Yahoo, Fortnite Announces Termination Of Services From China

American Internet services company

 Yahoo said on Tuesday that it has terminated its services from China.

 According to the New Englanders Play report, the move came a few days after the announcement of the American gaming company epic in which he said that it would close its popular game Fortnite when it imposed severe restrictions on the world’s largest gaming market.

 Beijing has launched a large-scale regulatory crackdown on several industries in an effort to tighten its control over the economy, which is being damaged by technology institutions.


 In recent times, many American companies have taken back their major services from China, Microsoft announced to shut down its career-based social network Linkedin in October.


Yahoo said in a statement on email to AFP that “recognizing challenging business and legal environment in China, Yahoo’s services will no longer be accessible to China from 1st November.”

 It was said that ‘Yahoo is committed to its users’ rights and free and open Internet; we thank them for their customer support.

 It should be noted that foreign technology companies have long been forced to comply with strict local laws and official censorship of content in China.


Google had shut down its super search engine in China in the year 2010, denying the need to censor search results from Beijing.

 In 2018, reports from Google executives of a plan to reopen a search engine in China saw a strong response from volunteer groups and Google employees who warned that a censored search engine would set a ‘dangerous example’

 Yahoo China was started in 1999 when this company was one of the most important Internet organizations in the world.

Yes, its presence in the country has decreased in recent years, Yahoo had closed its amazing Chinese mail service in 2013.

Video Gaming Sector

China’s crackdown has also damaged the video gaming sector; officials said in late August that they want to stop their habit of announcing a drastic decline in children’s time to play online.

 Gaming institution epic on Sunday said it will shut down the Chinese version of ‘Fortnite’ on November 15.

  • Action-filled shooting and world-building game

 Action-filled shooting and the world-building game are some of the most popular games in the world, with more than 35 million users.


 ‘Fortnite China’s son test is over, and the servers will be closed soon.’

 It was said that ‘on November 15 at 11 am we will close the game servers and players will no longer be able to log in.

 The Chinese beta test version was released in 2018 but Fortnite never received a green signal from the government to launch and monetize it.


small business web hosting

To run up your business website is the best idea, and now a day in the era of online shopping, having a website for your business is very necessary. Your online business becomes very essential because it gives proper authorization o your business.

While some website builders and e-commerce platforms include hosting as part of their service, in other situations, you may need to buy your web hosting service — especially if you purchased your web address or a domain as a separate commodity.

Consider the budget for additional services, as well as the storage and bandwidth you need to choose your small business host. Support is also crucial, so make sure you can contact someone when and how you need it.

To help you make the best decision for your business, we’ve researched and ranked the top website hosting for small businesses. But if you want some discounts on web hosting deals, you can visit DealMeCoupon, they have exciting offers for you.

Best Cheap Web Hosting For Small Business

Here I have listed some best web hosting services websites to support your small business after decent research:

1.  NameCheap:

If you’re new to website management, the best web hosting for your small business could be the one that provides technical assistance around the clock and is willing to go up and beyond to make sure your site is working exactly the way you want it to.

Namecheap goes further and further in this segment, offering 24/7 chat assistance.No problems is too big or too small for Namecheap’s technical support staff, who even like to make adjustments for their customers if they don’t have the technical know-how to do it.

The hosting prices of their website are also quite competitive, as the name suggests.

2. BlueHost:

Bluehost is our top hosting recommendation, with a score of 91 percent in our survey. Our analysis revealed that it is the best hosting service for small businesses as well as our best-recommended provider for WordPress sites.

It offers excellent value for money for small, original businesses due to its wide features and excellent customer service. Sharing, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting are all available with Bluehost. One of the main reasons for Bluehost’s popularity is its ease of WordPress integration.

3. HostGator:

In our ranking, HostGator takes third place. It’s an easy-to-use, feature-rich service with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In particular, the hosting of dedicated servers receives good ratings from us. HostGator has its website builder, Gator, which we’ve also explored. HostGator offers shared, dedicated, cloud, and reseller hosting virtual private servers (VPS).

HostGator is a differentiator when it comes to web hosting for small businesses in its integration with Constant Contact, the popular email marketing program. For the first three months of a joint plan, you can use Constant Contact’s services for free (after that, you can disable the integration or pay $20/month).

4. iPage:

For some business owners, having a super reliable web server may be the only realistic alternative. Others, on the other hand, may require only a simple, easy and inexpensive choice. If you belong to the latter group, iPage might be right for you.

For your website’s needs, iPage offers shared VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. In addition, you will get one-click installs of popular apps and CMS platforms, as well as excellent customer service. Best of all, you won’t have to spend much.

The most basic and cheapest of iPage’s offerings, for $7.99 per month, you get unlimited storage space and domain names, a free online store builder, email support, one-click installers, and more.

5.  A2 Hosting:

In our cloud hosting survey, A2 Hosting took the top. It is also one of the few hosts that support Windows (not just Linux). Plesk Onyx 17.8 control panel, free site migrations, and one-click mounts for a variety of CMS, including WordPress, are all included in Windows hosting.

Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, Reseller, and WordPress are all available from A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is the best choice for cloud plans when it comes to the best website hosting for small businesses.

The scalability and flexibility of cloud hosting are ideal for corporate websites that have spikes and lows in traffic and performance.


You’re on your way to finding the ideal host for your needs if you know what you need from your website, what your budget allows, and what kind of platform can help you make the most of it. If you’re a small business owner just starting, we recommend shared hosting.

And here I gave you a list of the best cheap web hosting; now it all depends on you which one suits you better. All the best for your business!

The State of PHP in 2021: Development Trends and Projections

php developer in 2021

In business parlance, physical presence in the present century can afford to give you just a ringside view of the business activities. The giant strides and mammoth features of the web world however, puts you right into the thick of the action. The infectious competitiveness of the digital world is reason enough for web developers to constantly recognize and incorporate trendy innovations for achieving transformative web-developed solutions in the least possible time. One of the most common backend development language is PHP. Needless to say, the state of PHP in 2021 is only alive and kicking and is certainly striving to offer strikingly interesting digital experiences.

PHP, as a server-side scripting language, has been able to retain its trust amongst the rising web developers. The future of PHP, thus, is far from being bleak. This blog emphasizes the development trends and the projections for the future of PHP in the landscape of 2021.

The State of PHP in 2021 – Trends in development

Emergence of Chatbots

Resolution of customer issues through physical visits and phone calls are a passé in this fast-paced era. Chatbots have emerged as reliable and effective replacements for resolving consumer issues in the shortest possible time. You can communicate with this interface like your human partner for resolving issues, sharing information, documentation, and general assistance. 

PHP plays a paramount role in the developmental process of chatbots.  Current technologies can be coupled with PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony for producing smart and advanced chatbots for all types of businesses.  

Provision of Cybersecurity

With the emergence of hackers and the alarming rate of cyber-attacks, protecting your site has become the top priority.  A PHP framework is your best bet in this case. Frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, etc would help you in building highly secure websites and web apps. Simply harness the security features of the chosen framework effectively for making secured websites or web applications. 

User interfaces

Websites are constantly engaged in building user-centric interfaces. This is a prominent trend in PHP web development in 2021.  PHP web development frameworks can come in handy in creating attractive and eye-catching user interfaces (UI) that can set you apart in the competition. Adopt any of the PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Symfony and develop customer-centric web applications that are rich in features and can be navigated with utmost ease.

Cloud integration

The integration of cloud and PHP is slated to produce a wide range of cost-effective and flexible web solutions for fulfilling a variety of business requirements. This phenomenal coalition of both the potencies has turned out to be a major trend of development in the 2021 landscape.  

Internet of Things (IoT)

The trend of integration of PHP and IoT is catching up at a steady pace. The available PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, and Symfony are found to be adaptive to IoT implementation. You just need to pick a suitable PHP web application service and you are all set to produce mammoth IoT solutions to fulfil your business needs.   

State of PHP IN 2021 – Projections

As a programming language

PHP 8 is undoubtedly feature-rich; however, it needs to prove its worth. Developer productivity, reduction of maintenance overheads, and incremental performance are some of the areas that could show improvement. The Just-in-time (JIT) compiler is yet to display its prospect. These features would lead us towards the new paths of machine learning and systems programming.  

PHP Ecosystem

The diversity and maturity of the PHP ecosystem have been compelling in the last couple of years. More organizations would be adopting the use of containers for deploying applications.

Final thought

PHP thus, as a language, is mature and stable at the moment and is in the mode of capacity expansion. It is aiming to conceal its position in Machine Learning and Big Data. The trends of development and projections concerning the state of PHP in 2021 project that the demand for PHP development skills is not going to fizzle out any time soon. Thus, hiring PHP developers makes business sense since the demand for expertise in PHP development skills would keep growing in the coming years. 


The state of PHP in 2021 is indeed quite exciting, especially from the perspective of a PHP developer. Powering the content management systems, customer rights management, eCommerce, and resource management systems is its unequivocal display of affirmative relevance. Needless to say, hiring PHP Developers makes business sense in our stride towards an era of the digital economy. 

Expert Tips: How to Regrow Thicker Hair Naturally

how to grow hair faster naturally in a week,

Hair enhances our appearance irrespective of gender. Everyone loves full of thicker hair on their head, not on the floor or pillow cover. But now we face hair fall problems due to our lifestyle, wrong eating habits, genes, hormonal changes, and external factors including pollution, climatic changes. Thus hair fall problem is common among all. But most of the hair fall problem is reversible through home remedies, medicines, and advanced treatment including surgical and non-surgical hair transplant. 

However, in this article, we will focus more on the natural ways to regrow hair. If you treat your hair fall problem from the beginning, you get a visible result after using natural remedies. But extensive thinning of hair requires professional help. Patients with pattern baldness require the assistance of trichologists.

The common reasons for hair fall?

