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The State of PHP in 2021: Development Trends and Projections

php developer in 2021

In business parlance, physical presence in the present century can afford to give you just a ringside view of the business activities. The giant strides and mammoth features of the web world however, puts you right into the thick of the action. The infectious competitiveness of the digital world is reason enough for web developers to constantly recognize and incorporate trendy innovations for achieving transformative web-developed solutions in the least possible time. One of the most common backend development language is PHP. Needless to say, the state of PHP in 2021 is only alive and kicking and is certainly striving to offer strikingly interesting digital experiences.

PHP, as a server-side scripting language, has been able to retain its trust amongst the rising web developers. The future of PHP, thus, is far from being bleak. This blog emphasizes the development trends and the projections for the future of PHP in the landscape of 2021.

The State of PHP in 2021 – Trends in development

Emergence of Chatbots

Resolution of customer issues through physical visits and phone calls are a passé in this fast-paced era. Chatbots have emerged as reliable and effective replacements for resolving consumer issues in the shortest possible time. You can communicate with this interface like your human partner for resolving issues, sharing information, documentation, and general assistance. 

PHP plays a paramount role in the developmental process of chatbots.  Current technologies can be coupled with PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony for producing smart and advanced chatbots for all types of businesses.  

Provision of Cybersecurity

With the emergence of hackers and the alarming rate of cyber-attacks, protecting your site has become the top priority.  A PHP framework is your best bet in this case. Frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, etc would help you in building highly secure websites and web apps. Simply harness the security features of the chosen framework effectively for making secured websites or web applications. 

User interfaces

Websites are constantly engaged in building user-centric interfaces. This is a prominent trend in PHP web development in 2021.  PHP web development frameworks can come in handy in creating attractive and eye-catching user interfaces (UI) that can set you apart in the competition. Adopt any of the PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony and develop customer-centric web applications that are rich in features and can be navigated with utmost ease.

Cloud integration

The integration of cloud and PHP is slated to produce a wide range of cost-effective and flexible web solutions for fulfilling a variety of business requirements. This phenomenal coalition of both the potencies has turned out to be a major trend of development in the 2021 landscape.  

Internet of Things (IoT)

The trend of integration of PHP and IoT is catching up at a steady pace. The available PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, and Symfony are found to be adaptive to IoT implementation. You just need to pick a suitable PHP web application service and you are all set to produce mammoth IoT solutions to fulfil your business needs.   

State of PHP IN 2021 – Projections

As a programming language

PHP 8 is undoubtedly feature-rich; however, it needs to prove its worth. Developer productivity, reduction of maintenance overheads, and incremental performance are some of the areas that could show improvement. The Just-in-time (JIT) compiler is yet to display its prospect. These features would lead us towards the new paths of machine learning and systems programming.  

PHP Ecosystem

The diversity and maturity of the PHP ecosystem have been compelling in the last couple of years. More organizations would be adopting the use of containers for deploying applications.

Final thought

PHP thus, as a language, is mature and stable at the moment and is in the mode of capacity expansion. It is aiming to conceal its position in Machine Learning and Big Data. The trends of development and projections concerning the state of PHP in 2021 project that the demand for PHP development skills is not going to fizzle out any time soon. Thus, hiring PHP developers makes business sense since the demand for expertise in PHP development skills would keep growing in the coming years. 


The state of PHP in 2021 is indeed quite exciting, especially from the perspective of a PHP developer. Powering the content management systems, customer rights management, eCommerce, and resource management systems is its unequivocal display of affirmative relevance. Needless to say, hiring PHP Developers makes business sense in our stride towards an era of the digital economy. 

The Rise of Playing Card Boxes- Why to Invest in it for Your New Business?

Many companies are opting for custom playing card boxes and tuck end boxes to increase their brand’s visibility. This trend increases awareness of the company and drives sales by making a lasting impression on consumers. In this blog post, we will explore the rise of custom playing card boxes and tuck end boxes in the market today, as well as understanding how they can be beneficial to your new business.

Playing cards are the best way to invest time with your family and friends. Everyone wants to have a specific and precious time with their families that they don’t want to lose at any cost.

The playing cards set the trend to have snacks and spend some quality time with family members or friends.

But what if these playing cards get damaged?

Therefore, the playing card boxes came into existence, playing an essential role in today’s packaging industry.

Custom playing card boxes were first used by Bicycle, who introduced them back in 1998. Even though they were not considered very attractive since most of the playing cards came with traditional tuck end boxes without any stunning designs or images on them, these custom playing cards became popular over time.

Value of Playing Card Boxes

The playing card boxes are gaining importance for many reasons. There are many reasons to give them hype, such as:

They are durable and can stay with your product for an extended period.

They contain excellent quality material that gives the guarantee that the appearance of the product will never change.

It takes the responsibility that your precious time with your family or friends will never spoil due to damage of playing card.

They are eco-friendly and within the budget that everyone can buy them.

It is not easy to get the packaging boxes that are best in quality and have all the qualities that a customer wants to have.

The playing card boxes are playing cards, but they can be used for several purposes like storing essential items, the cards you play with on the playing table, and many more.

They are easy to store as their weight is very light; thus, it will never take much space in your house or office.

The playing card boxes have a variety of designs that give ease to save them.

Design and Printing

The design and printing is the main thing that every retailer wants to have it and make their packaging boxes unique. Many people go for simple and decent color combinations, but these boxes get damaged or lose their charm over time.

If you want to make your playing cards boxes unique and stylish, then it is suggested that you go for the custom printed playing card box where several color combinations are available. Once you have chosen anyone’s design or style from these options, then you can order that design as many times as possible in whatever quantity.

