5 Easiest ways to send big files on the web

5 Easiest ways to send big files on the web

Looking for ways to send big files that you cannot send it using your regular email services?
Here are the 5 Easiest ways to send big files on the web.
Top Email Service Provider doesn’t allow you to send files more than 25MB in size. That is why you need to use other services that can fulfill your needs.


Dropbox is the easiest way you can send big files, edit it on the go with its free mobile app and you can also collaborate with your friends to make changes to the files or any document without sending the files back and forth. To send a file you just need to upload it and send the link to that person. Whenever you send a file they can simply preview the file and then download it without signing or any other authentication.
Will it work for the non-dropbox user?  Yes. After you create a link of the files that you wanna send you can send that link using any social site and they can download it anywhere.
One problem with dropbox is that you don’t get the option for adding an expiration date or adding the password to your link unless you upgrade your account to Dropbox Pro.
By Default Dropbox gives 2GB of Free Storage space which you can extend it up to 16GB just by inviting your friends. For each invitation accepted you get 512MB of space added to your account.

Google Drive

Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free storage space, unlike dropbox which gives you only 2GB. It has many options and it gives you 100% uptime i.e. you can access the files anytime anywhere without any interruption.
With Google Services such as Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Photos, Forms, etc. These services allow you to get a preview of your file. It allows you to set Permission to your file ( Public, Read-Only, Editable) for other users.
Though Gmail doesn’t allow you to send files of more than 25MB. The drive covers the absence of sending big files through the web. You can extend the Drive space to 1TB see also How to Extend Google Drive space to 1 TB.

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Infinit.io send large files without limit
Infinit is a better way to send a file no matter how small or large it is. It gives you 10GB of Transfer limit and 1GB of Storage. Although the plan starts from $6/month. It also gives you an option to send referrals to 2 Friends and extend your account to a 50GB Transfer Limit and 3GB of storage space otherwise will cost you $6/month.
Infinit app is available in windows, apple, mobile, android, iOS platforms for free. The Transfer speed is around 30 times more than the other services because of its point-to-point technology as shown in their site. It provides a Bank Level Encryption algorithm that gives maximum security.
Infinit can send big files within no time. I think it’s easier to upload a file using its app as it is available on multiple platforms.

One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive
OneDrive is a Storage Cloud app by Microsoft that can send big files. Getting Started with 5GB of free storage space you can scale it up to 50GB (Basic Plan) for $1.99/Month.
One Drive lets you sync your files in your desktops, laptops, and mobiles automatically. One Drive is Built-in Windows 10. Sharing is quite simple like the other services mentioned above.


Wetransfer is an online transferring platform from which you can transfer up to 2GB of file to your friend’s email account. Wetransfer also offers an upgrade using which you can send up to 20GB of files at a time. It doesn’t have an app so it’s kinda hard to sync in your data. One of its main drawbacks is the lag time.

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