projects and deliver the best outcomes. 

  1. IT Outsourcing 

Many IT industries prefer outsourcing projects to full-stack developers, instead of hiring in-house professionals, primarily due to cost-saving, better productivity, and saving time. Entrepreneurs receive the benefits of both frontend and backend developers in full stack developers, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

Wrapping Up 

Keeping a close eye on these full-stack development trends will help entrepreneurs to bring immediate changes to their projects. Additionally, if you have observed the varieties that a full stack developer can offer, including quality assurance, quality control, and fast-track delivery, you can hire dedicated programmers in India to meet all your web/app project requirements. 

So, without wasting any time, get ready to hire dedicated programmers in India and take your business to great heights. 

Summary: Ready to amp up your projects and mark an online presence through your websites or apps? You must learn the latest full-stack development trends of 2021

How can you become famous on Facebook and get a lot of likes?

How can you become famous on Facebook and get a lot of likes?

Getting thousands of likes means you’re popular – it doesn’t matter whether these likes are coming from your friends or from strangers all over the world. In fact, many businesses spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to make themselves look like heroes, and some businesses even buy their likes.

Others might say, “I don’t want to be famous or popular; go to the site go to url I just want my business page or personal profile to reach more people”. However, the truth is that if you’re serious about finding success online (and let’s face it – who isn’t?), you need to learn how to become a social media rock star.

Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1: First, create a Facebook page for your brand or business, and then put the link on your website. Next, find people who have common interests with you and join groups where they hang out online. Don’t spam other group members to buy your product. Instead, add value to each conversation by being helpful and friendly.

Step 2: Participate in discussions and groups that are related to your niche. Don’t copy and paste the same message into every group that you join; instead, write a unique message for each group. This way, most of the people in the group will pay attention to you when you tell them that your business can help solve their problems.

Step 3: Use Facebook ads to promote your page. Remember, every ad costs money so only put up an ad for something that you’ll profit from. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about targeting people who have a lot of likes, as the initial cost will be very high. Instead, target people who have fewer likes but are interested in your business niche using a budget of around $5 per day. After a few months, you’ll start getting good results and better returns on ads!

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How can you do your business on the Internet?

7 tips to improve your business revenue with SEO

Share things on your Page that you know people will like:

The best way to share content on your Facebook page is by sharing valuable content that will help your fans. Remember, people want to be entertained and educated when they’re online, so give them what they want.

Share things on your Page

You can also promote offers directly in your posts or in between posts. It’s very important that the offers you promote are related to your brand or business though!

Respond to other people’s posts while tagging them in your updates:

When people interact with you, acknowledge them and reply to their comments. It’s a good idea to tag them in your updates too as this will encourage other people to engage with you. Most fans won’t see every single update that you post on Facebook, but they’ll definitely notice if other people are commenting on your posts!

Share your posts with friends to get likes, comments, and shares:

Sharing your posts with friends is a lot more powerful than sharing them with just fans or followers. When you share something that you personally like, other people will be more likely to like it too!

And that’s basically it; keep posting great content on Facebook and interacting with people online, and before you know it fame and likes will come naturally!

Use hashtags to increase visibility:

Hashtags allow users to find and follow conversations about topics that interest them. Tag your posts with relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience and get more likes, comments, and shares!

Use hashtags to increase visibility

Here’s the bottom line: If you want to become famous on Facebook or build a social media presence that will help you generate leads for your business, then you need to begin by creating a Facebook page and filling it with high-quality content.

Make sure that you’re always helpful, friendly, and open to new ideas; share your content with others; respond to comments; promote offers, and don’t forget to use hashtags! Don’t be afraid of giving out free information either because the more Facebook likes you get, the more effective Facebook ads will be for your business!

The more likes and comments you get, the more people will want to engage with your posts. Not only that, but Facebook ads targeting high-engagement audiences will be a lot cheaper and effective than ads targeted at people who don’t interact much with your page.