Today numerous printing companies are ready to give you the design and printing services, but there are other techniques, and design method will help you a lot, such as:



UV Coating



Not every customer needs to like the ready-made packaging boxes. Some people like to make changes or having a product that has a unique structure.

The idea of customization will help you think out of the box, and you will get a different idea of how you can satisfy your customers.

Another reason for customization is that it can attract many people and make your brand elite. In addition, the customization idea gives a classy look to your brand and will help you sell your product.

The playing card boxes are the best choice for customizing, and playing cards manufacturing companies can take full advantage of this technique for their benefit. These playing card boxes will not only attract people but also add value to your brand image.

Types of Tuck End Boxes

The playing card boxes have many varieties, and their types will enhance the customer’s excitement to buy them.

– The tuck end playing cards are the best option for playing cards manufacturers. It enhances the look of your product and also makes it durable. Moreover, these types of playing card boxes can carry any type of playing cards like poker, rummy, solitaire, etc.

Moreover, you can go with these types of playing card boxes types:

  • Rigid Boxes
  • Plastic Boxes
  • Tuck Boxes
  • Hinged Boxes

Additionally, you can design your type of playing card boxes. People love playing cards, so the demand for playing cards is increasing day by day, and hence there’s a vast scope in this industry.

What are Tuck End Boxes?

The tuck end boxes are the best form of boxes that can pack any product. These types of boxes are pretty popular because they can protect every type of product from any damage. In addition, the tuck end boxes are made of high-quality material that makes them durable and reliable for lifetime usage.


They are durable and pleasing materials.

The material of the tuck end boxes can survive in any condition.

The tuck end boxes are durable and are not easily breakable.

When you want to buy tuck end boxes, there are many things that you need to consider, such as the type of playing cards and material.

You can find tuck end boxes manufacturers on the internet. There are many manufacturing companies all over the US.

Tuck end boxes are used for playing cards and other products. They make playing cards safe and free from damage.

These tuck end boxes can be customized according to your requirements. For example, you can choose the color of the material as per your business needs, and you will also get more options on choosing colors when it comes to the printing process of these playing card boxes or any product.

Don’t miss the chance to get the best packaging boxes for your product and enhance the value of your brand.

Consumers Feel Excited for The Basic Custom Printed Boxes

In today’s world, there is a lot of competition in the market. This means businesses need to find ways on how they can improve their products or services for their customers. One strategy that many companies use is by printing their logo on a product or service so as to increase its value. A good way of doing this is through custom printed boxes which are now going to use more often due to the benefits they provide such as increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Custom printed boxes are a good way to advertise your business. They work whether you’re just developing the company or if you’ve already been in business a while.

This is a way to tell people about your products. People will know what you offer. With this, they will remember you when they need something that you have. This is helpful if you are running an online shop for bath bomb boxes wholesale because customers can’t see your products in person.

Custom Printed Boxes Make the Product More Marketable and Attractive

Some brands and products are difficult to find. These days there are too many for people to figure out which one they should buy. For example, custom printed boxes show that the product is better than other ones because you can see the message on the box right away.

Custom Printed Boxes Also Help to Extend Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

Many companies will print their logo on products or services. This is an important reason why they do this. When a person sees the returns policy of the company next to their logo, they find it easy if they need to return one of these products.

To help our environment, consumers should recycle what they don’t need. They shouldn’t throw it in the garbage where it can make a mess and also affect other people who are recycling. Businesses should offer containers made of metal, not plastic, so there will be less plastic in landfills that pollute the environment.

Custom Printed Boxes and Product Labeling That’s What You Need To Get Noticed

Some companies may not see that they need to invest in custom printed boxes. They think that people will still buy their product even if the packaging isn’t good enough. But what they don’t know is that labeling a product is important for success.

There are many cases where businesses failed because customers ignored products even if they really wanted them. This happens because the business does not stand out among other competitors. Custom printed boxes can help people notice your business and increase its chances for success by boosting customer loyalty and sale conversions.

Printing Your Own Custom Printed Box

If you don’t know why custom printed boxes are important, you should know that they help your business. They make your brand more known and give them an identity. And some companies create their own boxes to make sure people like them and keep buying from them even after years of knowing about the company.

Custom Boxes – A Vital Part of Every Successful Business

  One great example of how printing custom boxes helped a certain industry is by creating cereal packaging boxes. In the 1800s, people used wood as their main material for building homes and boxes. However, as time passed by and technology developed more, producers started to develop their own packaging boxes using various materials such as cardboard and plastic.

how printing’s advance has led to the improvement of industries worldwide.?

Instead of using wood to create cereal packages, producers have now used metals and other durable materials for this purpose because they can last longer than wood. And because of this one change alone, companies enjoyed long-term success in their business.

Nowadays, when you go shopping, you could find that every product comes with its own box. This will have a design that follows different standards depending on the industry the product is in.

Companies invest in custom printed boxes for a good reason.

They are able to pinpoint specific products while also creating promotional materials at the same time. Some companies think they can save money by looking for ways to cut costs. But some companies worry about the quality of their packaging. They think it will be cheaper to buy pre-made wholesale cardboard boxes, but this might cost more in the long run.

Custom Boxes – A New Standard In Every Industry

There are a lot of companies in the market today. Every company has to do its best to compete with other companies and make the best products for customers. This means that, because of this competition, everyone has a custom printed box or packaging standard.

Before, people would just throw away cereal boxes that were made of wood. But now, because the cereal boxes are metal, they don’t throw them away anymore.

