Everything You Need To Run Your Food Business Through A Delivery App

, Everything You Need To Run Your Food Business Through A Delivery App

After a long weekend, you finally thought of ordering a pizza long with a large smoothie. The first instinct of the Z gen is to pick up their phone and surf through the millions of applications listing high-rated restaurants and pocket-friendly as well. In the period of 20 minutes, a guy would be arriving at your doorstep with your order. 

This scenario is only happening in one part of a household; imagine more than a million people taking advantage of this service. This shows the tremendous growth of the food industry. The food delivery service has become an integral part of the market, and the people’s lives after the pandemic scared us to death. 

At the very beginning, the idea of food delivery was only popular for people inclined towards technology, yet after the pandemic hit all of us, many people of all ages started doing the same. 

One-third of the world suggests that they are in the habit of ordering food twice a week. By the year 2023, the market for online food delivery can project to hit up to $ 317 million. 

In this blog, we will be helping you out with the ins and outs of your food delivery platform and get insights into the pros and cons, the measures to be taken, and we will try to clear up all your doubts to build a food delivery app like Ubereats. Let us begin-

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Statistics Of Food Delivery App 

We have already depicted a number on the worldwide turnover of food delivery apps by the year 2023; if still not satisfied, we have mentioned below the Statista reports for you to look at the growth climbing upwards every year. 

Reports suggested that the global revenue of the online food delivery app development company contributes no less than they are still achieving the $ 180 million in revenue.

Even though we all can look at the considerable revenue generation, we can still see that some giants of the food industry rule several regions.  Huge platforms like UberEats and GrubHub poise most parts of the US. 

Similarly, in Europe, there are food giants like Glovo and Deliveroo, and on the other hand, in Asia, Swiggy, Zomato, and Foodpanda are prevailing in the market. 

Numbers Of UberEats 

  • These numbers were overall, but making it more precise, we will also mention UberEats in numbers. This way, you can get an inner insight into the UberEats delivery app. If you are someone looking to launch a delivery app, these numbers might come in handy. 
  • The UberEats delivery gross booking keeps going on up to 130%, having an adjusted EBITDA improvement.  
  • UberEats is one of the most prevailing food delivery services, currently having more than 66 million active users. 
  • The platform itself holds availability in 6,000 cities across more than 45 countries, supporting 6000,000 restaurants and food places. 
  • The company also holds 29 percent of the worldwide food delivery marketplace. 

Strategies To Develop A Food Delivery App 

Further, we will discuss some of the essential strategies that proved helpful for the UberEats clone app after it got hit by the pandemic.

  • The company made a smart move and launched awareness campaigns for their respective users and merchants. 
  • UberEats also introduced the Opt-In programs.
  • Following the six-foot rule, they also began the “Leave at Door” delivery for safety precaution.
  • The company itself Waived delivery fees for the restaurants. 
  • The company also delivered free meals to healthcare workers. 

Aspiring Business Model Of Food Delivery App 

Now we will be moving towards the business model of delivery app inspired by UberEats. UberEats adopted this technology-driven business model and inspired emerging food delivery entrepreneurs to begin their own food delivery businesses. The delivery app also acts well for both the restaurant aggregator and the delivery agent. 

The company operates on an aggregator model listing all the restaurants to be partnered in the app within. This model makes it easy for the users to pick between the different listed restaurants and complete them seamlessly. 

UberEats also made sure to introduce the partnering programs for restaurants and small street vendors with complete logistics support. 

The logistics aid the food ordering giants and help them enhance the network to deliver the orders from restaurants without having any certain resource and bandwidth to offer uncomparable delivery to the users. 

Key Players Of Delivery App Solution 

Let us have a look at the key players of UberEats.If you are someone looking to consult a mobile app development company, you need to consider the deliverables of a delivery app solution. Before any ado, go for it. 


The restaurant vendor can seamlessly manage the orders and the updates on the app and toggle between the availability of the specific food product. 

One can also change or edit the restaurant name, banner, image, and contact information, plus the opening and closing availability of the restaurant itself. 

Customer App- 

This section or interface of the delivery app solution gives users various ordering options such as 

Real-Time Tracking-

The user can easily place an order with the pickup and delivery app based on their choice from a respective list of available restaurants in the area. It has been proven to be a useful and practical feature for those who want early delivery.

Custom Ordering-

The users can opt for scheduled delivery and can set it up in advance as per their convenience. One can also customize it with respect to the delivery date, destination address, and time too. 

Delivery Drivers- 

Via the delivery app, the driver can access the whole process seamlessly, from picking up the food to delivering it to the user’s address. One can also accept and reject the order request and manage multiple deliveries at one time. The deliveries are assigned to them as per the proximity of the location. 

RoadMap To Build A Food Delivery App 

It takes more than one component when building a food delivery app; it involves a challenging task to put together everything. By taking an example of UberEat roadmap, there are some explained vital steps such as – 

  • Conduct Market Research 
  • Pick Up Your Food Delivery Model 
  • Narrow Down The Must-Have Features Of Food Delivery App 
  • Get The Right Tech Stack 
  • Pick A Secure & Trustworthy App Development Option 

Rest, if you are someone looking to launch an online food delivery app in a really short time, then make sure to find a trustworthy and reliable mobile app development company.

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