How a Successful E-Commerce Business requires the best social media marketing plan

best social media marketing plan

Social media marketing has evolved into a critical component of eCommerce sales and business success. Top e-commerce companies across the world are using social media marketing tactics to stand out in the market. Therefore, you should apply a solid social media marketing plan to run an eCommerce business and hence compete successfully.

The statistics of social media users clearly indicate that you need to focus on this platform. Among 7.83 Billion world population, 4.66 billion are using the internet, and 4.2 billion people are actively using social media. Furthermore, the number of social media users currently exceeds 53 percent of the world’s total population.

The growth rate of social media users carries a huge opportunity for online business owners. 76% of the total consumers buy products after viewing the product on social media. Hence, at this point, the combination of social media marketing and eCommerce business is unavoidable. 

Let’s learn how a successful ECommerce business requires the best social media marketing plan. 

What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media marketing strategy gives you a clear insight into your marketing goals and available outcomes. You may use the strategies to achieve your business goals and track the progress of your business.

It’s always effective whether you are marketing items through ads, videos, or other social media content. Social media marketing can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, such as: 

  • Boosting Traffic and Sales
  • Surfing among the influencer community
  • Building up brand recognition and awareness
  • Assembling an engaged audience
  • Linking Customers and Prospects
  • Satisfying customers with customer support

You must consider the requirements of social media marketing channels while promoting products. Therefore, your strategy should be specific, measurable, and attainable.  

Top Social Media Marketing Plans to Boost your E-Commerce Business 

Due to the growing number of social media users, it is absolutely prudent to invest in it. Currently, the majority of internet users spend their time on social media sites. As a result, you may engage them through social media activities, such as eye-catching postings with aesthetic outlines.

You might be wondering about how to stay on top of this marketplace and serve the customers according to their preferences? Well, the strategy implies that you have to follow the leading companies and the ongoing trends. You may closely observe how other companies are gaining customers’ attention.

While social commerce is still in its early stages, it influences e-commerce companies and how they promote to customers. Each social media platform is improving its ability to assist users in selling. As a result, businesses have more opportunities to better understand their target demography and enhance their marketing efforts.

Now, we will discuss the strategies that will successfully grow your eCommerce business. 

Utilize the Live Option of Facebook

The live video feature of Facebook is the simplest way to showcase your product to the customers. Using this option, you can show your latest products, get live feedback & customer orders, and make sales. Moreover, posting product-related images is somewhat confusing for the customers. On the contrary, you can display multiple products while providing proof at the same time. It ensures that you are selling what you are displaying.

Tesco is a well-known supermarket chain in Malaysia that hosted Facebook live. The company was able to increase its sales by 11% & reach more than 2 million people. 

Take Full Advantage of Messenger 

Currently, the number of active Facebook Messenger users approaches more than 2 billion. Every day, online businesses are surfing around this sales channel to get more customers. 

After you’ve set up your Facebook Messenger, you may connect it to your website. After linking Messenger with your website, you can show product updates, price information and provide customer support. 

In the Philippines, Oppo used the combination of Facebook live, event ads, and Messenger option to raise awareness. Ultimately they’ve achieved 6X return on their ad spend for the new A92 phone. So, you better apply this to your eCommerce business ASAP because Facebook also allows customers to pay through Messenger.

Put More Money In Facebook Ads

Facebook carries a contemporary example of the old saying – “Nothing comes for free & everything comes with a price .” Aside from free social networking services, the user-friendly platform of Facebook supports a variety of cost-effective ad formats.

Samsung Philippines increased sales while decreasing acquisition costs by 11.4X. They increased the effectiveness of their campaign by using Facebook dynamic product ads to reach a large number of people. You must begin with boosted Facebook posts and then run ad campaigns based on the best-performing post. You can always combine different ad formats to gain the best output from Facebook Ads.

Implement Shoppable Instagram posts 

Though Facebook has been dominating the eCommerce industry for a long time, Instagram has climbed to a whole new level recently. Instagram has surpassed Amazon as the fastest-growing eCommerce platform thanks to the revolutionary Shoppable Posts feature.

You can post your product images and link them with a shoppable post’s features. It allows users to click on that Instagram image that will redirect them directly to your eCommerce website. You may also display the pricing of the product with this functionality, much like a physical store.

After onboarding with Instagram, Jane saw an increased sales of $419,762 in nine months. Businesses can utilize the shoppable post feature in image posts, as well as Instagram stories. 

Expand your Followers 

For eCommerce business owners, it’s a common practice to grow the follower base while using the Instagram platform. Having more Instagram followers always brings additional opportunities for your online business.

Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add links to their stories directly. As a consequence, with a single swipe through the story, your consumers will be sent to your website. Furthermore, businesses may organize their stories into various folders. Finally, these folders may be utilized as website categories, such as “Winter Clothing” or “Summer Clothing.”

Include Shop the Look Feature of Pinterest 

Amidst the rivalry between Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest may have fallen behind a bit. The company came back swiftly with a feature called “Shop the Look” and entered the eCommerce realm. Therefore, eCommerce brands can utilize the product Pins feature and purchase from your website.

Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” feature is excellent for showing a selection of related products on a single image. You may, for example, show a completely equipped room with several items or various clothes in a single image. Pinterest recommends labeling photos with dots that lead buyers to the product’s website.

Utilize Carousel Ads by Pinterest

Set aside some portion of your budget for Pinterest Carousel Ads before spending all on other platforms. Renowned brands such as Cheerios, REI, Covergirl, DSW, and Everlane already use this feature.

REI witnessed a significant improvement in brand awareness and profit by using carousel ads. This type of Ad is becoming more popular, economical, fast, and a reliable option for eCommerce businesses.

Add Pinterest Pins for your Shop

Currently, customers are led to your website by clicking the Pins on Pinterest. As a result, they can buy products from your website via Pinterest Pins. You can upload your website’s product data via the product catalog option of Pinterest. On top of that, you can display shopping Ads by creating product pins via catalogs.

Back in 2018, the Buyable Pins feature of Pinterest was replaced by the Product Pins feature. Since then, Pinterest Pins have been a popular social media marketing plan for eCommerce brands. Product Pin brings customers on a shoppable Pinterest Feed that portrays price, title, availability, etc.

Implement Video Ads strategy with Youtube

Statistics show that YouTube’s ad revenue has surpassed $5 billion USD. According to 10% of marketers, YouTube display ads are the most effective marketing techniques in the marketplace. In addition, in the year 2020, 60% of the marketers indicated that they will raise the budget on YouTube marketing.

YouTube successfully created a platform for eCommerce businesses to display their product, Ads. You may showcase anything through YouTube Ads that attracts viewers and converts them into prospects. Therefore, create a short YouTube Video strategy with a proper Ad placement to gain guaranteed benefits.

Tuft & Needle is a Mattress company and they focused their social media marketing plan for YouTube. With Video ads, they’ve reached customers who are interested in mattresses and achieved $100 million in sales last year.

We have mentioned the trending social media marketing plans along with the platforms that can boost your eCommerce business. All these social media platforms won’t uphold your business just in a glimpse. It’s a process where you may gain success or failure but ultimately learn what best suits your business.

Most eCommerce companies have a misconception about social media marketing. They think only being on social media and posting will improve their sales outcome but the reality is different because consumers have multiple options to get a product. Therefore, you must have a proper social media marketing plan so that you can select your channels wisely.

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