People who recycle have a problem. They don’t want to put their metal in recycling bins because they will bother people who are trying to recycle too. So instead, they keep the metal packages aside until they can find someone who needs them. But now, many companies will pay you money for your extra boxes in your garage if you call them or search online for scrap metal buyers near you.

Metal printed boxes also have a variety of functions you can use them to store your other stuff, or as a container for different things you don’t want anymore.


In conclusion, custom printed metal boxes are ideal because it uses as storage or even as a means of transportation since they’re easy to move around with. People love having them because aside from being helpful, these metallic materials give off an elegant look anyone could appreciate.

Creative Ways to Pack Retail Products Quickly and Confidently

The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us have been tasked with finding creative ways to package our gifts. Retail packaging can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this blog post, we will discuss some creative ways you can pack your products in retail boxes for gifting that will make the recipient feel confident about the quality of their gift.

Packing Retail Gifts in Creative Ways: Tips and Tricks for Gift-Packers

Retail packaging doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks that every gift-packer should consider when looking for creative ways of retail packaging their products in a stylish way.

Tips and Tricks for Packing Retail Gifts in the Most Confident Way Possible

Creative retail packing is all about making your customer feel confident about their purchase, so make sure to check out these helpful hints on how you can pack your product like a pro next time around! When finding unique ways of putting together boxes with gifts inside them, it’s important to consider the products that you are putting together. If you have a heavy product, don’t use string or any other type of flimsy material because it can get messy and lead your customer to feel concerned about their purchase! Here is some helpful advice by printing and packaging companieson how to avoid using materials such as twine:

* Make sure that the match between products and packaging is ideal. If you pack a heavy product in a light, flimsy box, it will lead your customer to feel concerned about their purchase! * Don’t consider using twine or any other type of string because if they are not careful when opening up the package, it can get messy very quickly. * When putting together your packaging, make sure that it is sturdy and doesn’t rip apart easily. * If you want to pack a heavy product like appliances or electronics, go for sturdier materials such as plastic bubbles. This way, the customer will feel confident in their purchase!

* Plastic bubbles provide an extra layer of protection against any type of damage during shipping.

* Bubble wrap can be used both inside and outside the box because they’re flexible enough to conform around all types of products without getting ripped or crumpled up.

* Never underestimate how important proper padding can be for retail packing. Whether you’re sending out multiple items from one order to different customers across the country or just want to make sure that each individual item comes wrapped securely inside its own little bubble wrap cocoon – do everything possible to keep those boxes packed tightly so everything stays intact all throughout shipping.

Never underestimate how important proper padding can be for retail packing. Whether you’re sending out multiple items from one order to different customers across the country or just want to make sure that each individual item comes wrapped securely inside its own little bubble wrap cocoon – do everything possible to keep those boxes packed tightly so everything stays intact all throughout shipping.

If you’re shipping out many items, this might mean taping the bottom flaps together tightly with packaging tape to ensure that your customers don’t end up receiving boxes that are now empty.

Steps for proper packing: Ensure all corners and edges are protected -Tape down any loose flaps on top or sides so everything stays secure during transit. Packing peanuts can also help keep things inside the box while being shipped via UPS or FedEx. Just make sure not to overuse them as they tend to blow everywhere if there isn’t enough ventilation within the retail package itself. Also, avoid using newspaper as an alternative since the ink may transfer onto other surfaces upon contact, leading to bigger problems.

-Avoid using excessive tape on the box itself as it can lead to boxes ripping open upon transit which might cause your products inside the retail box to fall out and become damaged. This is mainly important if you are shipping by air because once they rip or tear, there’s no turning back! In addition, your product may be lost for good so make sure not to use too much of any adhesive substance that would potentially damage items during shipment via the plane method.

Remember this rule: “The lighter the package, the cheaper its costs.” So use lightweight but sturdy materials whenever possible such as foam boards or recycled paper instead of Styrofoam peanuts, when trying to reduce cost while still packing things securely with adequate padding/protection in place without spending too much time on the process.

Packaging is an important step in any retail business because it’s what ultimately determines the success or failure of your product sale to customers. You need to make sure that your products are secure, not damaged, and arrive on time with minimal damage (if there happens to be some). It may seem like a tedious task but don’t worry! We’ve compiled our best tips for you below, so read on if you want to learn more about putting together successful packaging strategies while also saving money at the same time.

Retail packaging is a great way to get creative with your product and make it stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great way to display your products in stores or at events. In fact, retailers can use retail boxes as a form of marketing by creating custom displays that catch customers’ eyes and entice them into purchasing the product.

– The first step is to make sure you have a retail box design that suits your product and complements its look. Retail boxes come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and thicknesses which can make them appear more or less elegant depending on what they are made of and the size of the box itself. For instance, if you’re selling jewelry, it would be best to choose a smaller size for each piece so customers can see just how beautiful those earrings are! You could also opt for something sleek and glamorous such as black velvet lined cases with silver plating. Be creative but don’t go overboard either – remember this isn’t an opportunity to show off all your party tricks; keep it simple, keep it classy.

Don’t get too creative with your box designs, but don’t be dull either. Keep them simple and elegant. They should also fit into the size of what you are selling in each case so customers can see just how nice they are without any distractions or pretenses. Don’t go overboard with flashy colors or extravagant details either; stick to black velvet for jewelry cases if possible since silver plating is a bit much unless you’re selling something gold-colored like earrings that match perfectly! Be smart about this process but still show off some creativity when necessary because that will keep shoppers interested rather than bored out of their minds by all these standard options.

