Amazing ways to use the Asus access point mode by the same SSID

Well, the demands of the users are not ended, if this acquires all the things of the world. So, in the case of network connection, the customers also follow the same process. The user’s networking demands can not be fulfilled with highly technological and expensive networking devices. To fulfill users’ demands, the manufacturer also produces one of the devices that is the Asus wireless repeater. If you want to use the Asus access point mode by the same SSID network name and with the password then firstly configure it accurately. If you are demanding high-speed data and want to extend your network router connection. Then place this wireless Asus networking range repeater in your home to adjust dead zones or too far zones.

You can also access the Asus wireless signal repeater access point mode using the IP address of this device. Buffers the IP to using the Access point mode and adjusts the settings for this. Emulate the on-screen presenting guidance to going on the Asus repeater setup page. Explore the IP and visit the setup page to access the access point mode of this device. Use the access point after modifying this access point settings and apply the setting. In the end, save all the settings to apply it.

Ways to use the Asus access point mode by the same SSID

The Wireless range extender exclusively helps to forward or spread the internet connection. You can effortlessly access the web management page of this range extender by the IP or SSID network name or the password. Majorly the networking extender drops the connection of your router when you have to oblige an immeasurable network connection. So, unite the internet in your devices, and let’s access a network connection with an access point mode. To know the ways to use the Asus access point mode by the same SSID then let’s emulate the steps from below.

Ways first to use the Asus repeater LAN ports to access the LAN ports

First and foremost, access the internet connection in this range extender using the LAN port or using the WPS function wirelessly. Acquire the internet accordingly and let’s enjoy the internet connection accordingly. Place the wireless range extender closer to the router. Plugin with the electrical ac power adapter or directly to unite this device with the electrical power. Now, this is ready to transmit the network connection when you have to connect its network with the LAN port connection. If the signal light flashes or ambering then it means this is working pretty well. If you want to unite this device with the WPS function then press this device WPS function to log in it. Hold the WPS button to authenticate whether the network connection between your device is established or not.

Access the Asus access point mode with the same SSID

To access the Asus repeater networking device with the SSID network connection then open your computer. Search the device name under the wireless setting section and click on it. If the next page is opening to connect its network connection then configure the IP address with your computer using the SSID network. Firstly change the repeater mode to access the Asus wireless networking repeater mode. Momentarily, explore the unite option to connect its network. Now, search the address in the web URL. Now, configure the wireless range repeater login admin page on your computer screen. This is searching now your repeater IP address via the web interface. Login to the device by searching its IP address.

Put the information into the login field to log in to this device

Before going on the setup page to using the Asus access point mode with the same SSID then enter login first. Type the SSID network name in the login username field and also insert the password in the other password field. When you fulfill all the information to register this device then go to the next page. The next page window is appearing on your screen that is available for login into this device. Click on the Asus wireless networking device login option and lastly, acquire the setup page on your computer screen.

Use the setup page to use the Asus access point mode with the same SSID

Now, configure this setting for using the access point mode with the SSID network name connection. When the admin setup page of this device is exploring then wait for a minute. After this, search the network setting on the setting menu of this web page. Now, the network setting page is opening on your computer screen then you have to pick from the network mode its access point mode and apply the setting to use it. Save the modify setting this is providing the internet connection when you have to enter the same SSID network anime or password in the internet field.

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