Expert Tips: How to Regrow Thicker Hair Naturally

how to grow hair faster naturally in a week,

Hair enhances our appearance irrespective of gender. Everyone loves full of thicker hair on their head, not on the floor or pillow cover. But now we face hair fall problems due to our lifestyle, wrong eating habits, genes, hormonal changes, and external factors including pollution, climatic changes. Thus hair fall problem is common among all. But most of the hair fall problem is reversible through home remedies, medicines, and advanced treatment including surgical and non-surgical hair transplant. 

However, in this article, we will focus more on the natural ways to regrow hair. If you treat your hair fall problem from the beginning, you get a visible result after using natural remedies. But extensive thinning of hair requires professional help. Patients with pattern baldness require the assistance of trichologists.

The common reasons for hair fall?

  • Sudden temperature changes by some degrees in summer, the scalp reacts abnormally and wants to shed these stands. However, the hair fall does not take place instantly. It takes at least two months for hair strands to come out. Hair can come out due to over-exposure to UV rays from the sun. In the touch of UV rays, the hair strands become fragile and show extreme breakage. When your scalp is exposed to the sun, it weakens the hair follicles, even sunburn causes swelling, inflammation, and subsequent hair loss.
  • Stress, also a common factor responsible for immense hair loss. Stress hormones promote intense hair loss, it just blocks the new hair growth Cortisol hormone is highly responsible to prevent the birth of new hair and weaken the hair follicles.
  • Hormonal fluctuation during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, Thyroid problems, PCOD, and PCOS causes hair fall problems. Dihydrotestosterone, androgen weaken hair follicles which are termed miniaturization which are highly responsive to hair fall. Aging also causes hair fall problems, after a particular age the hair follicle becomes weak and the hair moves to the Telogen phase.

How to get thick hair naturally

Trichologist always believes in natural ingredients for hair growth. Ayurveda is the best choice to get voluminous and lustrous hair. Natural sources are mostly side-effect-free, showing the visible outcome. To see the result you have to be patient. The size of the hair follicle determines the thickness of the hair strand. A large circumference of hair follicles promotes stronger and thicker hair strands.

Some of the natural products reopen the miniaturized hair follicles, increase blood circulation to enrich the hair follicle with sufficient nutrients. The reclamation of the hormonal equilibrium guarantees that the digestion in the undifferentiated organisms assists with thickening hair and works with its regrowth. Following are a portion of the hair thickening tips that one could embrace to develop thicker hair normally:

  • Apply extra virgin coconut oil one hour before the shampoo, and wash it off with normal shampoo which is chemical like paraben, mineral oil, free. Shampoo should be mild, otherwise chemical may dry out your hair, even prolonged use of chemical shampoo causes long-term damages to the hair follicle and deteriorate the hair texture. Thus experts always recommend herbal, cruelty-free shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Maintain a balanced diet of protein, vitamin minerals, micro and macronutrients like iron, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B complex, etc that promotes hair growth
  • Vitamin D is important for hair follicles to activate
  • Use a hair protein mask and hair tonic to nourish your scalp which gradually promotes hair growth.
  • Manage your stress by doing Yoga, exercise, and other mindfulness activities.

Tricks to get Voluminous hair

Use ayurvedic ingredients: Apply some ingredients to improve scalp health and thicken hair. Eggs, coconut milk, shikakai, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, orange peel powder, Gooseberries, Hibiscus extract are good for hair growth and the growth of new hair. These ingredients are scientifically proven components for vital hair growth. Therefore, massage your scalp with those ingredients to increase blood circulation, and they also can stop hair fall immensely. Take care of your overall mental and physical health to take care of your hair. If you intake a good diet, it will help you internally for better hair growth.

Essential oil including lavender oil, tea tree oil, rose merry oil, peppermint oil lemongrass oil are extremely good to promote intense hair growth. Essential oil improves the blood circulation of your scalp, relaxes your mind. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Whereas lavender oil hydrates and moisturizes the scalp. Essential oil prevents your hair from unnecessary hair breakage and promotes sebum secretion from the sebaceous gland which hydrates your scalp and saves you from dryness.

Mix any of the essential oil to the extra virgin coconut oil and apply 2-3 times a week. Coconut oil contains fatty acid which promotes natural hair growth.

The second option is to mix castor oil with aloe vera gel. Both of these are rich sources of vitamin E, and fatty acid, you can mix onion juice as it is the natural source of sulfur.

Natural ingredients are a very good option for skin and hair care. However, for the intense problem, you need to take professional assistance. You can take expert assistance from laser skincare clinic Dubai.

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