Review of Vivo S9 – Functions/ Specifications/ performances

Review of Vivo S9 - Functions/ Specifications

Vivo S9’s length

The Vivo S9 is two.9inches (seventy-three. 9mm) extensive, 6.2inches (158.4mm) tall, and 0.29inches (7.4mm) thick. I can simply slightly use it with one hand, so it is able to experience massive to some human beings. In the case of the Vivo S9, it weighs approximately 6.0915oz (173g). It feels a little heavy while held with one hand. It can also tire your hand out if you function it for too long a time.

In giving a typical rating to the Vivo S9, whilst it is able to be barely tough to keep, it should not be plenty of a hassle when thinking about its trendy strengths and weaknesses.

Vivo S9’s display screen

The Vivo S9 has a 6.Forty-four-inch screen. The cellphone has a massive, outstanding display screen, which permits you to revel in photographs and motion pictures to the fullest. It is likewise superb for writing enterprise files and doing other work.

The screen of the Vivo S9 is extraordinarily clean, and it’s able to show everything from snapshots to motion pictures or even online game photos in the best clarity.

The CPU performance of the Vivo S9

The Vivo S9 has an extremely excessive processing strength of 2.6GHz+2.0GHz×eight(OctaCore), so it can smoothly run any app obtainable with ease. Its performance ranks most of the pinnacle-magnificence of all smartphones released to this point. It’s properly proper to strolling even the maximum disturbing of 3D video games effectively.

The Vivo S9 has a very high RAM ability of 12GB. There are few instances in which the RAM potential could be inadequate, so it’s also nicely ideal for multitasking. It’s not likely to sense gradually even if switching among numerous exceptional apps.

The Vivo S9 is an exceptional excessive-stop telephone. You may be completely content material with its overall performance in all areas. It is a should-have for you if operation overall performance is important for you.

Vivo S9’s garage capacity

The Vivo S9 has 256GB of data storage, which is best for folks that regularly take photos and motion pictures. It is applicable to taking each pic and film and is unlikely to sense inconvenient even with masses of apps or video games installed.

The Vivo S9 isn’t always compatible with SD cards, so make certain you check that there may be sufficient storage in your needs.

The camera feature of the Vivo S9

The Vivo S9 has an ultra-high overall performance sixty-four MP principal camera. This lets you make great pics and will hardly ever depart you’re wanting with regard to digital camera overall performance. This will make the use of your digicam amusing.

In addition, the front camera of the Vivo S9 has an extremely high resolution with forty-four MP. You can take pinnacle-notch snapshots and the digicam performance leaves no wishes unfilled. You will revel in the usage of your smartphone as your digital camera.

Overall assessment of Vivo S9

The Vivo S9 is a cellphone and not using precise weaknesses. Being a high-spec, excessive-overall performance phone, it is properly acceptable for use as your essential cellphone in a huge sort of setting.

The merits of Vivo S9

With the massive display, you could conveniently use it to watch movies and play video games.

Photos and motion pictures are beautiful to take a look at on a clear display.

It has a high-performance CPU, meaning that even 3-d video games run smoothly.

The extremely excessive-spec rear digicam makes the phone exceptional for taking photogenic and scenic pictures.

Because the cellphone has a totally high-performance front digital camera, you can use it to make top-notch shots of image spots and surroundings.

The demerits of Vivo S9

No Mobile Data 

Rust vs Swift- What Are The Actual Differences

Rust and Swift

In this article, we’ll compare the programming languages Rust and Swift. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of Swift vs. Rust, which will help you decide which language will be the better choice for you. But before that, let’s have a look at the introduction of Rust and Swift.

What is Rust?

Rust is a programming language that allows programmers to create software that is both timely and efficient. It’s a multiparadigm language like C++ that focuses on safety and performance. Rust is a fast and memory-efficient programming language that does not provide garbage collection. It can be used in conjunction with other languages and runs on an embedded system. Rust is used in browser components, operating systems, file systems, visual reality simulation engines, game engines, etc. Today, Rust is used in production by hundreds of enterprises, ranging from startups to major corporations. Cloudflare, Firefox, and Dropbox are just a few of the big names.

Rust owns good documentation, a pleasant compiler with useful error messages, and modern tooling, such as an integrated package manager, clever multi-editor support with autocompletion and type inspections, build tools, an autoformatter, and other features.

What is Swift?

Apple’s Swift programming language is a strong, multiparadigm programming language. It’s utilized in a variety of applications, including system programming, desktop, and mobile apps, cloud service scalability, and more. Swift code is designed to be safe, interactive, and fast, with a simple syntax and modern functionalities. Swift, unlike Rust, is a beginner-friendly language with a reputation for being simple to code in. It’s a simple, expressive language with super easy syntax. It becomes easier to explain complex thoughts clearly and briefly Swift was created to be quick, focusing on performance, safety, and software design principles.

Advantages and Disadvantages Using Rust

Every programming language has its own set of benefits and disadvantages. The benefits of utilizing Rust significantly outweigh the disadvantages, as you’ll see in this section.


  • Memory management

One of Rust’s unique features is its approach to memory management. It is intended to be used as a system programming language with no runtime and no background processing, like garbage collection. However, it still features automatic memory management, which sets it apart from other languages.

  • Generic support

Rust has a solid type system with strong generics support, which reduces code complexity by eliminating the need to create the same array and dictionary classes multiple times.

  • Concurrency

Concurrency support was incorporated into Rust from the beginning.

  • Optimal code

Rust is designed to allow developers to produce optimal code all of the time, which means you don’t need to understand the compiler code to optimize your program. Also, Rust doesn’t copy from memory unless it’s necessary.