  • Sudden temperature changes by some degrees in summer, the scalp reacts abnormally and wants to shed these stands. However, the hair fall does not take place instantly. It takes at least two months for hair strands to come out. Hair can come out due to over-exposure to UV rays from the sun. In the touch of UV rays, the hair strands become fragile and show extreme breakage. When your scalp is exposed to the sun, it weakens the hair follicles, even sunburn causes swelling, inflammation, and subsequent hair loss.
  • Stress, also a common factor responsible for immense hair loss. Stress hormones promote intense hair loss, it just blocks the new hair growth Cortisol hormone is highly responsible to prevent the birth of new hair and weaken the hair follicles.
  • Hormonal fluctuation during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, Thyroid problems, PCOD, and PCOS causes hair fall problems. Dihydrotestosterone, androgen weaken hair follicles which are termed miniaturization which are highly responsive to hair fall. Aging also causes hair fall problems, after a particular age the hair follicle becomes weak and the hair moves to the Telogen phase.

How to get thick hair naturally

Trichologist always believes in natural ingredients for hair growth. Ayurveda is the best choice to get voluminous and lustrous hair. Natural sources are mostly side-effect-free, showing the visible outcome. To see the result you have to be patient. The size of the hair follicle determines the thickness of the hair strand. A large circumference of hair follicles promotes stronger and thicker hair strands.

Some of the natural products reopen the miniaturized hair follicles, increase blood circulation to enrich the hair follicle with sufficient nutrients. The reclamation of the hormonal equilibrium guarantees that the digestion in the undifferentiated organisms assists with thickening hair and works with its regrowth. Following are a portion of the hair thickening tips that one could embrace to develop thicker hair normally:

  • Apply extra virgin coconut oil one hour before the shampoo, and wash it off with normal shampoo which is chemical like paraben, mineral oil, free. Shampoo should be mild, otherwise chemical may dry out your hair, even prolonged use of chemical shampoo causes long-term damages to the hair follicle and deteriorate the hair texture. Thus experts always recommend herbal, cruelty-free shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Maintain a balanced diet of protein, vitamin minerals, micro and macronutrients like iron, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B complex, etc that promotes hair growth
  • Vitamin D is important for hair follicles to activate
  • Use a hair protein mask and hair tonic to nourish your scalp which gradually promotes hair growth.
  • Manage your stress by doing Yoga, exercise, and other mindfulness activities.

Tricks to get Voluminous hair

Use ayurvedic ingredients: Apply some ingredients to improve scalp health and thicken hair. Eggs, coconut milk, shikakai, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, orange peel powder, Gooseberries, Hibiscus extract are good for hair growth and the growth of new hair. These ingredients are scientifically proven components for vital hair growth. Therefore, massage your scalp with those ingredients to increase blood circulation, and they also can stop hair fall immensely. Take care of your overall mental and physical health to take care of your hair. If you intake a good diet, it will help you internally for better hair growth.

Essential oil including lavender oil, tea tree oil, rose merry oil, peppermint oil lemongrass oil are extremely good to promote intense hair growth. Essential oil improves the blood circulation of your scalp, relaxes your mind. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Whereas lavender oil hydrates and moisturizes the scalp. Essential oil prevents your hair from unnecessary hair breakage and promotes sebum secretion from the sebaceous gland which hydrates your scalp and saves you from dryness.

Mix any of the essential oil to the extra virgin coconut oil and apply 2-3 times a week. Coconut oil contains fatty acid which promotes natural hair growth.

The second option is to mix castor oil with aloe vera gel. Both of these are rich sources of vitamin E, and fatty acid, you can mix onion juice as it is the natural source of sulfur.

Natural ingredients are a very good option for skin and hair care. However, for the intense problem, you need to take professional assistance. You can take expert assistance from laser skincare clinic Dubai.

Significance of Business Ethics

Business ethics identifies with ethically excellent and wrong conduct in the working environment. The law indicates a few parts of conduct. However, “lawful” and “moral” are not generally equivalent. Business morals work on the law by characterizing adequate activities that are not represented by the public authority.

Companies set up business ethics to improve worker respectability and win certainty from significant partners, for example, financial backers and buyers. But, while corporate moral drives have become progressively common, the nature of these software engineers shift. 

The Importance of Business Ethics:

  1. Business Morals Is Significant Expertise To Have

Pretty much every firm today has a code of morals. Some portion of this is because innovation and advanced correspondence have simplified it to spot and uncover moral bungles. Organizations are putting more important assets on corporate morals to forestall undesirable outcomes. As indicated by one survey of bookkeepers, 55% accept the significance of corporate morals will increment in the following three years. Organizations are building moral working environments through selecting qualified faculty, as well as creating formal cycles. As per a new survey, “high respectability and genuineness” is the second-most pivotal property for corporate leaders. The present business pioneers should grasp the connection between corporate morals and achievement.

  1. Employee Performance Is Influenced By Business Ethics

Employees are more likely to use ethical reasoning when their firm clearly shows why business ethics is essential, according to the 2018 Global Business Ethics study. Ninety-nine percent of employees in the United States who work in an environment with a strong ethics culture indicated they are prepared to deal with ethical concerns. Organizations that advance business morals urge their laborers to act morally in their positions.

