How Ask Out Someone To Be Your Valentine Maintaining The Decency?

No matter how much you claim that you love to enjoy being single, it is Valentine’s day that you would want to have someone special to pour your love and affection ideally. Yes, that is the aura of Valentine’s day. Moreover, if you have landed on this article, we are pretty sure that you are already smitten by someone. You might be in a denial already as of now but deep down, you so want to be as close as you can to that person, right? So, what are you waiting for? If you have genuine feelings for someone, it is always worth trying your luck. From getting online Valentines day gifts, to asking them out to be your Valentine’s should all be in an appropriate manner. So, if you are curious enough about knowing these hacks, here we have penned down a list of ways that you can pull off maintaining your decency. 

Hand Them A Handmade Card:

So, if you are more of a shy person and expressing your feelings has never been a cakewalk for you, then, we feel you. Make a beautiful handmade card for that person, since a card is a simplest yet very effective way to express your feelings for the person. You would not even have to utter a word out of your mouth yet convey your love and affection to them thoughtfully. Moreover, choosing a handmade card over a ready-made card is a win-win move as it will reflect your feelings and efforts for them. No matter how poor you are at creative stuff, a hand-made card is the finest way to touch the chord of the person and even move them. 

Talk To Them Gently:

If the person has been your crush forever, but unfortunately you have no means of contact with them, get them talking to you for the first time very gently. Yes, be polite enough when you approach them for the first time. Try not to rush into things and not to force them if they feel uncomfortable while talking to you. Respect their space and make sure they acknowledge your gentle behavior. 

Find a Mutual Person:

If you think they are a much more reserved kind of person than you thought they were, you ought to find a mutual person to initiate the conversation. Yes, many people do not like the idea of talking to strangers no matter how good your intentions might be. Let the mutual friend of yours make them feel comfortable and then ask them politely if they mind talking to you. It would be a plus point for you if you try this strategy prior to Valentine’s day, as it will give them an appropriate time to think it over.

Come Up With a Thoughtful Gift:

Well, it is not about getting an extravagant gift for them to impress but it is the gesture that will be preserved in their mind forever. It could be anything, a key chain, a personalized mug, a personalized wall clock with their favorite picture on it, or it could be a scrumptious Valentine day cake. Make sure to hand them the gift when they are the most comfortable. Alert: If the person happens to be a shy one then, try not to creep them out in front of their friends or public, they might say a “NO,” out of hesitation.

Ask Over A Call:

If you happen to be their friend and you have been suppressing your feelings for so long now, then, it is time you pour out your feelings in front of them. We are aware that losing their friendship is a frightening thought for you, but you have to give it a try. While having a pleasant conversation over a call with them, express how you feel for them and leave it on them if they wish to take your friendship to another level.

So, try your luck this Valentine’s day as there is no harm in that. Let your feelings reach out to the person effectively and if it happens to be in your favor, make the fullest of the live day that is Valentine’s day.