  • Error catching

Rust detects mistakes at compile time since it is typically typed. When compared to a traditional typed language, this aids debugging. It also compiles code to machine learning, which increases efficiency.

  • Documentation and community

The documentation for Rust defines what data structures are and provides architectural principles for when they should be used. It also includes Windows support, which accounts for a large portion of numerous markets, as well as substantial community support that contributes to the language.


  • Complexity

Rust is a challenging programming language that takes time to master.

  • Compilation speed

When compared to other programming languages, Rust compilation is extremely lazy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Swift

Swift may not be able to match Rust’s performance or approach to memory management, but it does have a number of advantages, particularly in terms of simplicity of use. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Swift.


  • Memory management

Swift optimizes efficiency and prevents memory leaks by managing memory automatically and using Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).

  • Generics support

Swift’s generic support is fairly comparable to Rust’s. One significant distinction is that in Swift, generic specialization is an implementation detail, whereas, in Rust, monomorphization is guaranteed to specialize the generic thoroughly.

  • Scalability

Swift’s transparency allows for a faster rate of development. The language is future-proof, allowing you to simply integrate more developers into your team and adding new features as needed.

  • Safety and performance

Swift was built with a focus on speed and performance, as its name suggests. It includes a powerful, statically typed feature and reliable error handling, which prevents the code from crashing while typing and allows you to find issues before compiling. This results in clear, easy-to-understand code, which improves performance.

  • Ease of use

Swift makes it considerably easier to write and read code than Rust. Swift is a modern, lightweight programming language that blends pattern matching and strong type references with a light and modern syntax.


Swift isn’t perfect yet, despite the benefits outlined above. As the Swift community continues to enhance the language, it’s reasonable to expect the following creases to be worked out soon.

  • Compatibility

Swift is fast-changing, which might make it insecure and cause backward compatibility difficulties (new Swift versions don’t work with older versions). With the release of Swift 5.0, which has great backward compatibility, the Swift community has ironed out these difficulties, and you can now see and access all of the modifications made in the prior version of Swift.

  • Community

Although the Swift community is rapidly expanding, it is still not as well-known as an open-source platform like Rust. Although there are a lot of Swift programmers out there, just a small percentage of them have advanced experience.

So, this was all about Rust vs Swift. Hopefully, you have understood all the major differences between Rust and Swift.

Unique Smartphone Accessories Gift Ideas on this Season

cell phone accessories

Are you searching for a unique Smartphone accessories gift idea this season? If you’re still confused about gift ideas for friends and family, consider Smartphone accessories and add-ons. This blog post is for you. Today we all have mobile phones and want to purchase cell phone accessories so we’ve compiled a list of 11 great options.

11 Unique Smartphone Accessories Gift Ideas on this Season

1. TrackR Pixel

The TrackR Pixel is a small Bluetooth tag that you can attach to your keys and wallet. It doesn’t have GPS, but it can use Bluetooth to broadcast the last location. In addition, if your phone goes lost around the house, simply tap the Pixel to make it ring.

2. Samsung Gear VR

Give the gift of virtual reality is really a good choice in terms of the gift. The reason behind its better is that there are over 800 apps to choose from. Moreover, the most recent version of the headset includes the controller device.

3. Google Pixel Buds

google pixel buds are wireless headphones that can operate with the company’s own-brand Smartphone and Pixel 2. 

They are capable to connect instantly and contact Google Assistant and change the volume from your ears. In addition, it can translate between languages using a phone app. 

4. AirPods

Every iPhone or Apple product owner wants to use Airpods for listening to music. You may know they do not come in the box with Apple products. 

So if your friend owns an iPhone or iPad, they could appreciate you buying them some AirPods. The earphones are packaged in a small carrying case that can also act as a charging station.

5. Chromecast 

You don’t need a smart box beneath your television to stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other services. You can get the non-4K version with the Chromecast Ultra, but whichever one you give as a gift. Your dear one is able to stream entertainment from a variety of phone apps to their TV.

6. Moment Tele Lens

Undoubtedly, you may already have a good camera on your Smartphone. But with a lens like the Moment Tele Lens, you can take your mobile photography to the next level. 

It has a 60 mm focal length that makes it ideal for portraits, landscapes, sports, and more. There is no need for digital zoom and bringing you closer to the action. Moment’s lenses are compatible with a wide range of flagship phones.

7. OtterBox Statement Case

Whenever anybody purchases a new phone want to protect their expensive new device from external damage. Otterbox cover is one of the best options. It has the OtterBox Certification of Drop+ Protection seal. It has a clear back, so the exquisite curves of Apple’s latest handset aren’t completely covered.

8. Samsung Galaxy Evo Tactical Case

Tactical Case for the Galaxy S8 is a good option for Android users who want to protect their phones. Despite the tough protection, all ports and sensors are plainly accessible. This case is very comfortable to hold in the hand.

9. Mophie PowerStation XL 

Due to the long hour usage of mobile phones, many Smartphone owners have to deal with battery drain. But there is Mophie PowerStation XL is really useful for them. There is no need to worry about running out of power before the end of the day.

It has two USB ports for charging multiple devices, and also you can recharge a Smartphone numerous times.

10. MagGrip Car Mount

A car mount is a good present for your loved one who owns a phone and drives. It’s affordable and durable. There are a variety of mounts, but this is one of the most popular and well-reviewed. Simply mounts on an air vent so it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road. 

11. PopSockets

PopSockets are a useful product for any Smartphone owner. According to the company, the peel-and-stick component offers a firm grip. This will provide convenience to users to text with one hand, take sharper shots, and watch videos hands-free. 