The initial move toward building up a moral culture is to set up a morals program. As per the UK Department of Commerce, an exhaustive morals program ought to incorporate every corporate activity. Activities, HR, and promoting are only a couple of models. In addition, organizations ought to associate their moral program with business tasks, as indicated by Gartner, an overall examination firm.

By incorporating ethical procedures into employees’ daily routines, the program’s influence may be maximized. An honest programmer, according to Gartner, should:

• Reduce hazard and watch out for it. 

• Set strategies and measures set up. 

• Monitor cases of bad behavior. 

• Training and correspondence are given. 

• Expectations for lead ought to be supported. 

• Organize the conduct morals work.

Enterprises assume a vital part in the improvement of business ethics. according to the UK, educational institutions play a critical role in the development of ethical leaders. News & World Report, ethics education is crucial to a well-rounded MBA curriculum. We at the University of Redlands recognize the importance of business ethics. Business executives are presently confronted with some of the world’s most pressing issues. Climate change, safety, and security are all complex issues that need critical thinking and ethical reasoning. That is why we teach these skills to pupils.

  1. Business Ethics Emphatically Affects The Reality

One more justification behind the significance of corporate morals is that it can support benefits. Throughout three years, honorees on the current year’s rundown of the World’s Most Ethical Companies beat the Large Cap Index by 10.5 percent. Misfortunes can likewise be decreased by a very much carried out morals program.  Organizations with questionable morals might see a drop in stock cost and lose business associations, the two of which can adversely affect productivity. Besides, customer unawareness is associated with organization morals. The more significant part of British clients showed they presently don’t accept from firms they get are corrupt. Then again, three out of ten customers will openly advance moral organizations via online media. Business morals encourage trust, which lifts brand mindfulness and deals.

Are you aware of the significance of corporate ethics?

With increased scrutiny of corporate procedures, it’s more vital than ever for businesses to do things correctly. Ethics programs are a powerful tool for encouraging moral behavior. Employees that are committed to making ethical decisions are also needed in organizations.


Ethics are vital not only in business but in all parts of life because they are a crucial component of the basis of a civilized society. A corporation or association that lacks ethical standards will eventually fail.

Best Practices for Flask API Development

In this blog, you’ll explore the best practices for building Flask APIs with Python and Flask.


Why in Python?

Because Python is among the top programming languages, it’s growing marks worldwide. Not to mention Python offers affordable app development cost, comprehensive and straightforward coding along with flexibility, adaptability, and speed. To top that previous statement, myriad developers consider Python their favorite programming language since it’s very intuitive and provides a practically English-like coding environment. In addition, it proves to be remarkably effective in various fields, be it Data Analytics, Machine Learning, app development, and many others.

Moreover, Python is said to be a popular choice for API (Application Programming Interface) development. And not only because python app developers increased love for it, but it contains several libraries and frameworks that can help in many grounds, on top, serves the main goal for any. It contains popular frameworks such as Django and Flask.

Why Choose Flask? 

Flask is a minimalist framework that delivers essential tools. On the contrary, it broadens its horizon of functionalities encompassing extra libraries and frameworks within. Not to mention, which is, quite honestly, enough for you to start with. Moreover, it’s a widely used framework for building APIs in Python. The process is quite simple while Python is involved. Simple yet powerful. Besides, using Flash, you can scale up any complicated app.

For starters, have Python installed on your computer, and on the Python Command-Line, the installation of Flash gets straightforward via pip prefix. All you require is to write the following code on the python command line: ‘pip install Flask.’

Let’s follow the best practices!

Use Proper Names and HTTP Verbs

The application can get complex and uncomprehensive for other developers when you design APIs abruptly. Besides, it’s crucial to develop your API endpoints with the proper name and HTTP verbs so that app developers can understand them easily. Often brilliantly designed APIs are straightforward and forthright for app developers to comprehend quickly. As it’s a mandatory step to make URI and HTTP verbs manifest for developers. By looking at the structure of a well-structured API, they should have a good understanding of it. And know the outcome before even trying it out.

Besides, most have the essential knowledge for making a working API. But can anyone use it, considering it’s complex enough to understand? Provided that, naming your resources consistently all over your API will offer perks in the long term. Undoubtedly, consistently naming your resources is a natural convention you can adopt.

Let’s illustrate to you the right way to do so!

Here we have some eCommerce websites with customers, orders, and checkout.

For instance, we have a ‘customers’ resource, which has the set of instances named ‘customer.’

With the detail we have above, we can now recognize the collection resource by URI, which is ‘/customers.’ And now, using the instance, this will become, ‘/customers/{customerId}. Next, we can now successfully identify sub-resources – orders. Now we can access the sub-resources by ‘/customers/{customerId}/orders’. Now we can access everything involved in orders. If we want a single order, ‘/customer/{customerId}/orders/{orderId}’.

See how simple that was. If you are a programmer, you can identify them quickly.

