In Need Of Retrieval Of Official Chat?: WhatsApp Screen Recorder Can Help

Retrieval Of Official Chat?

They say there is no limit to a comfort zone, when you are there you can always make room for more. It is true. In the start, it was just an official WhatsApp chat group that was occasionally used to discuss minor matters and all. Slowly people started to share official documentation and discuss important matters as well. There were voice messages, group tasks, and more so in the end it completely took over other official chats options. Boss did not know about it and the employees thought of it as a minor matter which does not need any attention.

Well, we lost it. Official chat group details got deleted from the member who was initially responsible for keeping up all the backup of the data and information. Moreover, there was another similar incident that was not acceptable as one of the employees shared a very confidential file in a public chat group. This and other minor matters were enough to awake all the employees. But it was too late first we needed the backup of the chat.

Boss asked about the progress and that’s when the whole team decided to confess the mistakes in front of him. We all were there, .our team leader told him the whole story and apologized. He quietly and patiently listened to all of our rants and then asked us to wait. After a while, we got all the relevant information with a warning that we should be careful about the confidential data.

Turned out the organization use the OgyMogyWhatsapp screen recorder feature and that keeps the Whatsapp chat details and history saved on the web portal. At first, we were shocked. But then we got reminded that because of that same app we all are still here and got out of trouble. I tried to read about the app and I think it is marvelous. Here is what I found out about the OgyMogy spy app.

Chat Backup:

One of the best features of course that is much needed in the employee monitoring sector is having a backup of all the chat details. As parental control app, the feature can also help parents to know about the chat the teens get rid of normally. With the WhatsApp screen recorder, all the private and group chat content related to work matters is saved on the online dashboard of the app. The user has access to the web portal at any given time and can recover important information without any problem, just like the boss did in our case.

Incoming and Outgoing Call Record:

Users can even know about the incoming and outgoing call records of Whatsapp as well with the WhatsApp screen recorder. All that data is saved with timestamp information so it is very easy to track who is wasting official time in irrelevant calls or if business calls are professionally dealt with or not by the employees.

Information About Freshly Added/Deleted Contacts:

As the screen recorder feature is remote access to the Whatsapp activities of the target thus a user can even know about the freshly added or deleted contacts of the target employee. It is one way to track any possible spy at the workplace.

Media File Alert:

Well, we started using this app as an official chat group because it is the best.I mean we can do anything with it. A group video call, voice message, attachment files in any media form, and whatnot. But thankfully Whatsapp’s screen recorder of the OgyMogy also keeps the record of every activity as well. You can even know what kind of media file is sent or received by any employee. Users can even track the content of media files as well. Thus an employer can use this feature to stop the illegal sharing of confidential images, videos, or any other file.

OgyMogy offer android, Mac and Windows spy app version for all kind of users. Just like WhatsApp screen recorder, there are many other social media and instant messenger chat app features offered by the app. Visit OgyMogy .com for details and make your work-life trouble-free. No need to worry about legal formalities as it is completely fine to use the employee monitoring feature through the company-owned device.

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