PopSockets are adjustable so you can use them as a phone stand. Furthermore, they also support wireless charging. You can avail them in different colors, designs, and themes. You can choose the best one that makes it simple to find the appropriate look for any phone. 

Final Words

In conclusion, accessories for smartphones make fantastic gifts for your loved ones. By using this gadget they can do all their work even more effectively. This gift guide includes power banks and chargers, cell phone stand, phone cases, headphones, and many more. This blog helps you to decide which ones to give this season. 

Thanks for reading!

Share this article with your friends who want to know the unique cell phone accessories gift ideas for this season. All the above-discussed accessories are really useful for any Smartphone user.

How a Successful E-Commerce Business requires the best social media marketing plan

best social media marketing plan

Social media marketing has evolved into a critical component of eCommerce sales and business success. Top e-commerce companies across the world are using social media marketing tactics to stand out in the market. Therefore, you should apply a solid social media marketing plan to run an eCommerce business and hence compete successfully.

The statistics of social media users clearly indicate that you need to focus on this platform. Among 7.83 Billion world population, 4.66 billion are using the internet, and 4.2 billion people are actively using social media. Furthermore, the number of social media users currently exceeds 53 percent of the world’s total population.

The growth rate of social media users carries a huge opportunity for online business owners. 76% of the total consumers buy products after viewing the product on social media. Hence, at this point, the combination of social media marketing and eCommerce business is unavoidable. 

Let’s learn how a successful ECommerce business requires the best social media marketing plan. 

What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media marketing strategy gives you a clear insight into your marketing goals and available outcomes. You may use the strategies to achieve your business goals and track the progress of your business.

It’s always effective whether you are marketing items through ads, videos, or other social media content. Social media marketing can be used for a variety of marketing purposes, such as: 

  • Boosting Traffic and Sales
  • Surfing among the influencer community
  • Building up brand recognition and awareness
  • Assembling an engaged audience
  • Linking Customers and Prospects
  • Satisfying customers with customer support

You must consider the requirements of social media marketing channels while promoting products. Therefore, your strategy should be specific, measurable, and attainable.  

Top Social Media Marketing Plans to Boost your E-Commerce Business 

Due to the growing number of social media users, it is absolutely prudent to invest in it. Currently, the majority of internet users spend their time on social media sites. As a result, you may engage them through social media activities, such as eye-catching postings with aesthetic outlines.

You might be wondering about how to stay on top of this marketplace and serve the customers according to their preferences? Well, the strategy implies that you have to follow the leading companies and the ongoing trends. You may closely observe how other companies are gaining customers’ attention.

While social commerce is still in its early stages, it influences e-commerce companies and how they promote to customers. Each social media platform is improving its ability to assist users in selling. As a result, businesses have more opportunities to better understand their target demography and enhance their marketing efforts.

Now, we will discuss the strategies that will successfully grow your eCommerce business. 

Utilize the Live Option of Facebook

The live video feature of Facebook is the simplest way to showcase your product to the customers. Using this option, you can show your latest products, get live feedback & customer orders, and make sales. Moreover, posting product-related images is somewhat confusing for the customers. On the contrary, you can display multiple products while providing proof at the same time. It ensures that you are selling what you are displaying.

Tesco is a well-known supermarket chain in Malaysia that hosted Facebook live. The company was able to increase its sales by 11% & reach more than 2 million people. 

Take Full Advantage of Messenger 

Currently, the number of active Facebook Messenger users approaches more than 2 billion. Every day, online businesses are surfing around this sales channel to get more customers. 

After you’ve set up your Facebook Messenger, you may connect it to your website. After linking Messenger with your website, you can show product updates, price information and provide customer support. 

In the Philippines, Oppo used the combination of Facebook live, event ads, and Messenger option to raise awareness. Ultimately they’ve achieved 6X return on their ad spend for the new A92 phone. So, you better apply this to your eCommerce business ASAP because Facebook also allows customers to pay through Messenger.

Put More Money In Facebook Ads

Facebook carries a contemporary example of the old saying – “Nothing comes for free & everything comes with a price .” Aside from free social networking services, the user-friendly platform of Facebook supports a variety of cost-effective ad formats.

Samsung Philippines increased sales while decreasing acquisition costs by 11.4X. They increased the effectiveness of their campaign by using Facebook dynamic product ads to reach a large number of people. You must begin with boosted Facebook posts and then run ad campaigns based on the best-performing post. You can always combine different ad formats to gain the best output from Facebook Ads.

Implement Shoppable Instagram posts 

Though Facebook has been dominating the eCommerce industry for a long time, Instagram has climbed to a whole new level recently. Instagram has surpassed Amazon as the fastest-growing eCommerce platform thanks to the revolutionary Shoppable Posts feature.

You can post your product images and link them with a shoppable post’s features. It allows users to click on that Instagram image that will redirect them directly to your eCommerce website. You may also display the pricing of the product with this functionality, much like a physical store.

After onboarding with Instagram, Jane saw an increased sales of $419,762 in nine months. Businesses can utilize the shoppable post feature in image posts, as well as Instagram stories. 

Expand your Followers 

For eCommerce business owners, it’s a common practice to grow the follower base while using the Instagram platform. Having more Instagram followers always brings additional opportunities for your online business.

Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add links to their stories directly. As a consequence, with a single swipe through the story, your consumers will be sent to your website. Furthermore, businesses may organize their stories into various folders. Finally, these folders may be utilized as website categories, such as “Winter Clothing” or “Summer Clothing.”