Best Way to Name Resources

  1. You can use plural nouns to make them obvious instead of who-knows-what. The following is about accessing playlists from a user’s system: ‘/users/{userId}/playlists/{playlists}.
  2. Must use hyphens to space out words and increase readability. Like this: ‘/users/{userId}/-mobile-devices’. Use “-” Not “_” or anything else.
  3. Using forwards is useful to indicate a hierarchy in the data structure. For instance, “/users/{userId}/-mobile-devices”.
  4. Never use uppercase, but lowercase in Api’s URIs. ”/users/{userId}/-mobile-devices”. lowercase!

Best Way to Name Actions

When there is an action involved like paying, ordering, or checking out, you must include a verb. Not some nouns, adjectives, or adverbs, but verbs so that developers must understand easily. For example, a checkout option is included then, “/users/{userId}/cart/checkout”. Also, don’t forget to use hyphens, forward slashes, and lowercase letters to use as well.

Moreover, in REST, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations are controlled HTTP verbs. Not by the URIs. It’s a way to differentiate between CRUD functions and actions, not to mention both are actions. 

HTTP Verbs

HTTP verbs or HTTP request methods are a set of methods that demonstrate action. These verbs are used to establish communication between client and server. Which mainly works as a request and response between a server and a client. The HTTP verbs include:

  • GET: Use get to retrieve data.
  • POST: Use the post to create a new resource.
  • PUT: Use put to update information about a particular resource.
  • DELETE: Use delete to delete specific data.
  • PATCH: Use the patch to update partial details on a specific resource.

From that eCommerce website example, we used earlier.


getting lists of all users, you should use: GET/users

Creating a new user, you should use: POST/users

Updating a user information, you should use: PUT/users/{usersId}

Deleting a particular user, you should use: DELETE/users/{usersId}

Partially updating a user, you should use: PATCH/users/{usersId}

Listing all the orders for a specific user: GET/users/{usersId}/orders

Running the checkout process: POST/users/{usersId}/carts/checkout

Properly Structure the Application 

For starters, there is no proper way to structure your app, considering all the aspects of an app – its size, modules, components, requirements, and above all, personal preferences. Not to mention, it could vary for everyone. However, I’m going to explain away, used by most developers in Flask applications. And multiple projects in Flasks are using this aligned structure.

Well, everything is explained hierarchically in today’s world without a doubt. First, you need to have the main like ‘/api’ and its branches corresponding. And if its branches include sub-branches, then place them respectively that should be understandable. 

The above figure illustrates a simple design for grounding each component in a hierarchical structure.

Build Documentation from the Code

After you successfully made your API using Python and flask. And many developers are excited to use the resource. It’s time you started documenting your flash API. Or else, how do developers use them without knowing the endpoints?

Evidently, after an application’s production, it’s mandatory to build a manual to let its users know – how to use it, and many other specifications should be explained in the documentation.

Moreover, two possible methods come up when building a document; either use an editor and write it manually, or you can consume the code to create it for you. Not without liking the idea for automatic documentation. Besides, there are multiple online tools available that will help you design and develop an API document. For example, you can use Flasgger and Swagger for generating automatic API documentation.

It’s probably best to use automatic tools than writing the entire document manually. 


It’s an open-source specification tool that enables you to define each component of your API with the purpose of any system to understand and interact with it easily. Besides, these tools have help developers at many levels, saving their time and producing dynamic and interactive API documents.


It’s another automated tool that helps you produce write your API documentation tremendously. With Flassger, it becomes easy to generate your documentation by using its simple tools and annotations. It also delivers a good web interface where it displays each endpoint, inputs, and output remarkably. Further, it runs the endpoints directly from the documentations. How cool is that?


It’s imperative never to ignore this part at the end of any process. So, in API building as well. When testing is done correctly, it’ll help you increase your built API efficiency and quality in the long term. That’s the reason never ignore the testing phase no matter what. Additionally, it saves developers from misconceptions of the applications.

On the bright side, it’s not that difficult to build tests. Many testing techniques can be seen, but you should follow TDD (Test Driven Development) approach. It is a concept where you write tests first then jump to the actual coding stuff. You have to follow this step when you have a crucial project or want to improve and enhance your programming skills – that’s a phenomenal practice to adopt.

Some Closing Thoughts

Lastly, best practices are what an average programmer lacks these days. Besides, the finest conventions can differ from framework to framework even though there seems to be no right way to do things when you have your ways. In programming, multiple types of programmers have a distinct way of coding – so no way possible to judge them as it. However, since they produce their own methods to solve problems, you might need to adopt the best practices to learn and even make things easy for other developers when you are a beginner.

However, having a well-ordered and consistent way of building API can ease the burden for other programmers. So, hopefully, you’ll follow the tips mentioned above and practice them while creating an excellent Flask API.

If you have a fantastic idea to develop a python app, get support from the best Python app development company today.

Author Bio: 

Hamza Iqbal, Digital Content Producer for the software development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.

7 tips to improve your business revenue with SEO

how to increase sales through seo

The survival of every business depends on their sale. Increasing sales depends on a solid digital presence which can be attained by SEO marketing. But In recent times, it is becoming challenging for businesses to make sure that their customers find them in their searches and not their competitors.

Lead generation and SEO are considered the most effective marketing plan to grow your business. As they can help you attract several prospects and transform them into loyal customers. Although these two are very different, they can help your business drive massive growth with proper tactics.

