Helpful ways to protect men from infertility

Helpful ways to protect men from infertility

 The lack of children after marriage can also lead to the relationship between the wife and the husband. Infertility disease is spreading very fast in today’s era; especially men are facing this problem.

Men are facing this problem more

 Men may have several reasons to increase the risk of infertility and often have the most common habits at hand.

 Now it is not necessary to know the technical reasons, however, the experts who explain the general reasons are as follows:

  •  Spending too much time sitting on a chair, causes this risk to increase.
  •  Vitamin D deficiency in the body is also a major cause of this.
  •  Body weight gain can also increase this risk.
  •  Using a laptop in the lap for a long time can also lead to infertility.
  •  Keeping the mobile phone in the next pocket of pants for too long.
  •  Any kind of injury between thighs.
  •  Use of tight undertones.
  •  Wearing tight pants can also face this problem.
  •  The use of drugs, smoking and alcohol also increases the risk of infertility.
  •  Mental stress and anxiety can also cause it.

However if you want to avoid it, adopt the following methods.

  1. Normalize exercise
  2. Consuming adequate amount of vitamin C
  3.  Reduce stress and stay calm
  4. Adequate amount of vitamin D
  5.  Fenugreek supplements
  6. Use of zinc in proper amount

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Lets get more about it in details:

  1. Normalize exercise

 Normalizing exercise regardless of good general health reduces the risk of infertility and increases the level of testosterone.

 Testosterone is a hormone that can lead to infertility in men.

 Research reports have shown that these hormone levels are high in men who exercise, but it is important to avoid too much exercise or else this hormone level may decrease rather than increase.

  1. Consuming adequate amount of vitamin C

 You may know that vitamin c can strengthen the immune system, but some evidence suggests that antioxidant supplements like vitamin c can also reduce the risk of infertility.

 The name of the stress you may have heard is when the body becomes less active due to its antioxidant defense due to any disease, older, poor lifestyle, or environmental pollution.

 Oxidation stress results from levels of reactive oxygen-spaces, which remain stable in healthy individuals, but can lead to increased tissue injury and edema, which increases the risk of chronic disease

 There is some evidence that oxidative stress can lead to infertility in men, which is why proper use of antioxidants such as vitamin c can counter this harmful effect.

 Some medical research reports suggest that vitamin c supplements can be useful for the reproductive system.

  1. Reduce stress and stay calm

 Stress increases the risk of a number of problems and researchers believe that a hormone called cortisol is the partial cause of the side effects of stress.

 The level of cortisol increases when continuous stress is encountered with negative effects on the level of testosterone, i.e. the level of testosterone decreases when the level of cortisol increases.

 It is better to consult a doctor to get rid of severe mental anxiety, but minor stress can be reduced in different ways.

 Spending time with different tips such as walking, meditation, exercise or friends can be helpful in this regard.

  1. Adequate amount of vitamin D

 Vitamin d is important for the reproductive health of both men and women, it can also increase the level of testosterone.

 A study discovered that men with vitamin d deficiency are more likely to have a reduction in this hormone level.

 The idea was supported in control research on 65 men with testosterone and vitamin deficiency.

 High vitamin D intake in the body is linked to correct sperm function but the evidence in this regard is not very solid.

  1. Fenugreek supplements

 The use of fenugreek is common but its supplements can help prevent infertility problems in men.

 A study on 30 men analyzed the effects of daily use of 500 mg of fenugreek supplements.

 Researchers discovered that this supplement increased testosterone levels, increased physical strength, and decreased fat.

 Similarly, many other research reports showed similar results, but do not use these supplements without the doctor’s advice.

  1. Use of zinc in proper amount

 Zinc is a dietary component found in meat, fish, and eggs, adequate amounts of zinc in the body prevent infertility in men.

 Research reports discovered that zinc deficiency in the body is linked to a reduction in testosterone levels, poor sperm quality, and infertility risk in men.

 The use of zinc supplements in people experiencing this nutritional deficiency increases the levels of testosterone and sperm count.

Control trials are needed to confirm these results. 

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