Include Shop the Look Feature of Pinterest 

Amidst the rivalry between Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest may have fallen behind a bit. The company came back swiftly with a feature called “Shop the Look” and entered the eCommerce realm. Therefore, eCommerce brands can utilize the product Pins feature and purchase from your website.

Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” feature is excellent for showing a selection of related products on a single image. You may, for example, show a completely equipped room with several items or various clothes in a single image. Pinterest recommends labeling photos with dots that lead buyers to the product’s website.

Utilize Carousel Ads by Pinterest

Set aside some portion of your budget for Pinterest Carousel Ads before spending all on other platforms. Renowned brands such as Cheerios, REI, Covergirl, DSW, and Everlane already use this feature.

REI witnessed a significant improvement in brand awareness and profit by using carousel ads. This type of Ad is becoming more popular, economical, fast, and a reliable option for eCommerce businesses.

Add Pinterest Pins for your Shop

Currently, customers are led to your website by clicking the Pins on Pinterest. As a result, they can buy products from your website via Pinterest Pins. You can upload your website’s product data via the product catalog option of Pinterest. On top of that, you can display shopping Ads by creating product pins via catalogs.

Back in 2018, the Buyable Pins feature of Pinterest was replaced by the Product Pins feature. Since then, Pinterest Pins have been a popular social media marketing plan for eCommerce brands. Product Pin brings customers on a shoppable Pinterest Feed that portrays price, title, availability, etc.

Implement Video Ads strategy with Youtube

Statistics show that YouTube’s ad revenue has surpassed $5 billion USD. According to 10% of marketers, YouTube display ads are the most effective marketing techniques in the marketplace. In addition, in the year 2020, 60% of the marketers indicated that they will raise the budget on YouTube marketing.

YouTube successfully created a platform for eCommerce businesses to display their product, Ads. You may showcase anything through YouTube Ads that attracts viewers and converts them into prospects. Therefore, create a short YouTube Video strategy with a proper Ad placement to gain guaranteed benefits.

Tuft & Needle is a Mattress company and they focused their social media marketing plan for YouTube. With Video ads, they’ve reached customers who are interested in mattresses and achieved $100 million in sales last year.

We have mentioned the trending social media marketing plans along with the platforms that can boost your eCommerce business. All these social media platforms won’t uphold your business just in a glimpse. It’s a process where you may gain success or failure but ultimately learn what best suits your business.

Most eCommerce companies have a misconception about social media marketing. They think only being on social media and posting will improve their sales outcome but the reality is different because consumers have multiple options to get a product. Therefore, you must have a proper social media marketing plan so that you can select your channels wisely.

Essential Practices to Reach New-Horizon in On-Demand Grocery Delivery Services

Grocery Delivery Services

Online grocery delivery service is the one-stop platform for all-range grocery shop owners irrespective of size. Grocery delivery apps turn the service into imperative and make the customers feel convenience in accessing groceries as per their needs in real-time.

Attaining new heights is the ultimate dream for all grocery delivery service providers. To achieve it, they should follow certain practices during the business. Being aware of them and implementing them decides their level in the competitive market.

As we all know, UberEats creates a great impact in the food delivery industry that brings new startups through UberEats clone app development practices. Owing to these aspects, customization of new features depends on market demands and the service providers’ choices, the modeling of grocery delivery app is a familiar activity in the market.

While developing the grocery delivery app, you must follow the practices and hence your grocery delivery services reach new heights. In this blog, you get an awareness of those practices clearly and how they change your workflows in real-time.

A pool of Grocery Sellers

Customers mainly prefer all groceries in one window. The app has the option to aggregate grocery sellers available locally or out of the region in one window. The pool of grocery sellers allows the customers to pick any item without any hurdles.

Since this is a digital template form, the update of details of groceries aggregated is an instant one. This immediate update and the notification of it to the customers make the purchase quickly. Hence, the time for searching the grocery shop or any item is less. 

Grocery Item Availability

Most importantly, the groceries selected by the customers are available on their purchasing duration. If any of them is unavailable, then they immediately switch over to the next one. This will make you lose customers.

To overcome such issues, you consider the detailed inventory on a periodical basis. The clear inventory prior to showcase allows you to fulfill the customer’s desires without fail. This also prevents the switch over from one to another.

Attentive to Seasonal  Demands

Seasonal purchases are a familiar one recently. In case of any events or parties at home, the customers have the habit of purchasing the groceries according to them. To make them select those packages directly, the seasonal categories are split up from the regular search category.

Due to this split-up process, the customer can immediately place the order which makes them stay longer on your models.

Form a Potential Base

The number of grocery sellers arriving on the market is more and this constructs the competitive environment for new players. To stay ahead, a potential customer base is necessary.

The inclusion of subscription mechanisms, periodical offers, or discounts inside the application allows the customers to stay on the business model long-term. Further, they will bring a new customer base for your services.

Place the High-Rated Sellers at Top

Based on satisfaction level, the customers host the feedback or ratings via the app itself. The aggregators analyze those reviews and identify the high-rated grocery sellers and place them at the top of the customer searches. 

With this possibility, gaining the trust value from the customer is an easy one for the grocery sellers to register their own brand in the market easily.

Turn Delivery as Timely One

No delay in delivery takes your grocery delivery services to the next level. The time consumption is more during the identification of the customer’s location and unaware of how to reach the customer’s location in less time.

The grocery delivery app includes visual analytics such as Google map that tells the optimal distance to reach the customer’s destination in the least time period. Due to the delivery completion in minimum time, the number of grocery orders to deliver is increasing per day. This may take your services to reach new revenue heights easily.


