How can you do your business on the Internet?

How can you do your business on the Internet

The popularity of online business gained rapidly throughout the world is no longer hidden from anyone.

Just make your online store at home, fill it with different products and then sell them worldwide to your customers through delivery.

How to start an online business from home?

 The answer to this question is not difficult and to understand it, we have to understand this modern way of doing business.

What is a scoop of an online business?

Digital strategist and former Google representative in Pakistan Badar khushnood
Digital strategist and former Google represent in Pakistan Badar khushnood

Digital strategist and former Google representative in Pakistan Badar khushnood said’ “A small business, one-man show,” if well planned can sell products worth at least one million, two million, or more in a month online. ‘

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How a Successful E-Commerce Business requires the best social media marketing plan

 It was a matter of experts, but we met with Luiza Basharat in Islamabad, who started working in an office as usual after doing a four-year degree, but soon she realized that this work was not her bus and wrote her work in his fate.

 Luiza Basharat
Luiza Basharat

Luiza says, ‘what I got was comparatively better than my old job.’ In such a way that in less time I have had more profits than this. ‘

 In other words, money is better than a job from nine o ‘clock to five o ‘clock in the morning, she is earning through her online business in which she spends her time without any pressure.

How can run a successful online business?

 When you open a shop or business, you have to tell people that your business is open and what is available in it.

 For this purpose, you place ads on the streets, distribute pamphlets to homes or if you have more money, you also run ads on TV or Radio.

 By opening an online e-commerce website, you can access people around the world. First of all, you buy a domain that is your website. If you don’t want to do all this, the simple solution is to create your page on Facebook and access users on Facebook through it. Facebook provides pre-created pages for online businesses.

 Starting your e-commerce business on Facebook means you are opening your shop in a popular shopping center where a large number of people are present or come and go, they can also see your business called impress in the language of Facebook.

 opening your shop in a popular shopping center
e-commerce business on Facebook

You created your website or social media page now the next step is what products you will offer. You want to sell soap or sell clothes like Luiza Basharat or you think you have something very unique that you can prepare and sell.

 Possible ways of recovery after-sale?

 There are many online platforms for this purpose, just you have to pay a monthly fee. Doing this is not only helps improve the visibility of items but also provides a well-built system of money recovery.

 Shopify and wo-commerce are very famous on these famous platforms. Apart from magras, there are many other platforms available that you can easily sell your items online.

 And if it’s not, Facebook is still there, which has made this work very easy. It not only provides you with a system of money transactions but also helps you with a better inventory of your products i.e. their quantity and number. That is, it works with you as a helper at the shop.

The second way is that you create the website according to your wishes, then make it an online payment system.

 How will the money come?

This is the most important question because you are doing all this to make money.

The easiest way to get money is through credit or debit cards, but the problem is that a large number of people do not have debit or credit CARDS.

You can also receive money from customers in your account for which they have to transfer money from online banking or ATM to your account.

transfer money from online banking or ATM to your account.
transfer money from online banking or ATM to your account.

Another way is to recover money through mobile. Mobile companies are running money transactions systems through their credit system as in Pakistan Telenor system is’ Easypaisa ‘or jazz system is’ jazz cash’.

Cash on delivery

 A lot of people around the world are tired of doing online shopping. What they want to order is not delivered in this shape and color or quality as it appears in the image on the website. And in Pakistan where digital literacy is very low, such incidents of looting are very high and there is no proper and effective system of detracting.

If you pay the money, they will get back hardly.

Cash on the delivery system for this purpose is very popular in Pakistan. Pack the order in which you receive the order from your customers and deliver it to the customer through a delivery or Courier company. Customers will pay the amount by receiving it to the delivery or Courier company who will cut their dues out of it and pay you your dues.

 For this purpose, you will have to open a cash delivery account with these Courier companies. It’s a very simple process in which you go to the delivery company and give them your bank account number and provide your address to them and on a daily basis, they receive your order from you on which the receipt is posted. Which includes the price and delivery charges of the items you delivered. Many online entrepreneurs tell the delivery price by adding the price of the items while many tell the price separately and the delivery charges separately.

Pakistan post also facilitates cash on delivery plus TCS couriers, Lapards couriers, and MNP couriers are prominent companies that provide this service Recently famous transport company Daewoo also started a cash on delivery system.

Who can start e-commerce?

 E-commerce can start with everyone who has something to sell.

 Badar khushnood said, “E-commerce is the fastest way to reach customers, especially when small businesses are sitting in a shop, but they can’t sell it and they have a store.”

 They say, ‘it can be developed based on it.’ and its beauty is that you do not want any shop for it. All you have to do is create a product, take care of quality. And have to target the right customers. ‘

What is digital marketing?

 After understanding the comparison of the shop in a shopping center compared to the shop in the market, we now understand how Facebook is a huge platform with four million people from Pakistan or worldwide. On the other hand, Google is also a huge platform on which you can advertise.

How is digital marketing?
Facebook and Google are also the huge platforms on which you can advertise

Just like you hide banners, posters, or pamphlets for a shop, you can advertise your items on Facebook and Google.

The advantage of this digital or social media marketing is that you can limit your customers. For example, if you want to sell your products only in Peshawar, Lahore, and Karachi and you want them to reach only those Men or women who are between 20 and 40 years old, it is possible.

What are guiding principles?

The biggest guiding principle, in this case, is how effective you can make your message. It should be that if you see this on the Internet yourself, it would be good for you.

Then it comes to different people who have made a lot of progress in this work.

All of them have a unanimous opinion that your pictures should be very beautiful indeed you are selling a mug or a spoon.

But the picture should be realistic, seeing which the customer can make a realistic opinion about quality, color, and size.

Biggest challenge?

Where should a customer, new entrepreneurs, or old entrepreneurs bring their business to E-commerce, get basic information and technical support?

'A certification that everyone I would suggest must read about is Google analytics.'
‘A certification that everyone I would suggest must read about is Google analytics

‘A certification that everyone I would suggest must read about is Google analytics.’

 With this, a business can improve its website.

And Google and YouTube is great resource but also a treasure of information where there is information about every topic and tool and answers to many questions. And it’s free content. ‘

Top tips:
  •  ‘Initially, when you start anything, you don’t get a response that way. But all those who are doing such a thing are my message to them.
  • That they should not hesitate at all in this thing,
  • Do not lose your confidence at all.
  • Keep working on your work, keep doing it. Because over time you get a good response.
  • You’re not disappointed with it right away.
  • You’ll surely get the result if you keep working on it incessantly.

“E-commerce doesn’t just mean creating an online store. To get the full benefits of e-commerce, you must remember that you have to re-create the traditional ways of doing business and run your e-commerce business. Example of supply chain management, digital marketing and customer service, etc ‘.

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