About Video Editing

About Video Editing

Now a video editing has gone a long way in terms of technology. It has advanced from just stitching video fragments together to using sound effects, filters, and phrases or photographs in the film. In the future, I’d like to work as a video editor. I want to see it develop and improve from where it is now. I can’t wait to make film editing history. Receive 30% OFF by using the Toonly Discount Code. Toonly is an excellent solution for creating high-converting content such as the Explainer video, crowdfunding campaigns, marketing, tutorials, social media videos, & presentations.

Some video editors become famous simply by posting modified clips on websites for others to view. To work on a movie set, most video editors get a degree in video editing. Many video editors work with raw material that hasn’t been altered and makes it appear better immediately before it’s aired to the rest of the world. I’m sure these video editors are under a lot of pressure, but I think I’ll be OK. The majority of video editing is done on a computer. The majority of work in this field may be found on movie sets, television programs, and even YouTube.

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Unique Smartphone Accessories Gift Ideas on this Season

How a Successful E-Commerce Business requires the best social media marketing plan

How can you do your business on the Internet?

About Animation

Since its debut in France, animation has gone a long way in a short series. There are several animating programs or films, but conventional and computer animation is the most recent advancements. Traditional animation is a hand-drawn method in which each frame is made separately. Digital animation, on the other hand, is a technique in which a computer creates each frame. Traditional animation was popular since it was the only technique to perform animation at the time.

About Animation

Using computers implies that the three-dimensional visuals in digital animation are produced on computers, giving the characters’ movements a realistic appearance. The technology utilized in spirit is rapidly improving, bringing up new avenues for energy. According to BBC News broadcast journalist Alex Hudson, “traditional animation has created films and television programs first…but now that technology has advanced, many people started to appreciate and shift to the new.” Some individuals prefer the way animators produce special effects in films and television programs, making digital more appealing than film.

Starting time of Animation Video

When animation movies first became popular, animators traditionally worked on them. Each frame was hand-drawn, then the animators joined the edges to create the animation. Even though traditional animation was the first, digital animation has grown in popularity. According to Tasha Robinson, a movie reviewer for The Verge, “the box office has been filling up their marketing with enough profit to produce even more following several films of digital animation.” Digital animation earns more money in the film business than traditional animation.

Because of the popularity of digital animation, they can create more movies and make more films with that money. Companies do business with digital work, but they also provide programs for those who want to work in the industry. Because the animation industry is doing so well, they rely more on computer technology to help them succeed.

How to Become an Animator

Animations may be seen in a variety of television shows, movies, and even general media. From 2D hand-drawn animations to 3D models or special effects, the energy is utilized in a variety of ways to enhance images. Animators are those who generate digital visual art/animation for entertainment or media ( Making animations is time-consuming and requires patience to sit and think about brilliant designs and unique concepts. An animator’s pay range is $65,300, and the median annual compensation for multimedia artists and animators was $65,300 in May 2016. Animators must also have a bachelor’s degree, and businesses prefer professionals with a solid portfolio of work and technical expertise.

How to Become an Animator

Consumers will want more realistic video games, movies, special effects on television, and three-dimensional movies. Many people do not believe animators play such a vital role, yet animation may benefit society, communities, and individuals pursuing their vocation. Energy is valuable for a variety of purposes. From a corporate standpoint, it may be beneficial while also providing viewers with satisfaction. However, it is used mainly for fun. Most of the children are shown on television from an early age.

The Art of Animation

Cartoons, feature-length films, cel work, and stop-motion animation are all significantly varied ways to develop, produce, and present energy. Yet, an incredible number of people still believe that it is only for children. In essence, the animation is the movement of a drawing. This can be accomplished using hand-drawn frames, computer-generated images, cut-out animation, and other approaches. Even though the technique is time-consuming and laborious, the result is typically satisfying and well worth the effort. Many people overlook the reality that animation can fit into any genre and appeal to individuals of all ages.