There’s plenty that can be done for the excellent growth of your business and at no investment except for your time. You can also use WebSonex – Digital Marketing Agency Vaughan to get a better understanding of SEO works. Here are 7 tips that can help you improve your business growth

7 tips to generate healthy revenue with SEO:

1. Increase your website’s speed:

 Google’s main motive is to provide its users with the best of experience, and the rate at which your website loads plays a massive role in achieving your goal. The faster your website takes to run the more google will rank it.

A slow page frustrates the user and mostly distracts them from buying products from your site. Most people have a concept that a slow website is an untrustworthy site. According to research, more than 30% of people switch from a website that takes longer than 3 secs to load. This means that if your pages are slow, you are losing a top organic listing position, regardless of how informative your content is.

To help you save from this loss, here are some tips that can help you:

  •    Find a reliable web host.
  •     Create a website that’s mobile responsive
  •     Remove unnecessary plugins
  •     Delete any spam comments

Once you solve this issue, you can notice a vast improvement in your site’s performance.

2. Create external links

Most people have a concept that putting an external source on their site will drive their traffic off to that site. But no! Link building can help you to navigate pages on the web easily. This can help your users move to different pages mentioned on your site and overall on the internet.

This can also help you get your links built on other websites as, if you do something for others, they’ll do it for you. Putting some authentic links on your website will also help you build your credibility and gain people’s trust for your niche.

3. Use smart keywords

Keywords play an essential role in your blog. Without keywords, your prospects may never be able to find you when you go searching; this is why intelligent keywords play a cornerstone for your SEO tactics.

For instance, if your business is women’s shoes. An obvious keyword that you’re going to want to rank is “shoes for women.” However, your customers might use many other phrases and keywords to locate products like yours. Start searching for such keywords and start implementing them in your

  •   URLs
  •    Heading
  •    Conten
  •    Titles
  •    Emails

There are plenty of keyword tools that might help you. Using a clever keyword can always help you connect with your prospects while searching for what you are selling.

4. Use local SEO strategies.

A website makes you visible in the entire online world. Whereas a local SEO can help get more visibility in your area or where your business operates.

If you have a local business, start using local SEO strategies to ensure that your customers from your locality can find you easily on google. Digital Marketing Agency Vaughan can also help you build some tactics for your business.

5. Do active blogging

If you’re not sure how social media can help you with your SEO, you should consider it as it has a vast impact on your marketing strategy.

Blogging will help you create your site persona and gain some organic traffic. Try creating content that is colorful and centered with your marketing niche. However, try avoiding poor content as it may cause you more bad than good.

6. Manage customer reviews

Customer reviews can positively impact your website as well as your site’s organic ranking. They provide strong signals to Google that your site is trustworthy and authentic.

You can ask your customers to leave a review or feedback on their experiences so that other customers can also benefit from them. Also, don’t forget to respond to their feedback as it will show your customers that you value their opinions.

7. Use social media

You are building an impactful presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. It will help your name reach out on the internet. Social media has the power to attract your customers to link to you.

So make sure that you have active social media to help you boost your online presence.


Each of these seven tactics mentioned above has the power to promote your business growth if you use these strategies wisely.

Know these advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress

advantages and disadvantages of wordpress

There is no doubt that content marketing is on-trend nowadays. As a result, most business entities are taking an interest in such marketing strategies. But to proceed with such marketing tactics, one must remember that he needs to build a website first. 

Nowadays, it is not at all time-consuming. If you have basic knowledge of web designing, then it is really easy to build your own website. To ease the designing idea of the website, software developers used to bring a completely helpful application, namely WordPress. It not only helps to design a website but also helps content to develop more and more. 

As a result, the assurance of high traffic without paying any amount becomes easy. But you must know that this software is not at all free. You need to take membership to enjoy premium versions of WordPress. 

However, after installing WordPress, you need to learn how to design a website effectively. Before we start discussing the advantages and disadvantages, let us know first the process of designing a website. 

Steps to design website with WordPress 

  • At first, choose a suitable plan to follow in WordPress. Certainly, you will find ample plans with which it will become easy to decorate your website. 
  • Then select a personal name for the domain. Do not forget to contact a web hosting service at this stage because, without them, you can hardly get any space for uploading documents. 
  • Now, you should download the application of WordPress. 
  • It is time to select a theme as per suitability. Only after selecting a theme, one can proceed ahead in designing a website. 
  • After that, you need to add the main attraction of the website, i.e. content. Without content, it is impossible to attract people. So, the website owner now requires to upload pictures and relevant content. 
  • Finally, it is time for personalization. It is very important, and unless you change the style from other websites, Google may ban your website. 
  • At this point, you must install some plugins. All of these will help to trim the content as per the desirable shape. 
  • You must ensure that the web page is properly boosted up. If you find that the income is quite low even after uploading content, then it is pretty sure that boosting has not been done properly. 

So, you need to follow all these steps to design your own website with the help of WordPress. As you know, this software does not come free, and you need to pay some nominal amount of money. In order to enhance the quality of the website, certainly, you should spend some money. 

