7 tips to improve your business revenue with SEO

how to increase sales through seo

The survival of every business depends on their sale. Increasing sales depends on a solid digital presence which can be attained by SEO marketing. But In recent times, it is becoming challenging for businesses to make sure that their customers find them in their searches and not their competitors.

Lead generation and SEO are considered the most effective marketing plan to grow your business. As they can help you attract several prospects and transform them into loyal customers. Although these two are very different, they can help your business drive massive growth with proper tactics.

There’s plenty that can be done for the excellent growth of your business and at no investment except for your time. You can also use WebSonex – Digital Marketing Agency Vaughan to get a better understanding of SEO works. Here are 7 tips that can help you improve your business growth

7 tips to generate healthy revenue with SEO:

1. Increase your website’s speed:

 Google’s main motive is to provide its users with the best of experience, and the rate at which your website loads plays a massive role in achieving your goal. The faster your website takes to run the more google will rank it.

A slow page frustrates the user and mostly distracts them from buying products from your site. Most people have a concept that a slow website is an untrustworthy site. According to research, more than 30% of people switch from a website that takes longer than 3 secs to load. This means that if your pages are slow, you are losing a top organic listing position, regardless of how informative your content is.

To help you save from this loss, here are some tips that can help you:

  •    Find a reliable web host.
  •     Create a website that’s mobile responsive
  •     Remove unnecessary plugins
  •     Delete any spam comments

Once you solve this issue, you can notice a vast improvement in your site’s performance.

2. Create external links

Most people have a concept that putting an external source on their site will drive their traffic off to that site. But no! Link building can help you to navigate pages on the web easily. This can help your users move to different pages mentioned on your site and overall on the internet.

This can also help you get your links built on other websites as, if you do something for others, they’ll do it for you. Putting some authentic links on your website will also help you build your credibility and gain people’s trust for your niche.

3. Use smart keywords

Keywords play an essential role in your blog. Without keywords, your prospects may never be able to find you when you go searching; this is why intelligent keywords play a cornerstone for your SEO tactics.

For instance, if your business is women’s shoes. An obvious keyword that you’re going to want to rank is “shoes for women.” However, your customers might use many other phrases and keywords to locate products like yours. Start searching for such keywords and start implementing them in your

  •   URLs
  •    Heading
  •    Conten
  •    Titles
  •    Emails

There are plenty of keyword tools that might help you. Using a clever keyword can always help you connect with your prospects while searching for what you are selling.

4. Use local SEO strategies.

A website makes you visible in the entire online world. Whereas a local SEO can help get more visibility in your area or where your business operates.

If you have a local business, start using local SEO strategies to ensure that your customers from your locality can find you easily on google. Digital Marketing Agency Vaughan can also help you build some tactics for your business.

5. Do active blogging

If you’re not sure how social media can help you with your SEO, you should consider it as it has a vast impact on your marketing strategy.

Blogging will help you create your site persona and gain some organic traffic. Try creating content that is colorful and centered with your marketing niche. However, try avoiding poor content as it may cause you more bad than good.

6. Manage customer reviews

Customer reviews can positively impact your website as well as your site’s organic ranking. They provide strong signals to Google that your site is trustworthy and authentic.

You can ask your customers to leave a review or feedback on their experiences so that other customers can also benefit from them. Also, don’t forget to respond to their feedback as it will show your customers that you value their opinions.

7. Use social media

You are building an impactful presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. It will help your name reach out on the internet. Social media has the power to attract your customers to link to you.

So make sure that you have active social media to help you boost your online presence.


Each of these seven tactics mentioned above has the power to promote your business growth if you use these strategies wisely.

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