History & Future of Animation

The term “animate” is derived from the Latin word anima, which means “soul”; the direct translation is “to give life to.” Giving life or movement, motion, or even a voice to an otherwise inanimate item is what animation is all about. People have been attempting to incorporate activity into pictures for millennia; lately, a clay goblet roughly 5000 years old was discovered in Iran with drawings of a goat climbing into a tree to eat leaves. (Lealos). Sequential series of pictures of this sort have been found in Egyptian hieroglyphics and cave art.

History & Future of Animation

Many thoughts and works have contributed to today’s animations throughout history and the world. The majority began as optical illusion toys. Peter Roget wrote an essay about eyesight persistence in 1824. According to Roget, the retina “holds images for a fraction of a second before being replaced by succeeding ones.” ( The sense of one picture merging into the next generated the illusion of movement as in individual animation frames. It’s incredible what the mind’s eye can perceive. 

Best Practices for Flask API Development

In this blog, you’ll explore the best practices for building Flask APIs with Python and Flask.


Why in Python?

Because Python is among the top programming languages, it’s growing marks worldwide. Not to mention Python offers affordable app development cost, comprehensive and straightforward coding along with flexibility, adaptability, and speed. To top that previous statement, myriad developers consider Python their favorite programming language since it’s very intuitive and provides a practically English-like coding environment. In addition, it proves to be remarkably effective in various fields, be it Data Analytics, Machine Learning, app development, and many others.

Moreover, Python is said to be a popular choice for API (Application Programming Interface) development. And not only because python app developers increased love for it, but it contains several libraries and frameworks that can help in many grounds, on top, serves the main goal for any. It contains popular frameworks such as Django and Flask.

Why Choose Flask? 

Flask is a minimalist framework that delivers essential tools. On the contrary, it broadens its horizon of functionalities encompassing extra libraries and frameworks within. Not to mention, which is, quite honestly, enough for you to start with. Moreover, it’s a widely used framework for building APIs in Python. The process is quite simple while Python is involved. Simple yet powerful. Besides, using Flash, you can scale up any complicated app.

For starters, have Python installed on your computer, and on the Python Command-Line, the installation of Flash gets straightforward via pip prefix. All you require is to write the following code on the python command line: ‘pip install Flask.’

Let’s follow the best practices!

Use Proper Names and HTTP Verbs

The application can get complex and uncomprehensive for other developers when you design APIs abruptly. Besides, it’s crucial to develop your API endpoints with the proper name and HTTP verbs so that app developers can understand them easily. Often brilliantly designed APIs are straightforward and forthright for app developers to comprehend quickly. As it’s a mandatory step to make URI and HTTP verbs manifest for developers. By looking at the structure of a well-structured API, they should have a good understanding of it. And know the outcome before even trying it out.

Besides, most have the essential knowledge for making a working API. But can anyone use it, considering it’s complex enough to understand? Provided that, naming your resources consistently all over your API will offer perks in the long term. Undoubtedly, consistently naming your resources is a natural convention you can adopt.

Let’s illustrate to you the right way to do so!

Here we have some eCommerce websites with customers, orders, and checkout.

For instance, we have a ‘customers’ resource, which has the set of instances named ‘customer.’

With the detail we have above, we can now recognize the collection resource by URI, which is ‘/customers.’ And now, using the instance, this will become, ‘/customers/{customerId}. Next, we can now successfully identify sub-resources – orders. Now we can access the sub-resources by ‘/customers/{customerId}/orders’. Now we can access everything involved in orders. If we want a single order, ‘/customer/{customerId}/orders/{orderId}’.

See how simple that was. If you are a programmer, you can identify them quickly.

Best Way to Name Resources

  1. You can use plural nouns to make them obvious instead of who-knows-what. The following is about accessing playlists from a user’s system: ‘/users/{userId}/playlists/{playlists}.
  2. Must use hyphens to space out words and increase readability. Like this: ‘/users/{userId}/-mobile-devices’. Use “-” Not “_” or anything else.
  3. Using forwards is useful to indicate a hierarchy in the data structure. For instance, “/users/{userId}/-mobile-devices”.
  4. Never use uppercase, but lowercase in Api’s URIs. ”/users/{userId}/-mobile-devices”. lowercase!