However, if you have a fund crisis, then apply for loans from money lenders. It will not only solve your fund issue for designing a website but also increase your principle amount. 

Advantages of using WordPress 

Some of the unimaginable advantages of using WordPress are, 

  • Easy Content Management System 

While the main component of content marketing is blogging, you will become happy to know that the base of WordPress is especially on blogging. For this reason, no other software can offer such a coherent Content Management System (CMS). 

As a result, when a content manager judges content’s quality through WordPress, the entire work becomes easy. Besides, for such coherent CMS, one can easily edit content and helps to decide whether he can upload it or not.  

  • Lots of plugins 

According to its description, WordPress offers more than 54,125 plugins are into it. Some of them are free, whereas some of them are paid. You can choose the free ones also as they are as effective as anything. 

Besides, at different times, you may want to make some changes within the website. It is easy to do if you apply different plugins within your content. 

  • Boost up SEO within the content 

There is no exception to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which helps enhance content views. Usually, proper usage of SEO suggests your company’s website at the top. Actually, SEO connects one with the other (i.e. readers with the website). 

Even there are various types of SEO plugins that help to increase the readability of the content. It will guide you on how to use effective keywords. As a result, one can easily flourish in the market.

Disadvantages of using WordPress 

Unlike everything, this WordPress to have some disadvantages. So, before installing this, make sure you have considered all these points. 

  • Frequent updates 

WordPress undergoes lots of updates. Moreover, frequent updates often make it tiresome for users. Even if you forget to update the software, then it will hardly work. Besides, the updates are heavy, and it takes a long time to complete. Sometimes, it has also been observed that it may require premium membership to use a particular plugin after specific updates. 

  • It is not secure 

There is no doubt that when a company owner is designing a website through WordPress, all the contents are unpublished. By any chance, if those contents get licked, then the problem begins. Therefore, it is quite unsecure. 

Moreover, in the past few years, WordPress has undergone multiple hackers. As a result, designing content and a website through this software is quite risky. 

  • It may reduce the speed of website 

When you are about to open a website for more information about your organization, it means a lot. First and foremost, it needs to look presentable, and viewers must not feel exhausted to use the website. In order to make sure everything is as per the requirement, the website owner should choose any other software instead of choosing it. 

This is because some themes may decrease the speed of the website. As a result, no viewer will visit your company’s webpage. Perhaps you may have taken instant 24 hour loans for enrolling yourself as a prime member, but all will become zero.  

So, before you enroll yourself as a WordPress member by borrowing money, make sure these cons are clear to you. Unless, even after spending money, no viewers will follow the webpage. 


WordPress is software that helps a company owner to advertise differently by designing a website. It has some pros and cons. 

Labor Party rules out mandatory redundancies as Keir Starmer avoids embarrassing staff strike

uk news

After discussions with the GMB and Unite unions, a total of 80 voluntary job losses are expected. Emphasizing the ecological emergency, the paper proposes increasing the productivity of land and agriculture. The UK news also includes coverage of the proposals of eleven Constituency Labor Parties, which are currently up for a vote at the party conference.


UK reports that in principle, GMB and Unite union members of the Labour Party had voted to support industrial action if Labour had slashed jobs during a reorganization of staff.

As rumors surfaced that staff may be ready to picket lines during the party conference, a continued dispute would have presented an awkward situation for Sir Keir Starmer. The UK time to state that around 80 people are expected to be laid off as a result of voluntary redundancy.

A union representative, Vaughan West, said it was “disappointing,” that so many “hardworking Labour Party staff members were placed into this situation,” but that it has been reassured that compulsory redundancies won’t be required.

Matt Smith, a regional officer for United Voice, said the union is pleased with the result, but “regretful” to learn that 80 Labour Party employees will be leaving.

David Evans, Labour’s general secretary, announced a new party structure earlier this month as part of his efforts to eliminate jobs and streamline expenditures.

The UK news says the party invited people to apply for redundancy packages and said it would only consider compulsory redundancies in the case of an emergency.

A socialist green agenda is included in the proposals now being voted on at the party’s annual conference later this year, and it focuses on public ownership of energy, water, and transportation. A socialist green motion was backed by several Labour constituencies in north London, including Sir Keir Starmer’s own party.

Among eleven Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs), Holborn and St Pancras voted in favor of Labour’s Green New Deal motion, which calls for radical changes to party policies on climate.

The proposals, which are now being voted on at the party conference later this year, center on a socialist green agenda that favors public ownership of energy, water, and transportation. Interface Accountancy Services Limited

Among the proposals for the party conference to vote on later this year is the socialist green agenda, which focuses on public ownership of energy, water, and transport. In addition to emphasizing the ecological emergency, the paper proposes increasing the productivity of land and agriculture by reforming land use and agricultural management.

The UK time reports that the remarks come as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn touts his own credentials on climate change ahead of the COP26 summit, which will be held in the UK in November.

In his remarks, Mr. Nadeau expressed support for a green new deal for which he argued should be the foundation for all policy, domestic and foreign. The emphasis, he argued, should be on capital investment in job creation.