Reaching a new height in the grocery delivery market is now easy with the arrival of online platforms like grocery delivery app. While developing such an app, the consideration of essential practices listed in this blog makes the grocery delivery service providers reach a new horizon surely. Consider them properly and launch the grocery delivery services quickly.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes

When your product demands protection but also wants to arrive in style, our custom mailer boxes are an exceptional choice. The shipping boxes are single, double, and triple E, 1/16 “corrugated, and 1/8” B flute corrugated cardboard, and they can ship light and heavy goods with no problem. These boxes can be fully customized with a print on the inside or outside of the box, giving customers a fascinating unpacking experience. Custom packaging boxes tell your brand story by custom artwork printing with colorful graphics, eye-catching logo designs, and inspiring perfect experience that your customers will not forget ever. Our creative designers will turn your complex ideas into a real and effective tangible box.

Choose the perfect box size to give your product the perfect fit. You can validate your packaging design and 3D illustrations, or get a prototype to analyze what happens according to your instructions. These boxes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of shipping to protect your products in transit. To add flavor and a stylish look to your boxes, opt for our additional features like embossing, embossing, stamping, and custom inserts. Custom PACKAGING Boxes come with a standard gloss or matte finish to make your packaging stand out. If you want to customize your PACKAGING Boxes at affordable prices and minimal turnaround time, don’t delay and order now. Take a step back and let us manage your deliveries.

Wholesale Custom Printed Mailbox Packaging

Don’t miss out on a key opportunity to reach your audience in an efficient and innovative way. Whenever you ship a retail item, the box packaging is the first thing the customer sees. Don’t settle for simple and boring packaging! It doesn’t catch the customer’s attention at first glance.

Custom boxes give you an incredible opportunity to customize the box to your specifications. Fill it with inspiring artwork, quirky graphics, and copywriting to leave a lasting impression every time. Choose from various styles, sizes, and put your brand first.

Manufacture of custom Packaging boxes

To get started designing Packaging boxes, choose from our wide range of packaging materials. If You are not consulting material analysts’ information; the Custom Packaging boxes team will guide you on the correct type of packaging material and its required thickness based on the suitability of the product.

Various packaging materials are used to make packaging boxes, you can choose from the following options:

Kraft Shipping Boxes

For nature-conscious customers, we are introducing green PACKAGING Boxes as they reduce the carbon footprint of our environment. Kraft boxes are made from rustic brown cardboard with a classy natural presentation. These boxes are considered ideal packaging for promoting brand-natural ingredients.

Standard White Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes

These boxes stand out for their characteristics due to their impeccable customization services. These boxes are popular and a cost-effective option and they effectively communicate your product message to customers. Constructed of strong and durable packaging materials used to store and ship heavy items.

High quality white corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard mailboxes have a smooth surface and give your products an elegant look. They are coated with clay for a whiter and brighter finish.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard packaging materials are used in the manufacture of these boxes to ship bulk products to national or international platforms. Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are heavy-duty and consist of two lines of cardboard and an inner slot. You can choose the thickness of the groove to ensure the safety of the products against damage and cracks.

Material thickness

With the help of our material analysts, we automatically select the material thickness that best suits the dimensions of your box. We have several ribbed thicknesses that you can choose from the following options:

Custom designs and custom printed Box sizes

Custom packaging boxes offer endless customization options to choose from. Size, style, and design may vary depending on the suitability of the product. From small to medium to large, you can go for any custom size and design to your specifications.

We customize your custom printed PO Boxes to the exact size you need. The sizes we offer correspond to the interior dimensions. Depending on the dimension of your box, you may want to add some space to each side of the box to make sure your products will fit properly.

The shape of the box is customized so that they are completely closed at the bottom and the side of the box is correctly locked with the bottom of the box. The top of the box opens and closes, but is properly locked so that the enclosed product remains protected and secure.

We help you out with some help if you don’t have a deep understanding of style and customization options. Our brilliant, skilled, and professional graphic designers are always ready to guide you every step of the way. Our designers try to transform your imaginary ideas into a tangible real box according to your expectations.

Custom Mailer boxes

Create a positive brand identity with custom Printed boxes in e-commerce

Custom e-commerce boxes offer the best opportunity to market the business. Therefore, various colored embossed ink patterns create an effective promotion. This fact greatly affects the success of the business. Custom packaging boxes include a product slogan that raises awareness of the product among customers.

The colorful graphics and inspiring illustrations of your PO boxes leave a very good impact on the recipient. Tell us about the printing patterns you want, our printing specialists do their best to print your boxes with fascinating colors to increase your market share.

Color matching is very important when it comes to wholesale custom mailbox printing. The printing and color scheme should match your marketing campaign. Buy today! Enjoy these attractive custom boxes with distinctive colors and artwork.

Enjoy endless exciting beautification features with a special finish

Your custom packing boxes would be incomplete if you didn’t take advantage of our great additional features. We have several absolute finish options if you want a glossy look, choose gloss and matte, and if you want to do without a glossy look, choose a soft-touch coating.

Induce the exterior appearance of your boxes with our PVC window patches, custom inserts, and even state-of-the-art window cutouts. Our gold is available in two colors: gold and silver. The choice of film color depends on the marketing campaign and the suitability of the product.

Our window shipping boxes are very popular with customers. Our experts use advanced cutting technology to fabricate windows in any shape you want. Provides an overview of the product and assists in your purchasing behavior.

Just mention your stipulations. Custom packing boxes have the potential to process your order in the shortest time possible. Be sure to select a suitable paper type and customization possibilities to appeal to a wide range of customers.