Best Way to Name Actions

When there is an action involved like paying, ordering, or checking out, you must include a verb. Not some nouns, adjectives, or adverbs, but verbs so that developers must understand easily. For example, a checkout option is included then, “/users/{userId}/cart/checkout”. Also, don’t forget to use hyphens, forward slashes, and lowercase letters to use as well.

Moreover, in REST, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations are controlled HTTP verbs. Not by the URIs. It’s a way to differentiate between CRUD functions and actions, not to mention both are actions. 

HTTP Verbs

HTTP verbs or HTTP request methods are a set of methods that demonstrate action. These verbs are used to establish communication between client and server. Which mainly works as a request and response between a server and a client. The HTTP verbs include:

  • GET: Use get to retrieve data.
  • POST: Use the post to create a new resource.
  • PUT: Use put to update information about a particular resource.
  • DELETE: Use delete to delete specific data.
  • PATCH: Use the patch to update partial details on a specific resource.

From that eCommerce website example, we used earlier.


getting lists of all users, you should use: GET/users

Creating a new user, you should use: POST/users

Updating a user information, you should use: PUT/users/{usersId}

Deleting a particular user, you should use: DELETE/users/{usersId}

Partially updating a user, you should use: PATCH/users/{usersId}

Listing all the orders for a specific user: GET/users/{usersId}/orders

Running the checkout process: POST/users/{usersId}/carts/checkout

Properly Structure the Application 

For starters, there is no proper way to structure your app, considering all the aspects of an app – its size, modules, components, requirements, and above all, personal preferences. Not to mention, it could vary for everyone. However, I’m going to explain away, used by most developers in Flask applications. And multiple projects in Flasks are using this aligned structure.

Well, everything is explained hierarchically in today’s world without a doubt. First, you need to have the main like ‘/api’ and its branches corresponding. And if its branches include sub-branches, then place them respectively that should be understandable. 

The above figure illustrates a simple design for grounding each component in a hierarchical structure.

Build Documentation from the Code

After you successfully made your API using Python and flask. And many developers are excited to use the resource. It’s time you started documenting your flash API. Or else, how do developers use them without knowing the endpoints?

Evidently, after an application’s production, it’s mandatory to build a manual to let its users know – how to use it, and many other specifications should be explained in the documentation.

Moreover, two possible methods come up when building a document; either use an editor and write it manually, or you can consume the code to create it for you. Not without liking the idea for automatic documentation. Besides, there are multiple online tools available that will help you design and develop an API document. For example, you can use Flasgger and Swagger for generating automatic API documentation.

It’s probably best to use automatic tools than writing the entire document manually. 


It’s an open-source specification tool that enables you to define each component of your API with the purpose of any system to understand and interact with it easily. Besides, these tools have help developers at many levels, saving their time and producing dynamic and interactive API documents.


It’s another automated tool that helps you produce write your API documentation tremendously. With Flassger, it becomes easy to generate your documentation by using its simple tools and annotations. It also delivers a good web interface where it displays each endpoint, inputs, and output remarkably. Further, it runs the endpoints directly from the documentations. How cool is that?


It’s imperative never to ignore this part at the end of any process. So, in API building as well. When testing is done correctly, it’ll help you increase your built API efficiency and quality in the long term. That’s the reason never ignore the testing phase no matter what. Additionally, it saves developers from misconceptions of the applications.

On the bright side, it’s not that difficult to build tests. Many testing techniques can be seen, but you should follow TDD (Test Driven Development) approach. It is a concept where you write tests first then jump to the actual coding stuff. You have to follow this step when you have a crucial project or want to improve and enhance your programming skills – that’s a phenomenal practice to adopt.

Some Closing Thoughts

Lastly, best practices are what an average programmer lacks these days. Besides, the finest conventions can differ from framework to framework even though there seems to be no right way to do things when you have your ways. In programming, multiple types of programmers have a distinct way of coding – so no way possible to judge them as it. However, since they produce their own methods to solve problems, you might need to adopt the best practices to learn and even make things easy for other developers when you are a beginner.

