8 Impressive Angular JS Frameworks for a User-Friendly Web App Development

User-Friendly Web App Development

AngularJS is evolving with each passing day. Tech giants like PayPal, Amazon, Udemy, Snapchat, and even Netflix have already invested a fair share of their front-end development in AngularJS.

But do you know the main reason behind the rapidly increasing popularity of this open-source JavaScript framework developed by Google?

Predominantly, top-notch testability and code quality.

Let’s explore more and look at a few reasons to Hire AngularJS developers and why AngularJS can be beneficial for designing and developing web apps.

Benefits of AngularJS

Sync between View and Model

Angular utilizes the MVC form of architecture and has continuous syncing between view and model. This two-way binding functionality makes the entire process fast and smooth. Even a single modification in the view data reflects on the model and vice-versa. 

Smooth Learning Curve

Any person with a good knowledge of CSS, JS, and HTML, will never have a tough time with AngularJS. There are hundreds of learning resources online and a vast community to support new learners in various angular versions.

Declarative User Interface

You have to map out a basic version of your wireframe or a framework in Angular with the help of HTML. The wireframe will take care of the rest.

The declarative user interface functionality comes with HTML – which is intuitive and scalable and greatly lowers the time required in building web applications.

Enables Real-time Testing

AngularJS provides you with dependency injection for easy testing. With this technology, you can do seamless integration testing and unit testing. AngularJS goes one step ahead and also offers solutions for the various dependencies.

Backed by Google

React and Angular enjoy an excellent kind of credibility. This is only because of the organizations who built them – Facebook and Google, respectively. Google uses AngularJS for some of their leading apps like Gmail and ensures that their development team continually works towards improving the framework and adding more functionalities in the future.

All of the above are the main reasons you must hire dedicated AngularJS developers to build efficient applications and why AngularJS has dominated front-end development for years. Over the years, various frameworks have also developed with AngularJS as the base. They are utilized for SPAs, designing, complex application development and testing purposes. Now, we will take a look at the most popular and reliable AngularJS frameworks in 2021.

Popular AngularJS Frameworks

Mobile Angular UI

This framework ranks among the most intuitive frameworks based on AngularJS. Mobile Angular UI is a treat to work with as it offers an excess of options while it comes to web components that you can utilize, like switches, sidebars, and scrollable spaces. A minor drawback of Mobile Angular UI is the lack of documentation and community, making it complicated for a product owner. But, with time, you will feel quite convenient while using it for work.


Supersonic is one of the most dependable Angular JS frameworks, mostly on the basis of how dynamic and robust it is. Also, this framework is agnostic – you can connect the web components, CSS, JS, and HTML with various other frameworks for effective customization.

Angular UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Bootstrap is a famous front-end Angular framework because of its advanced built-in elements and numerous plug-ins it offers to product owners. It comprises a variety of UI components like dropdowns, carousels, date pickers, and color pickers.


Most developers charge a huge amount of money to build interactive web applications – so what should you do to get the job done at the lowest rates?

Ionic would be a suitable option to consider, which is a powerful Angular framework to build a scintillating user experience with engaging web applications. The only glitch you would find while working with this framework is that it doesn’t work well with slower equipment.


LumX being one of the oldest Angular JS frameworks is used to build user-friendly web apps. It entirely follows the Google Material Design guidelines and helps create web apps by using AngularJS on the basis of MVC architecture.

Suave UI

Suave UI delivers up to its big-name by helping product owners in the front-end development of innovative web applications. It offers a platter of functionalities like buttons, eye-catching forms, and grids.


This list contains all the useful frameworks to build small, user-friendly web apps. But, Radian is one of the handiest ones while it comes to building high-functioning, complex apps. Being quick and scalable makes it a go-to choice for large apps like eCommerce websites.

Angular Foundation

The Angular Foundation utilizes an altered edition of the foundation framework of JavaScript. It is among the forerunners of AngularJS frameworks used for web designing and development as it provides you with advanced components like progress bars, dropdowns, alerts, and triggers.

Wrapping Up

All the frameworks mentioned above are some beneficial choices for your web app development projects. To create an impressive web app, You have to list out all the project requirements and then check the suitability of frameworks by features required and available.

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