The UK time states that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also accused of making “soundbites” but not taking action to combat global warming.

According to Sir Keir, in response to the IPCC report on climate change, The UK government would “deliver the action necessary to reduce emissions, provide progressive solutions for our citizens, and lead on an international scale”.

Some members of the party, however, believe that the current policies do not go far enough to create the change that is so badly needed to address the climate emergency.

Best Virtual Trade Show Event Ideas

virtual trade show

It’s been quite some time since virtual events have made their presence in our lives, and they are here for a longer duration, if not forever. Who had thought there would be a time when events would be just a click away? We owe this comfort and flexibility to the technology and a little bit to the pandemic. Now that employees are working remotely across the globe and physical interaction doesn’t carry the same importance, businesses are making the best of the opportunity. Organizations are optimizing their resources and planning events online, right from group meetings to year-end ceremonies. 

What is a virtual trade show?

Trade shows allow companies and businesses to exhibit their products and services. A virtual trade show is simply a trade show that happens online. Such events allow the attendees to interact with the sales representatives and have virtual exhibition halls and spaces with a realistic touch. Attendees can get a product demonstration and get all the experiences that a physical trade show offers, all this while sitting at their homes. 

Organizations are using virtual 3D platforms to conduct trade shows in the pandemic era. These platforms allow them to waive off expenses that would generally come with an in-person trade show. 

Best ideas for a virtual trade show-

  1. Find the right virtual trade show platform:- The most crucial factor that decides the success of a virtual trade show is the online trade show platform. Though there are a lot of platforms to choose from, select the one which has features that make your virtual trade show stand apart. Look for event solutions that allow you to customize virtual booths as per your brand needs. Another feature you should look for in an online trade show platform is the chat option. The biggest advantage physical trade shows have over virtual ones is that they allow you to interact with other attendees and the exhibitors. Some platforms like Dreamcast offer you a live chat option with your fellow attendees and the exhibitors. They also provide you with various engaging features like AI matchmaking, dynamic banners functionality, gamification, B2B meeting scheduler, and many more like them that will make your virtual trade show a memorable experience. 
  • Look for sponsors- Sponsoring your virtual trade show is as important as sponsoring any other event. Reach out to your potential sponsors and pitch in what you can offer. Describe your target audience, strategies, and all benefits they will get by sponsoring your trade show. Sponsorship will help you increase the brand and trade show credibility, build reputation, and win the audience’s trust. Use a well-planned strategy to approach your potential sponsors. Sponsorship is another form of marketing that will help you increase your audience reach. Draft a proposal mentioning the USPs of your event and different sponsorship plans as per the branding. Finding sponsors can be a tedious task, so  spend enough time researching and contacting your potential sponsors. 
  • Effective promotions- All your efforts to bring together a virtual trade show can go in vain if you are not serious about promoting it. There are many marketing strategies you can follow to make sure enough people know about your event. Start with creating your event website. It will give your event a virtual foundation and help your attendees get all the program details in one place. Include the information of your exhibitors and every relevant information you think will attract your audience. Use your social media presence to its fullest to spread the message. You can also create a separate page for the event. You can also ask your exhibitors and sponsors to promote the trade show on their social media channels. Apart from social media, use traditional media like newspapers and radio for effective marketing. 
  • Use Social Walls Productively- Social walls can help you get your audience together on one platform. Various virtual trade show platforms like Dreamcast offer you the option of the social wall to increase the reach of your event and bring more people on board. Social walls publish data people post across all social media channels with the event tags, mentions, and hashtags. The posts could either be user-generated, sponsors-generated, or custom posts. Social media walls help you gain the trust of people and increase brand reach. 
  • Event Analysis- After completion of your virtual trade show, use the live analytics to measure the success of your event. This data will give a detailed analysis of what features were a hit and which needed better execution. It becomes crucial to go through real-time audience analytics to prevent repeating the same mistakes in future strategies. You can also ask your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to give their feedback on the event. You can send a personalized thank you mail with feedback questions, surveys, or forms.

Virtual trade show event ideas-

Virtual Food Shows- Virtual food shows allow people and industry specialists to come on a single platform. Brands like Nestle organized virtual food expos which were a great success and helped spur their engagement and brand value. 

Virtual Auto Shows-  Virtual auto shows allow agents and customers across the globe to connect on a virtual auto show platform. These virtual platforms allow them to network and interact and crack the best deal.  Virtual car shows also help the brands expand their reach and customer base.

Virtual Real Estate Shows- Virtual Property fairs allow property owners and buyers to connect over virtual property show platforms. Virtual property shows allow buyers to showcase apartments, flats, and houses reachable by the global audience.

Virtual trade shows are an excellent way to increase brand popularity and audience reach. Along with expanding the network, they give a clear picture of what is happening in the market and get new partners aboard. While virtual events can’t forego the advantages of in-person trade shows, they are equally or more beneficial. There are various myths associated with virtual events that make businesses very skeptical about hosting them. Now is the high time to bust those myths for yourself and others. Take the much-needed step towards the future and conduct your first virtual trade show with an efficient virtual trade show platform like Dreamcast.