However, having a well-ordered and consistent way of building API can ease the burden for other programmers. So, hopefully, you’ll follow the tips mentioned above and practice them while creating an excellent Flask API.

If you have a fantastic idea to develop a python app, get support from the best Python app development company today.

Author Bio: 

Hamza Iqbal, Digital Content Producer for the software development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

What is WAN Optimization?


Wide Area Network (WAN) is a technology and technology used to improve the performance of data transmission over the WAN. WAN optimization is an important part of network management because it speeds up traffic and promises some bandwidth for the required applications. Some of the special methods used to upgrade the WAN are:

  • A traffic barrier that initiates traffic flow and delivers bandwidth as appropriate.
  • Uncertainty data removal, also known as data entry, reduces data that should be transmitted via WAN based on comparison rather than actual data.
  • Data compression that provides compliance with data size to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Local data collection is usually done locally or on a local server for quick access.
  • Data processing that combines multiple requests from instant messaging programs.
  • Manage bandwidth or performance level, plus the maximum bandwidth that some applications can handle.

Why is an optimization of WAN important?

WAN optimization has been available since the inception of the local network when the required bandwidth exceeded availability. To address this problem, public and private institutions have begun research on how to improve the overall Code of Conduct management. At the time, access to it was restricted. This group relies on an expensive Multiprotocol Label connection that changes the connection to connect its domain to the database. The WAN switch enables network operators to use bandwidth efficiently, which improves application performance without increasing bandwidth and performance.

The keywords that promote WAN are:

  • Improve the response time of business applications over WAN and mobile connection;
  • Facilitates data flow between data centers for quick response;
  • Improve investment and bandwidth; and
  • Roaming traffic over a hybrid WAN that includes a public cloud connection to access cloud applications.
  • WAN updates continue to be used, although some plans suggest that enhanced WAN specifications (SD-WANs) eliminate the need for WAN optimization programs to improve network performance and reliability.

What does WAN optimization offer?

  • Quick access to files: Cache allows users of the same file to access them many times faster, as they store and retrieve new data instead of having to move the entire document.
  • Help mobile users in remote locations: WAN optimization eliminates communication between branches, mobile operators and the business center. You can increase internet speeds over long distances by enabling faster data transfer and communication, such as performing e-mails.
  • Updated performance: Using optimization is inefficient or fast because the bandwidth used for other systems can now be dedicated to the most important application.
  • Fast and reliable data recovery: WAN optimization facilitates remote databases needed to recover disasters. In addition, WAN optimization features that increase the network response time help users recover faster after an accident.
  • Increase throughput: You can reduce privacy by optimizing protocols, which increases bandwidth usage and reduces network downtime.
  • Cost savings: WAN optimization enables application integration to reduce the cost of hardware and software. In addition, bandwidth management, cache, compression, and system optimization reduce the amount of bandwidth.

For many businesses, upgrading a WAN can lead to significant improvements in your business. Now that you have a little information on how to improve the performance of your IT equipment through WAN optimization, I hope you agree with my commitment to connecting WAN optimization to your company’s wireless network. If you need help finding details or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We are experts in SecurEdge’s complete wireless network design. We use the latest storage generation and WAN performance management tools for the latest WAN upgrades.

How does WAN optimization work?

WAN optimization is used to overcome delays, reduce packet loss, and increase network throughput. It does this through a number of WAN optimization methods and technologies.

  • Database

A database stores information used for local visitors or servers for quick access. Because data does not have to travel all the time from source to destination, caching poses a problem on the internet.

  • Back up data

Backup data detects and eliminates unnecessary data backups. This reduces the amount of information that should be sent via WAN to remove local backup and disaster recovery.

  • Data compression

Data compression reduces data size to reduce bandwidth usage, such as ZIP files because it runs on hardware or a virtual WAN server.

  • Network monitoring

Network monitoring detects unnecessary traffic. By creating & enforcing the rules for downloading & using the Internet, WAN optimization programs can put the performance of important applications.

  • Immediately alliance

Booking ads or routers reduce the burden on WAN chat systems. Many policies require the client or server to wait for approval before relocating. It quickly integrates instant messaging protocols into one system, resulting in a small header and network signatures.

  • Traffic

Traffic management enables network operators to determine which applications have priority over WAN, which in turn increases traffic and provides bandwidth efficiently.

What tools are used to maximize WAN?

WAN update technology has evolved over the last decade. Although the SD-WAN may be widely used, the WAN optimization market will still be $ 1 billion or more.

WAN hardware can be physical/virtual, sold as a standalone product, or as part of an SD-WAN platform. For example, WAN optimization controls are physical applications installed at both ends of WAN connections. It can also be used to control load with integrated physical or virtual delivery device applications with WAN optimization.

Top Refurbished Laptops from India to be used for everyday use

Refurbished HP Probook Laptop 440g1

If you’re looking for laptops, you don’t have to pay 100K to get one that is stylish and like a luxury model when there are top models of refurbished laptops on the market that will offer the same features and quality for a lower price. We have compiled the top 5 laptops that you can purchase from Amazon and enjoy the greatest bargains on used laptops.

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At Rs. 47,990 at the time of writing, October 10, 2020. this laptop will surely exceed your expectations for speed and performance. HP Probook Laptop 440g1 comes with Intel Core i5 – 4200m processor, 16GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD. Windows 10, 14.1 Inches Display. Since this laptop comes with an inbuilt ample SSD and a fast boot time, it is swift and you are able to alter the specifications depending on your requirements. We would recommend this model to those who utilize it for everyday browsing or work. Buy hp laptop keyboard price in India at Warranty option.

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Priced at around Rs. 50,990 as of October 20, 2020, Asus Zenbook UX430UA-GV573T Laptop (Core 8th Gen i5/8 GB/256 SSD/Windows 10.) laptop comes with 14 inches of display that can meet your everyday needs. The computer is powered with an Intel Core i5-8250U (8th Gen) processor. It comes with 256 GB of SSD storage to provide seamless performance. It runs Windows 10 c operating system. In terms of graphics cards are involved, this notebook comes with an Intel UHD 620 graphics card to handle the graphics functions. To keep it running it is powered by three cells of Li-Ion batteries that weigh 1.3 Kg. It is available in refurbished or unboxed condition. It may also be displaying a few obvious indications of previous use. It is covered by a minimum of 6 months warranty offered by the seller on

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Its price starts at Rs. 51592 at the time of writing, October 20, 2020. LG Gram 14 weighs 995 grams and has a battery backup of 21.5 hours that will last the entire day. It features 14-inches of Full HD display and is powered by an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of DDR4 memory, and 256GB of SSD storage. LG Gram Laptop is the most compact and light laptop that has passed the 7 Military Standards test. It is constructed with nano-carbon magnesium, a full steel body with Windows 10 OS. Memory and storage slots can be expanded to increase functionality and convenience. It comes with multiple ports, including USB Type-C USB 3.0 2x HDMI, Headphone Out, and the Micro SD slot. The laptop is offered in unboxed or refurbished conditions as well as having some obvious indications of previous use. It is protected by a minimum 6-month warranty provided by the seller on Amazon.

Refurbished LG Gram 14Z990 2019

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Refurbished dell Inspiron 14 5482

Refurbished Acer Swift 3 SF314-57

Its price starts at. The laptop is powered by the Intel Core i5-1035G1 (10th Gen) processor. It comes with 8GB of RAM It is equipped with a 4 cell Li-Ion battery, and weighs 1.18 Kg. Concerning the graphics card is concerned, the notebook comes with an Intel UHD graphics card to handle the graphic functions. It runs Microsoft Windows 10 Home Basic OS. The laptop is offered in unboxed or refurbished conditions that may show some visible indications of previous use. It is protected by a minimum 6-month warranty. Check New and Refurbished dell latitude 5410 price online